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2013 ~ The Quantumness of You

2013 ~ The Quantumness of You with Sharon Taphorn and The entourage of Light Beings who are her guides
This is the year to walk in mastery of all that you have learned, to be the change you wish to see in the world and those of you who have been following the path of awakening are having a far better time than those who are still wrestling and fight against the natural flow of things.  And yet, we still say that some of the awakened ones will be having challenges if they have not been walking their talk as the energy of truth is becoming palpable to many of you.

You are still going to see some adjustments happening in your banking and government’s as the old energy fights back against the new, and so we say be wise with where you spend your money, and your time. Who and what do you choose to lend your energy to is vital for the movement to more light.  If we were to offer you several bottles of poison, would you choose the ones that kills you the fastest or the slowest? And we hope you said that we would choose, none of the above, for one poison is not better than another, the end result is still the same.  Put your energy into something that you believe with all your heart and trust that it will make a difference.

With that in mind, watch where you spend your personal money over this leveling off period. There aren’t many quick magic projects that are going to make you rich by focusing on another’s idea, trust your own. Slow and steady gets to the finish line and it is only a race against yourself, so really, there is no race at all. Enjoy the journey, you will get where you want to go, of that there is no doubt.  How long it takes is entirely up to you.
 "Let your love be the filter with which you communicate your truth and on which you base all of your actions."
Offer Your Unique Flavor
If you find yourself focused or worried about the state of affairs of those around you, locally, globally, or cosmically, and the messages or feelings of that of doom and gloom, avoid it like you would the plague. These are the old guard still trying to rear its head, regardless how it is dressed. Do not blame and rant and rave about it either, for that action leads to feeding more energy its way.  It is when you keep your focus on what you are trying to create and not necessarily where the focus of the mass consciousness is that is important.

Discernment is the tool of the master and that dear one is you. You are the masters.  You are the chosen ones and each and every one of you is vital to the mission.  It might take 3 or ten to replace you. Only you offer your exact flavour to the mix that makes it so special.  Judge not others and what they do or path they take. See the gift in where you are, thank all that has brought you here and neatly shut the cupboard that contains all the memories of the past and what might have been.  Take the teachings and the gift and move on, for they is much left for you to do.

Remember to consider all aspects of your-self. The physical – Are you eating well, taking care of your physical body, how is work and the such, the world of the perceived reality – remember you are here to have a physical, finite experience. The Emotional – Are you living from your heart, listening to your heart, healing your heart, communicating from your heart. This is to become your root chakra, therefore it is time to open your heart. Trust that there are grander possibilities and there are.  The Mental – Transitioning your thoughts to those based in love and light is the path. Mastering the thoughts and feelings you hold for yourself and therefore others is through the mastery of the mind, through the understanding of the mind and how it works. The Spiritual – Are you taking the time for you to connect with your higher self, your guides and angels. These are the beings that want to help you and are there to guide and support you while you are doing your journey.  Consider all the aspects of each aspect and that will be the bridge that brings you across into the destiny you desire.
Follow Your Heart
Be sure to look at the spiritual aspect of your heart. Follow your heart and it will lead you where you want to go. It is when you are following the ego of the heart that you seem to go astray.  Adding the spiritual aspect to your heart instead of seeing a future that is unsure or perhaps even unkind, you see that there are magical opportunities in where you are and where you are heading.  Do you see love and kindness or do you see something else. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it is time for a new view.  Develop the higher dimensional capacity of love. See the world and all that is around you through the eyes of unconditional love.  This will help you move beyond what is to where you want to be. Utilize it well as it will help you create the energy of the heart.

When you learn to trust, to follow your heart and take the action that is necessary, you will see rapid changes in your world.  You will begin to feel the pangs of Unity consciousness that those awaken ahead of you have been feeling and the more of you who cross that bridge, the stronger that energy will become and the faster you will the shifts in the mass consciousness. So, keep charging ahead and work diligently to keep your thoughts in check and working for you.  Develop your senses and learn how to work in mastery with them and you will have and see much more of what you desire being created around you. The more of you who do this, the more grand the year will be.  It can only get better from here.  That is the mantra of the Lightworker, chant it daily and often. Keep on thinking the thoughts of what you desire, making it your next reality.
Restoring Balance to Your World
Let balance be restored in your world, regardless of the outside experience. Trust that all the forces of the Universe are working with you and for you and know that your desires and relationships will be changing at different rates as you traverse the year ahead.  Higher dimensional compassion is the level to aspire to in all that you do and bringing yourself closer each step of the way. Judge not another or yourself too harshly, for you are all really about the same and seeking the same within, you just aren’t all at the same vibration for it to always make sense in 3D.  Let go of the need to be right, or wrong. Let go of the need to be the best, instead do your best and turn to lend a helping hand to those that follow after you.  Drop your swords for you longer need to hold them behind your backs to protect you should another lash out at you unexpectedly. Instead, see the truth and heal all thoughts with love and realize that it is truly not about you.  Send them love and move on with an open heart and begin your new journey with the new you.

