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Let the Healing begin with Archangel Raphael

Let the Healing begin

Archangel Raphael through Sharon Taphorn August 19, 2012

Come with me and dip into the healing pools of love and light. Feel our love, feel our healing.  Allow this energy to wash over you and release everything that is not love from your being right now. Allow each wave to wash these thoughts and feelings away. They are always there if you want them back when we are done. For now we want you to be totally immersed in the energy of love and healing. This is the most powerful energy there is in the known Universes. Let this energy of love bring you back into balance once again. Balance and harmony within are your birthright, and at no time where you expected to stay in an unbalanced state for long. It matters not what is happening around you, it matters what you are feeling within at that moment. As within, so shall it be without. As above, so below…
It is time, if you have not already done so, to be a living, walking example of your heart and true self. Take some risks, follow some hunches and believe that all is possible.  Healing your heart is the best path to begin any journey, for when your heart is healed and whole you are then better able to be in service to all of humanity in the way that you desired so very long ago. You do not need to carry the weight the world on your shoulders, realise the importance of each person finding their own path of healing and open up to unconditional love. It matters not who they are or what they have done, love them anyway and let them know that they are not alone and have support in their journey of healing and then it is up to them to choose what they may. Release the memories of your past and cut the cords to anything that binds you to those thoughts and feelings, as these are the blocks that stand in your way of moving forward. Release any judgement about what is right and what is wrong, and know that it is all good. You each represent the thoughts of each other and all that is; to change the world, change your thoughts. When your thoughts are most aligned with love, it assists those around you to then transform their thoughts. And of course, when you are aligned with the energy of love, you then see the true beauty that surrounds you and continue to ignite more.


Healers unite. It is time to work together with all the other healers instead of this competition thing of ‘mines better than yours’, ‘I am better than you’, or ‘there are only so many clients and people, I must have my share’, as these are all thoughts of separateness and lack. That is old energy and it is time to let it go. Share with each other, help out each other, and support one another. Be the living embodiment of what you teach. We know that is not always easy when you are continually bombarded with the mental energy of polarity; however it is when you learn to be in the energy of love within that mental energy of the 3rd dimension that you are truly living in the 5th dimension.


Healers work together with each other. This means to include your allopathic doctors in what you are doing and offer to work with them in some capacity. This is the way that healing will go, and it is when you work together, side by side, that healing will happen in undreamed of ways for humanity. Each of you has valuable information to help to treat the whole; it is coming, be prepared. Allopathic doctors, welcome the intuitive and energy healers into your practice, you will see undreamed of speed in healing, less side effects and less medication. Fear not that you will run out of patients, for there will other ways that you can run your healing practices that will actually be more in keeping with why you chose to be a doctor in the first place. And worry not that you will suffer financial loss, for again, this is an abundant universe and there is enough for all, your practices will still be around, they will be less chaotic and stressful and give you the time that you need that is so seriously lacking for you now. This is truly a win/win/win situation for everyone and really, that is the purpose of your oath and purpose.


Healers help and support each other. Form healing groups for healers to get together and exchange healings, ideas, thoughts and camaraderie. It is the separateness, competition and mental ego energy that holds you back as a whole and that must change. You are only as strong as your weakest link, therefore support one another and strengthen your power and influence. It must come from the energy of love, as nothing else will yield the results you desire.


Healees, those of you in need of healing, it is time to awaken and take responsibility for your own healing journey. Stop looking for a magic wand that will fix things immediately and begin to look for ways for you to begin healing. Most of you are healing a part of yourself in one form or another, you perhaps had not thought of it as a healing journey before.


Physical healing is usually evident as pain is often the catalyst to this journey. However it is also the last place that the signs and symptoms manifest, therefore it is important to embark on a four bodied healing to ensure you find the balance and harmony that you seek and for healing to take place. If you are currently experiencing great pain or discomfort, it is difficult to keep your focus on more positive thoughts. This is when your healers can best help you. Do not berate yourself if you using medications to help you through. We just ask that you use them wisely and gently, and also to consider other wholistic avenues as well. Be sure to have your herbalist work with your pharmacist and doctor. It might take a bit of work to find the right group and mix; however it will be worth the journey and the best and fastest way that you will shift your healing process and the process of the whole. Combination and cooperation are the key for growth and expansion and  finding the equilibrium with all that is.


