Sunday, January 27, 2013

6 Qualities & Virtues for 2013

I asked the angels for guidance to assist us in our development for the coming year. They offer to us, six qualities and virtues upon which we can focus to assist us in our personal and spiritual growth during the New Year.

We enter a new cycle each January 1st as we are attuned to the Gregorian calendar and have been following this cycle for quite some time. It is therefore a most auspicious time to do a bit of reflection upon what we would like to see happen for ourselves and setting our intent to make it so.  


What drives you to get things done? Keep your focus on activities that both excite your mind and inspire your spirit. By understanding and utilizing what motivates you into action, you are then working at your highest potential and growing as a spiritual being.

“I am motivated by my desire to seek new opportunities and expanding growth in the New Year.”
Sometimes the first step in the journey is the hardest. Trust that your angels will bring you opportunities that you cannot miss and to give you the courage to carry out your plans.



It is a time of personal and spiritual growth, A time to empower yourself with grace, wisdom and knowledge. Do not be afraid to exercise your rights in all situations that call upon you to be strong. You are not alone and are surrounded by angels who want nothing more than to support you as you become the powerful beings you are becoming.

"I feel the strength and love within me that is of Creator Light. If I am afraid or unsure, I remember that I am loved, I am surrounded by support and I draw my strength from this knowledge."

If things around you feel uncertain and you don't know where to go or what to do next, take a moment and call upon Archangel Michael to comfort you. Call upon the Master Jesus and ask to feel his strength and love, and call upon the Almighty Creator of all that IS to enlighten you with understanding and compassion. Let no one diminish you as you are all beautiful sparks of Creator inspired Lights and you are loved for walking the path of human.


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