Much has been shed as you entered this year and if you still need to purge and clear away the old please do so, as quickly as you can. See the gift in being complete with what you need to do so you are free to move ahead.  At this point if you do not have a spiritual practice that includes at least 15 minutes of meditation where you are spending time with your angels, guides and or higher self, then start it now. You are worth it, and you are deserving of this. It allows you clarity, healing and inspiration, acting like your own personal coaches helping you along the way.

Take regular time outs for yourself and time to focus your own evolution and growth. This is the gift you give to the world, for if you are not a fully aware, healed, light filled teacher or healer, are not at your best and therefore highest use to the Universe.  Make the commitment, you are worth it!

Pause, reflect observe. Let this be your motto as you focus on creating what you desire. Moderation is the key and keeping this balanced and on an even keel.  It takes careful planning to begin with and then it will become part of your natural way of being. Take the actions you know feel right when they feel right and trust that the wheel will keep on turning and an opportunity will once again come your way when the time is right. Trusting and keeping your focus is the key. Completing your past projects is of vital importance for moving forward, so be sure to finish off the old.

It is a revolution of the self, and an evolution of the soul. Trust in the journey, trust in your guidance and learn to trust in yourself. Keep your thoughts and focus on what you want and your journey and let others unfold their own journey. If you wish to see challenges and problems, for sure you will. If you want to see issues of control and long for your freedom, then you will. If you see love and support around you, no matter how small, see that and watch as it grows bigger. Focus on the area’s where you feel free and soar and watch as you get more of that. Where you look and what you see is what you get. Release any thoughts of less than, or worries or fears and find the opposite to focus on while you are getting better at mastering your mental world and getting it working for you and with you.
Transcend the Ego to Transfrom Your Life
There is so much opportunity for love, nurturing, growth and understanding available to those who wish to seek it. Love relationships that are grander than ever imagined will be forged for those of you who seek it, the loves of legends and of dreams. Dare to create it dear ones and know that nothing is truly as it seems.  Plant the seeds and tend the gardens and grow the future of your fantasies. See the good and the beauty in all that you meet and you will bring about more of the same in those yet to come.  Live your life from your truth, trust, trust and trust, and find the passion in where you are right now.  Remember that together you are stronger so seek out others who are of like mind. Cease competition and know and trust that there is enough for everyone and more than enough for everyone else too.  You are only as strong as your weakest link and you as a collective raise the vibration of the whole every time you help another who is struggling upon the path. How you treat others is one of the measuring sticks used to check the vibration of the planet, and this means all the life that exists on your earth.  Choose wisely where you spend your time and money and make time for your own growth and enjoyment along the way.
Use this year’s energy as the one where you start to see the rewards, destiny and expansion that you desire.  Take the chances and the risks of asking for what you want. Send in your book, send in your articles, send in your ideas and your dreams, then make them happen.  You have absolutely nothing to lose and when the things of your dreams start happening, you will wonder how you could have doubted and been afraid to take the risk.  The sense of self-satisfaction as you see the rewards of your years of work and action is great indeed and it will help to spur you on to what next awaits you on your journey.  It transcends the ego and will transform your life.
You are creating so many wonderful and amazing things and people and groups and the expansion is beautiful.  When the heart is open and you feel the strength and the courage that you have within you for each other and all that is, it becomes this amazing journey. Seek to shine your love and your light, sometimes in dark and dim place and at others to add more light and beauty to all that is. You will know what feels right when it is filled with love and good feelings, any other thoughts and feelings are best left out of the equation. You will become quantum creators when you learn to work together as one heart beat as your earth does and that is what you have been working towards.
Teamwork and Relationships
The challenge seems to remain to not get carried away with the ego of the 3D world. This is the world of the mass consciousness presently. Do not take things personally, as this is an unhealthy energy and does not support the thoughts of unity consciousness, Good or Bad, Desired or Undesired. Be grateful and appreciative, yet do not take it personally.  Let the ego, the mental body be the tool that gives you the strength to know you can get things done and the courage to move forward.  Your ego can help you fearlessly move forward, it just might need a bit of adjustment in how you work with this important aspect of your physical reality. Let your love be the filter with which you communicate your truth and from which you base all of your actions.  Let the light you bare be your heart light and healing colour of love.
