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Finding the Silence ~ Lady Nada thru Sharon Taphorn

Working with Lady Nada: Lady Nada took over role of Chohan of the 6th Ray from Master Sananda in 1958, and embodies the virtues of Love, peace, service and brotherhood. She embodies both the masculine and the feminine and can help us find balance of this within ourselves. She helps us to master this through our solar plexus, therefore helping us master these things within the mental parameters of the earth realm. 
Purple, Gold and Ruby Red are the colours of the 6th Ray and Lady Nada seems particularly fond of nature and flowers. She says we are like a bud unfurling and we are growing into our true beauty and magnificence. She offers the aspirant an amazing feeling of love and groundedness when you connect with her and she is very easy to communicate with once you relax into the energy. Being in that place of timelessness with her is like taking a much needed vacation. 
Invite Lady Nada to share with you higher truths and how to be in the right place at the right time for your own evolution. She helps with self-service and unconditional love.

Finding the Silence

It is a great honour that I be with you this day and I am happy to offer counsel and wisdom for those who wish to seek a higher understanding of themselves and their world. 
Feel the peace that dwells within you when you find that point of bliss that is the silence. Where you hear the beautiful sound of the void of silence is where I dwell and you can find me there. Find this peace, for it is from this energy you will find a pathway to so much more than you ever thought possible. You can then see all the rightness in your world where you previously saw lack. See love where you saw hate and see empowerment where you previously saw oppression.
It is time to find the balance within you of the masculine energy with your feminine energy as both of these make up the whole of who you are and cannot be found outside of yourself in the totality of what I speak. There is such peace in finding this balance, and as you expand your understanding of who you truly are, you will know that this balance within is a natural part of your being. As you merge these parts of yourself, you will find you have an amazing strength with which to draw from and the intuitive insight to know what is best for you always. Such a gift when they are woven together.
As you merge your masculine and feminine aspects, you will find that the hemispheres of your brain will begin a merging and you will start seeing and experiencing your world in a completely different way. As you begin to experience life from this new perspective, you will find that your sensitivities have changed. Take the time to work with and assimilate these new senses and feelings as they can seem overwhelming at times, and yet it is an important part of your growth. Open yourself up to the healing and let the transformations take place. Working with an energy healer can greatly enhance your expansion and shift symptoms.
As you evolve your light, your inner glow expands and can be seen by others. You walk hand in hand with your truth and that is mirrored back to you by those around you. You may experience some shifts and changes that are uncomfortable and mainly that is because of the resisting in the flow of energy. Graciously accept the gift of your expanding light and know that you are completely worthy. As you do, you will gain a greater understanding of how the immutable laws of the Universal energy work and how you can make them work for you. (The Law of Attraction, Free Will, Acceptance...)
When you temper your knowledge with your wisdom, you are living in your truth and will have more confidence in the journey ahead, as you understand it is of your own making. Let your truth be the foundation of all that you do and be your guiding light. Take the time to reflect on what it is you wish to understand and then connect with that fountain of wisdom and let the information be downloaded into your memory banks and you can process through as you feel ready for each new step. When you know and trust that the answers are there when you need them and they will lead you far indeed. 
Affirmation: "I am clearing, cleansing and expanding my light, allowing me to absorb key information and understanding of my life and my purpose right now."
Connect with the earth. There is great strength created within you when you connect with the beloved earth. She has so many gifts to offer you, be open to receive them. Mother Earth feeds and nourishes your physical vessel. Connecting with the heartbeat of the mother can rejuvenate you and offer you healing. Tuning into Mother Earth can help bring you a peace and tranquility that is often hard to find, bringing you closer to the silence within. Let the trees help you find this place so you can easily return by recognizing the feeling in invokes for you. Once that memory is in your cellular memory banks, just think of place and ask to be there and you will be. 
You are also being asked to become the stewards and guardians of and for the earth. Think beyond the current moment when you are dumping spew into the waterways and the very earth itself. This is one of those times we ask for you think beyond the now, as everything you do effects the earth upon which you live. Everything you put into the earth, you will be eating and drinking in the future, and while she has remarkable regenerating techniques, she asks that you do your part in taking care of this most beautiful planet. It’s very life blood flows through your veins. Leave a most precious footprint upon this good earth and there will be plenty available for everyone for a very long time. 
Affirmation: "I am strengthened by connecting with the power of Mother Earth; I am growing stronger each day."
