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Sharon's Take December 2013 ~ We Made it

Sharon's Take December 2013 ~ We Made it

Sometimes I think we should have a fairy that visits us with an award each day called "The Courage to Get Up" Award. It has not been an easy time of late and yet, take a sigh of relief, for you have made it! The last few months have been pretty intense on the earth plane in general and I think most of the lightworkers out there are probably feeling like they need a vacation away from everyone and everything and just relax, and yet you can't really right now. December should be like that little mini vacation as things should feel a bit more settled and 'normal'.  

Many of you are probably still adjusting to your new normal as this has been an opportunity for quantum leaps in shifting your life, understanding and all that is. There has been a fair bit of truth and integrity recalibrating itself and there should be more of this happening in the coming year. And yet, these old guard forces keep trying to hang on even when they are beyond any hope of convincing the people they are still of integrity and worth trusting even though this continues to proven otherwise. It does really boggle my mind how hard they try to hang on to what they had at all costs. 

Makes me ask what that has to teach me as I am that, I am. No doubt the first thing that comes to mind is that we need to surrender and release what isn't working. Stop trying to hang onto the past or even the present if it isn't working to elevate your energy and growth. Let it go. There will always be something new coming to you, so why hang on to an old way that isn't working when there are wonderful opportunities awaiting our arrival. 

The other thought is we as in 'we the people' really need to get ourselves straight and master the mental qualities of our ego. It is not a part of us that needs to be squelched or dominated, it is a part that needs to be reassigned its duties and upgraded to match the new you and the new paradigm. It can be your strength and your cheering team. It gives you the courage and the stamina to meet each day. Let it be a co-creating part of you, supporting you at your foundation. 

Today was the first day in the past 3 months that I have been watching the geomagnetic energy and solar activity that it has been both normal. Take some time to allow the changes from your energetic bodies to assimilate into your physical body and treat yourself well over the next little while. Be kind and gentle with yourself. 

Try to avoid getting caught up the energy of have to have and must buy attitude of all the advertisements etc. this time of year and enjoy what is really important to you. There is a definite need for balance and moderation and this is the perfect time to make a difference and make what is most important to you your priorities and not letting the outer world distract you from your course and your mission. It is  a great feeling when you complete things and let them go so that are can move on to something better for yourself. 

Work on your emotional guidance system and learn to listen and trust your intuition. Have patience with yourself and the process that is unfolding and consider all of your options so that you can proceed with confidence in the choices that you make. 

Let the time ahead be centred on family and spiritual pursuits. Decide what is most important for you to put your energy behind and then keep your focus on making that happen, regardless of outward appearances, your plans are moving ahead if you are. Clear away what no longer serves you and remove any blocks. We are heading into a year of change and transformation, so go focused and boldly forward. 

Remember to share your vision and be open to attracting the right energy and assistants and trust that they will appear. This is a time of new emotional beginnings and it is better when you are seeing the tangible results of those feelings. 

During this past month we had a fantastic Calling All Angels show where I shared information on Seed Fear from Steve Rother and the group. It is a phenomenal life changing experience. I have been sending clients there for years and finally decided to listen and it was brilliant, starting shifting at the beginning during the slide show and am still seeing things shifting and changing in my life daily, like the dam has bust and its free flowing from here. I am happy to say that I am looking forward to this coming time with excitement, anticipation and expecting things to get better from here.

I have also finally finished (one of the completions I was taking about) Angels, Guides, and Other Realms, a handbook for these shifting times, and it is off to the editor. I have been working on this book for so long that I am experiencing a bit of a loss as it was always there to be worked on. It has been an interesting experience. I have some links on my page with some special pre-buy packages to help get it published and am looking forward to the next steps, at least I know a bit more of what I am doing this time round. 

Have a great month and work on your completions so that you can have a fantastic year of change.

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