Understanding and focus upon interpersonal relationships will be a theme throughout the year.  Those that are working and evolving will prevail, those that are not, wont. This can be a work partnership or relationship or a love relationship. Decide if it is worth nurturing and allowing growth, or if it is stifling and strangling the growth around it. Love and friendship changes and sometimes the contracts are done long before you are willing to let go. Try to end all relationships in the state of which they were entered into and that contract has been fulfilled, release and let each other go. Remember the love and the good things and be on your way to whatever is next on your path. Working together is the key. No longer is the journey of the solitary practitioner of the past.  Teamwork and loving relationships will take you to the next level, and so trust and gather those who you know are best able to support you at first and help each other grow and prosper together.
Let each one do their part, even if you know that you can do it better.  It is vital that you have the time and energy to focus on your journey and the best gift you give to others is to encourage them and watch them grow in whatever way and direction that they choose and for you to do that same. That is the kind of love and support you all need and all the right people will find each other and all the right places will appear when you are ready and so have some fun as you get there. 
You Have Much to Celebrate and Much to Master
Plan to attend or participate in at least one fantastic spiritual/personal growth even or gathering this year. It will help your skills and talents to become polished and shine. Find a hobby that feeds your spirit and nourishes your soul as it is so important to be in service for the lightworker, even if you are unable to make a living at it right now. Trust that you are helping in the best possible way right now and you will be. You are exactly where you planned to be, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. You are there.
Eat a more healthful diet rich in vitamins and nutrients from the foods you eat.  Support your local farmers and remember that whatever you put into the earth, you or your children, or your children’s children will be eating one day. Treat your physical vessel as the temple that it is and learn for yourself, do not follow what you might have been taught.  Let your new energetic self show you what makes it function and vibrate with the new light quotients that are now available to you and for many that will be gradual changes and for some, huge and necessary due to a healing journey.  The more healthful you eat and live, the better you will thrive and function.
2013 will bring you much to celebrate as well as much to master. It is he who is doing the fullness of his journey in the balance and harmony of love who will be the celebrator.  Enjoy the dance; enjoy the interplays that are taking place as they happen for it will take you far.  It is time to tune out and turn off those low vibrating distractions and realise they are all that stand in your way. Once the barriers have been removed and your focus is on your magnificent life and all that you are creating you will see the tangible results you have been waiting for.
Do not let seeming revelations or past heart ache cloud what is. See the blessings in all the past choices, decisions and results. Put the past where it belongs and know that you are all the wiser, more love filled and more prepared for what lays ahead because of the you who is behind. When you return home at the end of the day you will laugh and shake your head that you ever didn’t understand why you chose a path or journey.  These have helped you to plant the seeds of what is to come and so wear those battle scars proudly as they were hard fought and won and now it is the time to reap the rewards for what you’ve sown. Also know that at any point you don’t not like the way that you are going, you are completely free to choose again.
Change and discovery take time and adjustment so let the changes unfold as they should.  Clearly set your intent of what it is you choose to create and then move forward with the changes that you seek to lead you where you want to go.  If you desire to enjoy the outcome, be sure to have the totality of the experience and be proactive with what you want.  The more clearly you see your vision that faster and finer will be the result of your experience.
Follow the path that is your dreams. Trust that you can create what you need for your physical world and allow the inner goddess/god to emerge from within.  It is an inner journey playing out its role on an outward screen. Decide what roles and parts you wish to play and let that be the force that guides you.  Find a way, no matter how small, to make your purpose and your gifts be a part of your experience and you might be surprised how it all comes about in a new reality far grander than any of your dreams.

Let the focus for the year be upon your own evolution and journey, of finding a way to be of service and in your purpose and sharing your light with the world. Communicate with a higher dimensional love and nurture and help each other along the way.  Seek a deeper understanding and wisdom for yourself and your life and the brand new spiritual journey you are on.  Seek to see the world from the broader perspective of spirit and that will increase your understanding of the quantumness of your existence as well as the magnificent possibilities that lay upon the journey ahead. As you change your world within, the world around you will adjust to the new heart beat.  And so, let your focus for the year to be a journey of love, healing and expansion for all that is. Celebrate, for you have passed another marker beyond the wildest dreams of all of the collective yous.

Sharon and Bella

Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her radio programs, articles, daily messages of angel wisdom, and workshops on healing, empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and sensitive. She has worked with these gifts since childhood. You can visit her website at
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