Sunday, December 22, 2013

Choose to Be Merry and Bright by Sharon Taphorn

It seems that sometimes the Grinch really did steal Christmas and then at other times you feel the love and the Christmas cheer. This season I choose to be Merry and enjoy myself and the love and beauty that I see.

When I go out and do any shopping or mixing in with others who are not so merry and bright or just rushing about trying to get everything done for a picture perfect Christmas at the last minute, I let cars go first at the four way stops and out of parking lots etc and for the most part people waved and thanked me, I did get one not so friendly look, which I thought was pretty good odds. I decided that I was just going to take my time, have fun and enjoy the experiences. It actually amazed me at how little waiting in line I seemed to do and sometimes I commented and the ladies at the bank said it had been mad all day, and this was the first break - how perfect I thought. We had a nice chat and I was on my merry way to whatever my next stop was.

Then last night some angel or Christmas elf cleaned my driveway. I had done some of it, but it was just too heavy and I couldn't do any more, so I made tracks for the Jeep and just left it until I got a 2nd or 3rd wind. There had been a gentlemen ploughing up the way with a four wheeler and looking like he was having a great time and when I took Bella out for her last walk before bed my yard was all cleared and looked so beautiful, I said, Yes Bella there is a Santa lol, and was so appreciative of this unknown saviour.

I thought that was a cool thing for someone to do and it should be mentioned somewhere. Since I teach about the power of our thoughts, I know that this Christmas elf can feel my love and gratitude.

Your Angel Assignment is do something nice for someone this seasons just because!

May your holidays be Merry and Bright, and I hope ours gets a little less white lol, Sharon and Bella, Pepe, and Katie

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