Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sharon's Take September 2012 ~ Building Momentum

Building Momentum with Sharon Taphorn

Certainly seems to be a quickening of the energy on the planet of late. I have also noticed that people are complaining about their computers so I decided to check to see if when the next Mercury Retrograde is and it starts in November (Nov 6th-26th), so start thinking about the things you want to finish and then start the new ones before that date. I often hear people groan when I mention mercury retrograde, however there are many gifts in this time of slowing down and rethinking things, recycle, redo, rebound... try however not to react in a way that puts more blocks on your path. Slow down and enjoy the process as it unfolds and know it is the perfect time to see how things are really going for you.  Since we are entering a new season (fall or spring depending on what half of the world you are in), it is always a great time to do a review anyway.
As we get closer to the 12-12-12 energy, those who have been finishing things up will be feeling much more positive and seem like their lives are really working. Those who haven't will most likely not be having the best of times. So, lets get going and get things moving. This time right now is about creating the life you know you are supposed to be living and all the wonderful things of your dreams are happening for you. The most important thing to keep in mind is the belief in yourself and trust, trusting that you are worthy and deserving (as is everyone) for all that you receive. Be open to opportunities and remember that things are not always as they seem when you are walking through them. Take the time to be alone and meditate, talk with your entourage of light beings who want nothing more than to see you create that which you desire. If you do not have a daily practice of connecting with your higher self and the beings of light who are a part of you, now is the time to start. You will be thankful you did. It really does make the world a better place and you feel so much more secure and confident in yourself and the choices you make. Remember, you can go through the forest with anticipation and excitement for what is unfolding, or you can choose fear and worry about is lurking in the trees. The choice is entirely yours. Love and the knowledge that you are safe and all things are as they should be are always the best option.
Overall, the heart wants what the heart wants, so, take the time to nurture yourself and be clear that you are coming from that heart space and not the ego of the heart. By this I mean to be sure that you are not adding in the mental energy to your love energy. Don't over think or over analyze your relationships or choices, or past choices. Enjoy them and nurture them for what they are. Let each one evolve as it should without extra pressure of expectations and conditions. Truly experience the unconditional love that you give and receive or would like to. Find the middle ground between exhilaration and harmony, between the mental energy and your emotional energy. Love is a grand energy and it is so very easy to be swept up in the arms of passion and desire and forget about the importance of finding the balance that you seek.
All of your relationships are important. The most important one and the one that leads the way for all the other relationships in your life is the one you have with yourself and your higher self. You are an aspect of your higher self. Your higher self wants you to have a magnificant journey. And, you are having one, even if you don't feel like it. When we are not in time and space, in a 3D world, we don't see things as good or bad, wanted or unwanted, and from the other side it is all beautiful and good. "Filled with beautiful contrast' as Abraham would say (Abraham-Hicks). When we start to see the world from the vantage point of this broader perspective, then we are merging with our higher selves. This is the best time to start working with your higher self.

The more you become one with your higher self, your relationships change. You will feel a deeper, healthier, more accepting love for those who are in your life. This is a part of the spiritual path that makes things become even more beautiful as you are understanding and living in unconditional love. That is the energy of  the 5D.

Release the past, release the past, release the past. We all really need to do this. If you say, 'I've done that already" and something comes to mind (I had a flash of a vision when I typed it, however since I am writing, I shut it down, and will have to go back at the end, as obviously I have something I need to release right now.), you are not done with it yet. I presume when we are done with the stuff we need to release, when we say that, nothing will come to mind, and we will feel a lovely, peaceful feeling. I will gleefully let you all know when I get there. Anyway, there is change always happening, (that is a good thing) and so lets decide to consciously choose the changes instead of just dealing with whatever is coming our way.

This is the perfect time to either change jobs, careers, passions, hobbies, or at the very least, how you feel about how you are making a living or are spending your time. If it is out of balance with who you are, chances are you want a change. So, again, see the gift that it has given you, so you are starting the next cycle with a clean slate. Follow your heart, trust that it will happen and be in your truth with love. Sounds simple, isn't always easy at first and so use the tools available to keep your focus and your thoughts clear and on wanted things. Remember times of great success, joy and or laughter to help you when you need a bit of extra support. Trust that you are worthy, deserving and that it will happen, if  not tomorrow, then the next, or the next. Believe. I look at this picture every time I feel I need a little support and repeat all the affirmations. Print it off, hang it up where you can see it. Spend some leisure time reading books that support your growth and give you inspiration like ANGEL GUIDANCE: Messages of Love and Healing (Cheesy plea for support and love from Sharon). I read my book over and over when I really need to, it does help and I have also received wonderful emails from people who have said the same thing and that is exactly why we do the angel messages and the book.

You are stronger than you think. Trust in that. I remember when I was standing at the door looking through the window as the arrest team was resuscitating my almost 3 year old son, that everything seemed surreal and I couldn't remember even hearing sound and I heard a voice say, 'Remember, god won't give you more than you can handle,' (this was something my mother always said), and I said, "well, I can't handle my son leaving so don't give me that.", and then I just kept repeating, this is going to be fine, this is going to be fine, until they started to slow down in the room and the doctor came out to talk to me. (they took my son to the OR and all turned out okay in the end of a long adventure). Anyway, when I reflect upon that time, I was stronger than I ever I thought I could be. I held on to that thought many times throughout his teen aged years and now just trust and love him anyway, regardless, it is all we can really do with those we love, those we don't and those we have yet to met. It really is about the inner journey, the stuff on the outside is just our thoughts and our feelings playing out in 3D.

Trust that you are making wise and love filled choices for yourself and you are making steady progress and seeing the desired results that you seek.

Enjoy your month, smile, and charge ahead. Love and Blessings, Sharon

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