Friday, September 28, 2012

Personal Mandalas For September 28th

8 and 6 NUMBER ENERGY MANDALA: AS ABOVE, SO BELOW. Friday 28th September’s vibration (28+9+2+0+1+2) = 42/6. With the root-essence energy of 6 defining today’s date, balance, harmony, and a desire to nurture and protect are the major themes of the day. The 6 is often called the vibration of the cosmic parent, because its energy nurtures & promotes growth and evolution. 6’s energy is all about HEAL...
ING, and often compels us to take on responsibilities for those that feel burdened, & to utilise it’s powerful voice to speak out on behalf of humanity, promoting total equality & harmony for all. Like the 6, 4 has very homely, protective, supportive qualities, too, so you will feel the need to create an harmonious and peaceful environment in your home, today, too. Interestingly, the word Peacemaker adds up to 42, and this word describes 42/6’s energy perfectly. Although the desire is for peace, balance and harmony, Peacemakers are needed where there is war, imbalance and disharmony, and you may well feel like you are in the war-zone today, but the challenge is to recognise and help others to see that polar opposites define, reflect and balance one another, as symbolised in the geometric expression of 6’s energy, the Star of David (As Above – So Below). 42/6, also has links to 8 (we have 4 and 2, and two 4’s are 8) and interestingly, 8 and 6 are both symbols of balance and reflect the concept of “As Above – So Below”: 8 is constructed from an upper and a lower circle: the upper representing the heavens or spiritual consciousness, the lower representing objective, 3D consciousness and the earth plane. Today’s mandala shows the connectedness between the vibrations of 6 and 8, and you can see that 8 is expressed geometrically with interlocking squares via the energy of 4. So it’s all about bringing this state of peaceful equilibrium down to earth and making it a grounded, practical and liveable reality. The key lesson here is discrimination, the ability to weigh things up using your logic and common-sense, but also using your intuition and gut feelings to get the big picture. Put things in place today, with fairness and clarity and you’ll feel that balance being struck.
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