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Master Maitreya ~ Becoming the Masters

Master Maitreya ~ Becoming the Masters

Working with Master Maitreya: Maitreya is Sanskrit meaning Universal love. I love working with Master Maitreya as it is sure to be a week filled with laugher as well as inspiration. Whenever I consciously choose to work with him I find that I receive more jokes, funny u-tube videos and shows that make me laugh. I really should work with him every week. Laugher is the secret to a longer, happier life. (I was told this by 2 104 year olds.) 
His energy feels both Indian and Chinese and it is my understanding that they both were affected by the teachings of Maitreya. Maitreya is said to be the future Buddha and will replace the current Gautama Buddha. He however explained to me that the future Buddha is the one that emerges from within each of us. It is when we assume our rightful roles in leading a spiritual life that the next Buddha shall arise. 
He has an interesting history in Theosophy as well and was thought to be the 2nd coming. This caused much dissension and splinters within the group. He is thought to have incarnated as Krishna, as well was an overlighting guide for Jesus and an aspect of him. He is said to be the Master of the Masters and helps to hold the ‘Christ’ energy of the earth plane. 
When I first feel his energy, I hear laughter and sense a great love for humanity and our journey. He is dedicated to helping each of us find our light and our way.


Master Maitreya ~ Becoming the Masters
It is with great joy that I share with you this day. I am so honoured. It is time for the masters to awaken and assume their rightful place guiding humanity through the maze that is this spiritual awakening. It is a great time to be in embodiment and we are always available to help humanity and birth this new age of enlightenment. 
Find within you the essence of all that you desire outside of yourself. It is a journey of the self and with the self that leads to that which you seek in your world. As you explore and understand who you are becoming and that you are each a part of the other, this is when you will experience the path of light.
The next age is truly the age of becoming. Of each of you discovering who it is you really are and seeing beyond the mantle of the physical and into a quantum understanding of the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourselves. This is a most precious time to be alive on planet earth and so celebrate each moment, each step, and each other. It is truly an abundant Universe and you will see that there is enough for all and much to celebrate. 
The masters are awakening and as they do, they become the examples and representatives of this new age. The teachers that are becoming are the ones that walk their talk. As humanity awakens they are more able to discern who and what is authentic and will settle for nothing less from those who teach and those who lead, and they begin to truly represent the people and the good of all.  
There is a revolution within many and now is the time to choose. Trust yourself. Within each of you is a spark of creator light, which is a piece of energy and light from the Creator and so within you is a link to all that is. You are connected to the trees and the stars and therefore Divine and precious, just as they are to your world. Everything you see before you is supposed to be there. It is meant to help you grow, to enjoy your life and to be a part of a very unique experience.
Be in harmony with your world. Walk hand in hand with everyone and everything around you and realise you are all an important piece of the whole. Understand that the dramas and trials are to help you grow and so ask yourself when you are uncomfortable with something, "How can I grow beyond this experience into something more? What can I do right now that brings me joy and happiness?" And, release expectations of exactly how you expect things to appear in your life and be open to the opportunities that come your way. There is truly something available to you that can help you, you must take the time to stop and listen to the guidance of the little, quiet voice within. Outside of time and space you can see the many options and potentials for your growth. Journey beyond the limits of what you see and understand, for this is how you grow.
Be brave and trust in yourself. You are on a magnificent journey of the heart. It doesn't always seem so when you are walking the path of the physical, however there is no doubt from our side of the veil that you are indeed the chosen ones with the best chance to make a difference and find your way. You are the teachers and the healers that will help to usher in a new era for humankind and we are so honoured to help and assist the spiritual aspirants. Working with your guides can help you experience a more fulfilling journey and accomplish all you came to do in this lifetime.
Surround yourself with good friends and supportive people, and take time out always to find the joy in each experience. There is always a gift available to you.  Sometimes the gift in an experience can be harder to see than others. Those are the ones that need some extra healing from within and are also the ones that offer you the most in terms of growth.
As you begin walking your path in the truth of who you are, there is nothing to remember or to pretend. It is just your authentic self emerging. Remember always that you a beautiful person that is just trying to find their way and so are those around you. Love each other without judgement and keep your focus on the path in front of you and making each step you take important in the moment.

Trust that your truth will always guide the way, lighting your path so you can make each step with the confidence and anticipation of someone who knows and trust that the road ahead is indeed paved with gold and riches beyond your wildest dreams. Live your life filled with abundance of all things, not just the material as that is only a small part of the whole experience. Open yourself up to receive and it must be.
Make yourself a happy home, no matter where you are. Create a sacred space and know that each place you are is sacred. Honour the environment in which you live. Make it sacred space, for this is where you sleep, dream and fulfill your life purpose. There is a great art to placement and alignment of energy and when your home is energetically pleasing for you, it assists you in having a better life. Keep only those things that you love and release the rest to be loved by another in the way it deserves.

Learn some basic principles of feng shui as it will help to bring balance to you world. As you expand the energy in your environment you will find that it opens up doors you thought were previously closed to you and that life will flow more smoothly. It does not have to be complicated, unless this is a part of your life purpose, in which case you will want to delve more deeply, for it is indeed a science unto itself.
Where ever you are is home and is sacred space. Create the energy of home in you work, in your hobbies and activities that fill your time. When you are feeling at home, you are then better able to serve and make the world a more peaceful place. Feel at one with your environment and you will find that your needs are always being met and you are open and free to receive.
There are riches all around. Living abundantly means that you can see the richness in all life and in all of your experiences. Abundance has little to do with your monetary system and more to do with your thoughts and feelings. Living abundantly is your birthright and it matters not who or where you are. Look around you and see the love, the beauty and the kindness of others, that is abundance. Feel the joy and love that dwells within, that is abundance. Know that are deserving of all the fulfillment life has to offer.
The journey of life is meant to be filled with wondrous adventures and as you learn to trust that you are guided from within to see and do all that you desire, this is when you fully understand the concept of living life abundantly. It is truly an adventure in understanding yourself and who and what you are. It is not a journey for the faint of heart and that is why you are one of the chosen ones.

Be sure to have released any unwanted feelings about yourself and your past so that you can move forward without restriction. You are entering a time of new beginnings and accelerated growth. Seek out teachers that can help you expand your light and then assume your rightful place as the teachers for the groups to follow and they will then take their place and each of you is bringing up each other. The next evolution is the awakening of the Buddha within you, the christed energy within you, and each and every one has this light. It is time to ignite the flame and be this light.
The future Buddha is the one that emerges within as each of you carry that essence within you. Let joy be your guide and follow your heart, you will not go wrong.  I am honoured to offer wisdom and guidance for your growth and development as you explore yourself and your world. Be prepared to embark on a new spiritual journey that is unlike any you have taken before for you are indeed soaring to new heights for humanity and as you do, you change everything around you as you become the Masters of this new age of enlightenment.
I am happy to assist in any aspect of your personal and spiritual growth, love and laugh with all your heart and often and you can call upon my light to find this within you.  I Am Lord Maitreya

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