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Assignment: Human Angels ~ Attraction in Action

Assignment: Human Angel 
May 27, 2012

Attraction in Action

Your mission...
Should you choose to Remember is...  

If you are not seeing the results you think you should be having, examine where your thoughts are and what vibration you are really offering.

There are so many books, video's and workshops about the Law of Attraction, and yet, it still seems to perplex many of us.  Each day as I practice my understanding of this law, I find new ideas. What I have learned is that it is easier to step outside of something that is not working or going the way I feel or think it should be going and look it from a larger perspective. That is one of the advantages of a developed connection with your higher-self, guides and angels. It is also one of the reasons I offer readings, and offer mini sessions on my show. We all need a little guidance, support and ideas at some point. When you are personally invested in the outcome, it is sometimes difficult to see the larger perspective on your own.

There are a few tools I have used over the years to help me understand what my thought patterns are about a particular subject. And, even though I am connected, it is amazing for me to think about all the times I didn't consult my entourage of experts when I could have and had a way easier time of it. It must be so I would have some wonderful examples for my articles, programs and workshops, I laugh.

There are lots of good books and workshops on understanding the Law of Attraction. The movie "The Secret" deals with this topic and introduced Abraham-Hicks to many. They are my favourite on this topic. Although I have not read their book, The Law of Attraction, I have been studying their work for sometime. I have a few of their books and recently bought the Vortex, however I have not had a chance to read it. I have read excerpts from it and I know it will be fantastic. I also love all the U-Tube Videos they share as well as ones that others create. It is a wonderful resource for anytime you need a little extra boost in your thoughts or your day. Each one will lead you to a greater understand. (I even found a series of the same title from them when I decided to add a video for your viewing pleasure and had to laugh at how spirit works.)
Law of Attraction in Action: Episode XII (Preview)
Law of Attraction in Action: Episode XII (Preview)

There are many wonderful and very helpful videos on their channel for hours of help keeping your thoughts where you would like them to be. Each time I listen to one, I hear it on a new level and am better able to see what thoughts are blocking my progress.

Another technique that is very helpful comes from a friend of mine, Norma Cowie. She is a grand master of the Tarot and where I took my past life regression training. She has some wonderful books on understanding the Tarot that I highly recommend, especially if you want to become a better wielder of the cards. "Exploring the Patterns of the Tarot Exploring the Patterns of the Tarot

In Norma's book, 'Secrets for Living Happily', she shares a technique that I have often used to better understand how I really feel about something. This technique, called 'Word Chaining', can be done anytime you feel stuck and want to better understand why you are where you are.

This Technique is one that can be used to discover your belief structures. It will show the personal meaning of the word.

First, go inside and ask.....

"What does the Word ____________________ mean to me?"

Write down the first word that comes to mind.

Then ask.......

What does______________ mean to me (the word you chose above)

And so On.................

Continue until you have a list of words. You will either come to a natural end, where there will be no more words, often feeling bland, or you will find a loop where you are repeating the same two or three words over and over again. If you want to shift the chain, when you get to the end, you look at the flip side of what you wrote.  Example: non-existent - the opposite would be Life, so then you make a second column of words, using the opposite. When you have completed the 'revised structure' you will have a new meaning of the word. How you need to replace the old meaning with the newly defined one. To do this visualize taking all the old words and their associated feelings and place them between your palms. Then close your hands together, and imagine throwing them away to the sun with the mental instructions 'To to converted to loving Energy', and make a Whoosh sound as you throw them away. You can speak the instructions also; I feel that verbalizing it makes a pure thought for me personally.

Then take your new list and the feelings they generate and put them into your hands, placing your hands up to your brow and feeling the "energy" of the new words moving into your head. Sometimes a person feels better about putting their hands to their heart, so do which every feels right for you. You are replacing the old meaning with the new one.

You can use this technique to discover the structure on any word, and in any area of your life that you might be having difficulty with. You can use this technique with words that trigger a reactions from you. Remember it is when you can go no further and it feels like you are at the end, or you begin repeating the same words you know it has come to a natural end. Then, it is time to look at the opposite of the unwanted words or thoughts and create a new meaning for yourself. Do this with each word in the chain that is not a wanted thought and keep the good ones you already have. This can also be done with people in your life that you cannot change being around and you want to feel better about them, or at the very least, less charged when you think of them.

One of my favourite affirmations I use with challenging people who I must interact with is "I release that part of me that is irritated when I think of you. I  choose to transform and infuse myself with loving and joyful thoughts." We don't always choose the thoughts that come into our mind, however we can always choose what thoughts we want to nurture and put our energy into.

We are always using affirmations, we just aren't always conscious of the ones we are using. Take a look at any unwanted self talk or thoughts that are not supporting you and rewrite your affirmations to be wanted, positive affirmations. Write them on cards and read them as often as you need to to keep your outlook optimistic and on you goals and dreams. Soon they will become part of your vibration and the dominant energy you are offering the Universe and therefore by the Law of Attraction, it cannot help but manifest in your reality.

Love and eternal Light, Sharon

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