Emotional healing is about the heart. Unhealed thoughts and feelings lead to manifestations in your physical world in many ways. Begin this journey with forgiveness.  If you feel you have been hurt by another, holding on to that pain or disappointment only hurts you and gives them energy and power of which to feed. Take your power back today and realise that it is you and how you feel that matters. As you cut this energy off and transform it for yourself, it will start a domino effect in all your bodies healing processes and lightening and brightening of your load.


The energy of hurt, anger, resentment, jealousy, revenge, hatred, and so on, are all energy of lower will, and actually causes your blood vessels to constrict and then less blood can flow in and around your body. If just plain makes you sick, and can manifest throughout your vascular system, which flows through all of your physical body, every part of it. If this flow is interrupted, death of the cells begins to occur. This leads to dis-ease, dying and death.  It is time to heal any scars of the past so that you can be free to move forward, healthy and whole once again, as your original blueprint, plans and intentions are cleared of the energy that has blocked them in some way.


Forgiveness doesn't mean that what that person did to you is okay, what it means is that you are no longer willing to carry this burden. They have their own stuff to work through and that doesn't require any energy from you other than love and wish them well on their way.


Affirmation: "I open my heart to love and compassion, it is safe for me to be a loving, open, compassionate being of Creator Light."


Welcome the new developments in your thinking as these represent the mental and spiritual changes that lead to the transformations that you seek. Remember to release that which no longer serves who you are becoming as the old must go so that the new can enter. The end perhaps can seem scary as you are unsure what comes up next, so we ask you to remember that the end for the caterpillar signifies the beginning for the butterfly, it is but the process of transformation, and transformation is the process you came here to experience, onward and upward to something more.


Ask your angels to help you accept and process the stages of change that you find yourself in. You can go as gently and easily as you like, however most of you are in such a hurry that you forget to ask. Trust that all will unfold as you become ready and spend time on focused intent of that which is most important to you now. Try new things and adventures, see the gifts in all that you do and experience and do not worry if you sometimes stubble, you have dreams worth failing for. (For in truth, there is no failure, for all is a gift.)


Affirmation: "My thoughts and feelings are expanding and transforming each day. I am safe and comfortable with all the changes and transformations that I am going through as this is a part of my growth.”


Be open to all possibilities, even ones that you thought had been previously closed. This is the time to follow your hearts desires. Do all you can do to make your dreams and ambitions a part of your current reality. This is the time and opportunity to make things happen, you have created some fantastic momentum upon which to build, capitalize on that energy. Keep your focus and see how each new creation leads to another, and then another, when your thoughts are positive and you are seeing the fruits of your desires.


Share with others from your heart. Share your good fortune with others, as your methods for creating the life you planned will be a road map to help others find their way. Together you are stronger, so help one another along the way. You are all connected with each other, a part of each other, just as each one of you is a part of Creator light, you re also a part of each other. Nurture your relationships with those around you, and let your true heart be reflected in your aura.


Affirmation: "I trust that I will be guided through the choices I make each new day."


You are all connected and a part of each other and you are also connected with us, it is but the human mantle that sets us apart. Feel this connection, feel your connection to the earth, to the stars, the people, the plants and the animals; each is connected to the other. Every action you take acts like an echo and sends that message in rippling waves out to those around you and they echo out and the ripple gets bigger and bigger as each one passes, touching and affecting all life around it.


Nurture that connectedness with love. Heal any discordant thoughts you are sending out to others as this will affect all that is around you. Trust your inner guidance and let it be an active participant in all aspects of your life. Ask your angels to help bring to you people and situations that will help you in this process and that you are surrounded by love and supportive people to help you along the way, just as you provide that for those around you.

Affirmation: "I am a valuable part of all creation."


You are a beautiful, worthy, and loving being and it is time for you to believe that as well. Ask your angels to surround you in loving light for strength and courage and believe in yourself. Take the action you are inspired to take upon your journey of healing and explore, share and discover along the way.


Affirmation: "I am healed. The emerald green light of Archangel Raphael surrounds me and runs through me to assist anyone in need of healing love."


Thank you my beloveds, Archangel Raphael


Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn

All rights reserved.

Choose peace in your heart

Love unconditionally


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