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Assignment Human Angel ~ Living Your Truth

Assignment Human Angel ~ Living Your Truth                   May 13, 2012

Your mission…

Should you choose to Remember is…  

To live your truth. Let the real you shine forth. It is time to come out of the closet and share the real you. You are beautiful, you are worthy, and you are a part of me!  Spend time this week living your light. Use this mantra to help you anytime you need to re-center yourself. "I am beautiful, I am worthy and I am a part of you." Visualize yourself surrounded by an orb of loving light.
Each one of us has our own unique truth. Each one of us has our own message to share. Each one of us together make a whole as we are each sparks of each others light. This is my truth. Since each of us is uniquely different, and have had entirely different life experiences, we each have a different perspective in which to draw from. And, that alone should give us enough to ponder without even considering the age of the soul and what each of us have experienced in all of our life times here and wherever and whatever else we have done and been.

Most people in the metaphysical communities are older than average souls. When we decided to come back this time, many of us knew that we would be with a lot of 'dimly light' brothers and sisters and many of us would put ourselves into situations where we would have many opportunities to learn a lot very young, and in a very short time. It was an important way for us to awaken our lights as fast as possible in order to be beacons to awaken others to greater compassion, love and understanding. This shift in human kind is us living from our hearts. We are becoming aware once again that we are each and everyone of us a part of each other. We are connected with every living thing and everything is living. We are beginning to live in a more balanced and supportive world. This is not going to happen magically one night while we are asleep. It is by each of us taking steps to live from a higher dimensional compassion with each other. All for one, and one for all.

Living your truth is not always an easy task at first, as we are unsure how our family and friends will react. I know that when I started to practice as an alternative healer, I was not really sure how my family would feel. Everyone knew I was a little out there, however I had worked so hard over the years to appear more normal than I really felt. I wanted people to judge me the person, not what I did. I would share with people little bits of my other life, however unless they expressed interest in matters metaphysical, I usually didn't go into too much detail until they were ready and asked for more.  I told my dad while he and I were visiting a old family friend who was like my 2nd dad. I was surprised by his interest and support. It did take me a few more years to get him on my table, however once he was there he became one of my biggest supporters. If you are putting yourselves out there as a healer and wonder why your families are not always as supportive of your work as you would like, remember that they really only want the best for you, even if they don't know what that is.

Seed fear is another phenomena that can scare people when you come out of the spiritual closet and start living your  truth. Seed fear is something that is carried from other life times where you experienced  persecution and disaster.  Family reincarnates with family so most of you have had many lifetimes and experiences in other realms together.  In some of those experiences some of us were burned, hung, drowned, and persecuted for practice many of the same beliefs we do today. Some of us felt responsible for  disasters as a result of us taking our spiritual power in previous lifetimes and those who watched us die, or feel responsible for the sinking of a continent can carry a remembrance of that energy and don't want to see or recreate that again. Be patient with your loved ones as they watch you grow. My son still has issues with this life I lead and he was raised with me being pretty much out there. One of the first things I did when I began exploring past lives is look to understand my son's reaction to this life I live. That was the message I received over and over. I am pretty sure my mom and my son where also on the same team in Atlantis when it fell. I actually can tell if someone was with me in that life time by their responses to me. They always use the same saying, almost the exact words. (That is the sign that I recognize them by and know exactly where they came from.) These are usually strong stamps that are carried with us. I don't personally have seed fear, however I get to see it in others around me and help them come to terms with it. Here is a link to a wonderful explanation and healing of seed fear from Steve Rother at  Releasing seed fear can be a huge remover of blocks.

Just as it is important for you to be living your truth, it is important to love each other enough to let them live there truth. I am reminded of a wonderful video someone sent me from Abraham Hicks that said, I love you so much I don't care what you think. It is a wonderful video with a fantastic message. I recently was gifted with a great opportunity to live this first hand. I was with a family member who we shall call Radcliffe (since there is no name remotely similar in my family lol). Now Radcliffe has a tendency to tell stories, everyone knows this. He told some wild story that was easy to prove or disprove for me. I was thinking about it a few days later and I had the great epiphany of realizing it did not matter whether it was true or not. Me being proven right would have only made him feel bad about himself, which he really doesn't need. There is no need to be right or correct someone who is not, it is important for me to just love them. It is important that I remember to be in my truth, it is not up to me or my responsibility to ensure others are too, that is their journey. My responsibility is to do my journey the best I can and  just love everyone and everything else.

Our guides and angels like to teach by showing us through our interactions with each other. A few years back a very lovely kind gentle man I worked with was very religious. He believed his faith and all that it was taught with his whole heart. He was sitting with me one day when a person came by with many physical challenges and it was obvious he lived with chronic pain. This wonderful man began to cry and he said to me, "Sharon, this is so sad, that man is in pain everyday because I have sinned." I was shocked that his religion had taught him that, I also knew there was no point in me saying anything other than "It is sometimes a difficult journey and it is our job to try to make it better for him". The gift in this experience was to realize that he believed his truth as much as I believed mine and that neither of us where right or wrong, we were just different.  We were both loving and kind to others and tried to make the world a better place for each person we met. And, that is truly what is the most important part. Living your life with integrity and always trying to do your best and not expecting others to meet your standards, just as you should not live up to anyone else's expectations of you.

Have a beautiful week regardless how life appears at the moment. 

Love and eternal Light, Sharon
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