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Sharon's Take - Golden Opportunities October 2012

Sharon's Take - Golden Opportunitites Oct 2012


Important doors are opening for you right now. Prepare to walk through them. Start right now creating doors and bridges for the month ahead. We are sliding into the last quarter of the year and mercury retrograde next month, so make this a month of action and fast paced activities while keeping your footing and your balance. It should feel a little less manic that it did last month, however that also depends on whether you have been doing your work. If you have been sloughing off waiting for things to change first, you might be feeling like you on one of those logs in the water, spinning around while you are dancing as fast as you can. The choice truly is entirely yours.
Let your heart follow a new path, or let it lead the way to what you choose to do next. It is really important to make a clear decision if you want to move forward. What inspires you and feeds your heart and soul? This is the first question you should be asking yourself as you prepare for the months ahead. The more clearly you go into the new year, the more clearly and delightfully will be the creations that you make. Remember moderation, or the middle way, as it is really the fastest way to what you seek. There will many temptations and distractions as you move ahead, and a little time away will be helpful, however, keep in perspective at all times. This is the challenge of the current energy and of course there is always the lack of faith. Keep your trust and believe!  Remember the little red engine that could. You can and the more you make that your new paradigm, the more you will enjoy yourself.
The best gift we can give ourselves right now is to ensure our physical world is in order so we feel we have a strong footing in which to move forward. Learning to keep that in balance is very much a part of having a physical journey and often as lightworkers and human angels we forget how important it is to take care of ourselves first. This is paramount right now for each of us who is so used to working and being in the higher realms. A good meditation practice (this means everyday) will do much to help you keep on track and focused. Ensure you are eating food filled with life force energy and cleanse and detoxify so you can move into the next phase clear and ready on all levels. Dance, walk or do some form of physical activity as that is very much a part of the physical journey. Find something that works for you and that you enjoy and make sure you continue it regularly as you move into the new year. (my guides reall anunciated that one lol)
It is important for each one of us to know that we are safe and protected to move forward, to trust that regardless, you will be fine so that you have the strength and courage to move ahead. This is when a good, solid meditation practice and relationship with your higher self, guides and angels will help you. There will change happening at a fast pace and the more you trust in yourself and your intuition the better you find the coming year. Resistance is futile and leads to lessons you don't need to learn that way as does lack of action. It is time to state clearly your choices and follow your heart. Do any heart healing that you need to do and know it is one of the most important parts of yourself to heal and open. It is the part of you that is connected to giving and receiving and finding the balance within.

Follow your dreams and get your mindset focused on your path, your heart and doing it in a balanced and loving way. We are moving into a higher dimensional energy and in order to find that path with grace we need to temper all of our actions through our high heart. In order to do that it is best to ensure your motives are pure and for your highest good. Clearly set boundries for yourself of what is acceptable and what is not, what is yours and what is someone elses responsibility. It is always good to be service, however it is important to be in service where you want to be instead of where someone else thinks you should be. We are all an important and intricate part of creation and each one of us is just as important as the other. The faster we realise this and support each other and ourselves as such, the faster we will be creating enough love and acceptance to move forward into our next evolution. Let us each remember that better and less are not a part of new thoughts, in order to see the changes we desire, we each must keep our ego balanced and supporting us through love and understanding of higher dimensional laws and that we are stronger when we help each other and foster growth than we are only trying to help ourselves become number one. The more we support and help each other, the more we support and help ourselves reach the awards, love and support we would like to also have.
Seek joy always as the base motivation in all that you do. If you are doing a completion that isn't really fun and you struggle to find the joy in it, then focus upon of the joy that you will feel once it is done and over with for the balance that seek will be unattainable until then. Let there be no doubt that you must restore balance in order to move ahead in a way that you desire. No more sweeping things under the rug until later for the procrastinators as you spirit and soul want to move forward. This is the time to prepare for the mastery year that is coming ahead. Work on your relationship with your higher self and this will, change all of your relationships with others to be of co-operation, love and support. There is enough for all of us and everyone, this is the unity consciousness that we are seeking for the evolution of our planet and people.
There will be many opportunities for us to practice what we preach in the coming times, so this is the time for each of us to strive for the mastery of the self. We cannot solve the 'problems' of the world until we find that balance within ourselves. The self first, is the pathway to the all. Remember not to take things personally as each one of us is seeing the world from a different vantage point. It is when we can respect and love each one for who they are and acknowledge the tremendous courage it takes for any of us to just get up each day and do it again, especially those who are currently in transition and the dark. Ask that you be filled with the love and compassion of the goddess Quan Yin and Mother Theresa to overlight you as you grow and you will glow with a golden light like never before.
There used to be a television show in Canada called "The little vampire' and it was about this other world that existed with ghosts, vampires, witches and more, that also had human friends, since they where already in costume, when the regular world celebrated halloween, they would have a party and it was called "All is Forgiven" day. It meant that everyone got together regardless as to what transpired over the year and forgave one another and started a new on Novermber 1st. I have always loved that concept and think it should become the new meaning of All Hallows eve and All Saints day in the new world. What do you Think?
Love and blessings, Sharon and her family of lights
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