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Master Lanto ~ Wisdom and Understanding

Working with Master Lanto: I had not heard of Lanto until he came to me when I requested a master for the next master to write about in my book. I was thrilled to do a little online research and verify who this energy was and thought he was a perfect addition to the group.

When I learned that he replaced Master Kuthumi in 1958 as the Ascended Master of the 2nd Ray of wisdom, illumination and knowledge, it made sense to me as I am also here working under the 2nd ray. He appeared to me as a very noble Chinese gentleman as his last human lifetime was as the Duke of Chou around 400BC and credited with the I-ching and the inspiration for Confucianism.

His wisdom and style of teaching is tempered with great honour and respect and it is a pleasure to work with him as a teacher and a guide. He offered me tea and reminded me that there are many wonderful herbal medicines in teas and that we should use them more to find balance for our bodies.

Take a week or two, especially the teachers, and invite Master Lanto to be a part of your experience. I have really enjoyed working with him and writing with him overlighting my work and will do so more often. He shares great love and creates a feeling that you can do it, no matter what and that it is always a choice in what we feel, think and see.

Wisdom and Understanding

Within you lies a flame of inner wisdom that once ignited, will grow and glow in your heart for your entire lifetime. Take the time to ignite this Three Fold Flame of love, wisdom and power as you seek greater spiritual understanding, for now is the time of the awakening of the path to the one. This flame is powerful and will bring much balance to your world. For so many years now, you have lived in the energy of polarity and opposites and it is time now to find the center.

Let that golden hue within you be the balance for your wisdom and your power. Use this balancer as your guide in all that you say and do and you will notice profound changes taking place within you. Spend time each day and night connecting with this flame, work with the flame and nourish it.

Ask your guides and angels’ questions while working with this flame and you will begin to understand more than you thought possible. There are different levels of initiation and wisdom that those of us on this side are constantly working through and to as we are in service to humanity. When you call upon our lights and allow us to be in service, you are helping us fulfill our mission. It is no different on your side of the veil.

Each time you work with this flame it becomes stronger. Take a deep breathe right now and close your eyes, envision this beautiful flame within you burning a golden yellow for wisdom and surrounded by the blue flame of power, will and protection, and the pink flame of love and compassion. Allow this flame to glow and grow, and nurture it often, as this flame will take you to new levels of understanding and growth.

Heal any past beliefs. It is time to transform any of the past spiritual vows you have made with yourself and others, either in this lifetime or any past lifetimes, as this can hold you back from reaching your desired outcomes. It is time to let go and allow yourself some room to grow and explore in ways you did not think possible.

Spend some time in meditation daily. It does not have to be long, it is just important that you do it. As you spend time with your angels, guides and higher self, you will find that you experience a more fluid journey filled with many opportunities and much joy. Work on letting your inner light shine to be a beacon of hope for others.

It is important that you connect and work with your higher selves as you are the essence of your higher self that is having a finite experience. You are a particle of your higher self. Since your higher self is you and infinite, and closest to your vibration (as it is you), then connecting and working with this aspect of you can only enhance your experiences. Your higher self is wise and filled with love and compassionate. However remember that your higher self does not live in polarity, does not live in time and space as you do and therefore does not see things as good or bad, it sees the perfection in every experience.

This is sometimes a difficult subject to fully understand when you are living in the energy of the yin and the yang, and so there is an element of trust that sometimes is required while you are learning to see and understand the bigger picture of it all. And so, it is here where we ask you to heal your heart of any past experiences that still weight on your mind.

Affirmation: "As I heal any past spiritual experiences, I become aware of my connection to the Divine Presence within myself and others."

Keep your thoughts positive. Keep your thoughts on seeing and feeling that you will succeed, and know that every step you take is leading you closer to where it is you wish to go. Ask your angels to guide you to the path that is most beneficial for you right now and that it also filled with joy and love along the way. Sometimes you wonder how on earth this could have been the best path you find yourself in and we wish to elevate your understanding that you did not end up there with guidance from your higher self and guides, it was in following your path that has lead you there. And please also understand that are no wrong turns or mistakes are possible. This is when it is so important to have worked on your connections, so you can stop at any time, connect and trust in yourself once again and move forward from there.

Allow yourself to move with ease as you float down the river of life and know that there will be times when that river is moving fast and then there are other times it will slow and flow gently by. Know that you are in this flow and focus on the good in life to keep the currents of positive energy flowing through your being. If negative thoughts should arise, say stop, and cancel them and choose deliberate phrases to get you back on task. Hold those feelings and let them flow through every cell of your being.

Affirmation: "As I keep my attention focused of reaching my desired destination, I trust that each step will be clearly marked upon my path."

Meditation is a vital key. Connecting with your guides and angels and most importantly, your higher self are strengthened through a regular meditation practice. Within each of you is this amazing storehouse of wisdom and knowledge and it is readily available, however you must practice in order to understand and trust that this is so. When you first began to walk, you did not get up and run and be perfect at it right away. You fell and stumbled and finally you made it with a few bumps and bruises along the way. But, you did not give up until you mastered that skill and you still work at it this day. You must practice. It needn’t be for hours, it just needs to be constant. A little patience with yourself might be required, and also knowing that you are worth the little extra time it takes to make this a daily practice for yourself. In time you will see that your life is running much smoother and you see the value in this practice.

As you practice connecting and learn to trust in what you sense and feel, you will find that you can learn supremely important information about life, the universe and all that is. You can experience a heightened awareness and experience some profound insights into knowledge and understanding the mysteries of life, the spirit and the divine. This is what so many of the spiritual aspirants seek and it all lies within you.

Affirmation: "As I regularly connect with my guidance, I have access to the wisdom that I seek."

It is time. Take charge of your life today. You are being asked to step forward and be in your purpose. This means living your life from your truth, following your passion and trusting in yourself. If you are unsure what your purpose is, then it is time to do things that bring joy, excitement, and passion to your journey. Begin by changing the things you can and the rest will fall into place as you move forward. If you are stuck as to what is the next step to take, just take one and trust that there will be another and that it will be more clear and brighter with each step you take. Trust that it is so and it must be.

Take the time to see the love and the beauty that is around you and let that be the center of your focus. Ask your guides and angels to help you see more beauty in the hearts and the minds of the people you come in contact with and to help you see more of it all around you. Let the beauty within you emerge and share your light with others, as that is truly what your purpose is. Keep your Three-fold flame burning deep within you and soon it will be a beacon guiding others to find their path.

Affirmation: "I am ready and willing to step forward and live my life with the integrity of who I truly am and I am empowered to take charge of my life."

It is a great honour for us to be in service and I am doubly thrilled to work with anyone who seeks higher wisdom and understanding. There is great honour in being the teacher and supporting the greater good and we love to help and assist you in any way.

I am Lord Lanto of the 2nd Ray

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn
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