Sunday, December 29, 2013

And the Christmas Elves lives on...

And the Christmas Elves lives on...

So it seems Bella said to me today as we were preparing for our morning walk. Just before I opened the door to go outside after at least 10 cm of snow fell overnight that she would have to wait till I shovelled the stairs and a path so she could get out on the road as I did here the snow plough early this morning. As I opened the door to such a great sight as the Christmas elf had been busy this morning shovelling a path from my door (including my stairs) to the road. What a wonderful surprise yet again. I love it! Thank you once again. 

Your Assignment for today human angel is... Just for Today Do Not Worry! Should you find yourself beginning to stress, fret or worry, you will repeat the mantra "Just for Today I will not worry," think a happy thought and be on your way.

Later on in the day: When I went outside later on to finish the job my Elves had returned and finished the job, all I had left to do was sweep off my jeep and drive away, how cool is that. Thank you once again 

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