Trust in your abilities. You have the ability to tune into the one great mind, the consciousness of all that is. From this place, you can better see yourself and your part in the world. The answers that you seek are where I dwell, in the energy of the infinite. All the wisdom of the universes is available to you when you are ready to understand. Sometimes it is hard to wrap your linear minds around concepts and things, so we do our best to offer it in ways you understand. Relax and trust that what you need will be available to you when you need it and enjoy the experience and the love that you feel in these times of timelessness. Connect each day and you will feel more ready to handle anything that comes your way.
Believe in yourself. See yourself as your angels see you and hold yourself in the hands of unconditional love. Take the time to really look at yourself and how you see yourself in the world and transform any thoughts of less than. It is your self-beliefs that shape your world and we are happy to assist you in better understanding them and transforming any thoughts that no longer serve you or your growth. When you are clear about who and what you are, things flow more easily to you and through you. You are in the ebb and flow with the energy around you and this is magical energy upon which to create your dreams. 
See the best in yourself. Take good care of yourself. Take a few minutes each day and ask that your energy field be cleared and be cleansed so that is strong and re-enforced and you will feel better, clearer and stronger throughout your day. It is when you feel at your best that you are better able to assist others. It is important for your own peace of mind to ensure you feel okay where you are right now and that you know things can only get better from here. 
Sometimes the transitions of how you see and feel about yourself take time. Listen to any self-talk, joking or otherwise and really look into the root of what you are saying and then start using kinder, more compassionate terms and references. Look to understand your motivations and you will better understand yourself and why you have chosen certain choices and paths. The have all been important steps leading to the now. Thank them, release them, and let them go. You no longer need to carry this thoughts of less than or not enough with you anymore. Set yourself free as you are truly ready to soar.
Affirmation: Ì am connected to the universal mind all that is; It is from this place that I know all things are possible.
Heal Thyself. Healing is an important part of the human journey. It is when you experience the healing in the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies that you can ascend to the next level. It is part of the process with each level you reach before you can go on to the next. Each new level signifies new beginnings and new ways of beings. It also allows for you advancement into the next dimension. Step dear child into the light and feel the awesome power of your self-expression.
You are loved, honoured and supported for this journey of awakening that you are on. If ever you feel alone, ask your angels and guides to show you how they weave a web light around you that lets everyone know who you truly are and to take good care of your light. Open your arms and your heart to receive the love and support that you so richly deserve and from this place you are in a far better way to help serve humanity, the Creator and all that is. 
Affirmation: "By healing myself, I am evolving into a new way of being, doing and seeing; Ascending to new levels of light."
Finding the silence will help you develop in many ways and is an important part of your spiritual work as it is there where you find the limitless possibilities that are available to you and how you can be living your soul’s purpose right now. As you master this level, you are then ready to move on to the 7th.and begin a new journey once again.
As Chohan of the 6th Ray of Self Service and Altruistic Love and I am here to help you master your mental body and blend to become your foundation and strength, Lady Nada
Q: "Why does god make us feel troubled for things we didn't use to, makes us do things we didn't use to, to learn things we already know, or we don't want to learn?
A: My beautiful child, God does not make you feel troubled; it is you expanding your light, you become more sensitive to things that previously you would not have had a second look. It is a part of your evolution and a stage that you go through as you become more love.  It is important for you to see yourself, your life and your universe from these new eyes and you will learn to look beyond what seems real and understand the true heart of the matter.
No one but yourself should make you do anything you do not want to do. You are on the planet of free choice. Ask your higher self to help you gain a better understanding of what it is you wish to understand deeper and this part of you will give you answers to help you along the way. Your higher self wants nothing more than for you to have a wonderful journey filled with all that you want to accomplish while in finite form and loves you dearly. Working with this part of yourself will enhance your life experience in many ways and help you to see the bigger picture of things that seem puzzling for you.
If you find yourself learning something you think you already know, ask your higherself to help you as there is something else there for you to learn, perhaps not in the information that is before you, but something that will help you with yourself.
Remember dear one that God dwells within you and is not a separate part of you and thank you for asking to understand more.
 Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.

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