Sunday, November 30, 2014

Tips for Becoming the Resolute Warrior

Tips for Becoming the Resolute Warrior

Awaken the gentle inner warrior on your path of Enlightenment. It isn’t always easy to stay focused and on your chosen path. There is lots of drama and events happening to keep anyone off balance and off task. Awakening that part of you that is connected to your spirit and your life’s mission can help you to accomplish some of the daunting tasks of being a human awakening to the grander aspect of spirit and your purpose. Here are some tips to help you true nature and to stay firm and determined on your quest:


Awakening the Gentle Warrior

The quest for balance and harmony may have been a been a bit of a challenge lately, however that is beginning to change so get ready now by using this time to pause and reflect, observe and decide what are the next plans you want to tackle. You are coming into a huge wave of creative potential and it is you who are the creator and master of what it is that you choose to create for yourself and your world. Decide now where it is you wish to go from here and get ready for the opportunity for a new aspect of your journey.

It is You!

Within you is a source of great potential that often lies dormant, sleeping, and awaiting you to awaken this silent and gentle warrior who is truly you and your spark of Creator Light. It is you that you have been waiting for and it is time to see yourself in this new light. See your original plan and blueprint and you will begin to understand that you are something so much more than just human being. You are Spirit Doing.

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