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Mawu ~ Earthkeepers of Old

Mawu ~ Earth Keepers of Old  January 26,2013 through Sharon Taphorn

It is I, Mawu, guardian of the earth and her ascension into the next phase of her expansion. I am pleased that you have chosen to work with us and share the energy of love and stewardship for our beloved terra.  Much has been occurring on the physical level and you will continue to see changes and adjustments as mother earth recalibrates herself for new levels of light. It has been a very long time since the earth realm has held this much light and you are not going easily into that good Light.  It is time to cease pillaging her resources and leaving toxic wastes without the thought of how and what to do. As more of you become ill and must find a path of healing, you will be forced to wake up to the thought that you cannot keep spewing garbage into your earth and waterways. 
The earth is seeking to find her balance and each one of you is called upon to play your part. It is time to make a decision, to make a choice of what is going to be next on the path and evolution of the mother and your actions will speak louder than your words, although both are powerful. Pretending that all will fine is long past and I ask you to become the guardians and earth keepers that you long to help save her. And while this beautiful earth will last longer than the humans, and she really doesn’t need to be ‘saved’, it is the humans that have become ill from your own contamination of your food and water sources – in essence, your earth. She is a vital part of your weave and you of hers and together you form the web of life. The earth will find her balance, of that there is no doubt; the quest and challenge is in the human finding the balance to work and live with, on and within beloved Gaia.  Her life blood flows through you and when you begin to work symbiotically together, you will have created Eden once again. 
Review and evaluate what you do and how you live and how you can do things that better reflect the legacy you choose to leave behind. Do not give up. Protect that which has been given to you and have the courage to act from the best parts of yourselves as you do. Believe in yourselves and know that every step makes a difference. You are the stewards of the earth, the earth keepers of old who have come back again to see her safe arrival into a new vibration and expression. 
Do not give up! Protect that which you have created and have the courage and believe in yourselves and your cause. Remember that love holds the key in the challenges before you and know that the truth will be revealed and delivered to ‘we the people,’ by ‘we the people,’ from ‘we the people of spirit’, for “we the people “of that you can be proud and sure.  Those that speak their hearts with love will be the ones that are heard and can make the difference. It is therefore important for you to find this balance within yourselves so that you will be and feel completely connected to all that is. And use this connection as the essences in all that you do. It is a stronger energy that you any other you can utilize. 
Time is of the essence. Think through your plans carefully as you do not want to get caught up in the mental energy that is so prevalent and distracting from the actual purpose and cause. Do not see the differences in the colours of your skins or beliefs in your thoughts. Hold the power for the good of all and that includes everyone and therefore you also. Put down your swords of differences and work with the fire and flame of the all. Let go of the negative belief that there is only enough for one or the few and realise that there is enough for all and together you are so much stronger. 
Find the magic in the little things in life as these are the ones that hold the most value. It is not about who has the most or the best. It is about everyone having enough, enough love, nourishment and support, everyone having enough.  Together you are so very much stronger and when you begin to help each other to bring them up and expand, that is when you are in service to we the people and all that is. That is truly renewing your resources. The human evolution is the most natural resource you have and it is time to see the part it plays in all that is. 
Choose your battles wisely and also how you fight them. Defend your beliefs and decisions from the energy of love and it becomes more a way of being than a way which needs to be defended. There is much going on around you. Choose wisely and stand your ground firmly on those choices. This is a continuation of your spiritual teaching and your journey of self-discovery that leads you to the transformations that you seek. 
Listen to your intuition. Have patience with yourselves. These are significant and exciting life opportunities that you are experiencing as you embark on these changes. Consider carefully each step you take before acting and you will trust more in what you do. These opportunities are for your spiritual advancement and these changes are powerful and important. Spread your wings and get ready for the mission you have chosen as the earth keepers you have been and are again.
Become one with the earth and feel her heart beat and then feel the heart beat within you and blend it with the rhythm of each other and you will beat as one. Feel the power in the trees and the gifts they offer to you, and taste the beautiful nectar that is pure water, the life blood of the mother and that which makes all life as you know it exist in this realm. You are a part of each other and walk hand in hand. Awaken from the illusion of your separateness and work to strengthen that connection. Awaken to the love that dwells within the heart of the mother as it is expressed through all life and dance with the rhythm of that life. Let the heart of the mother blend with the heart of the masters and the masters that are becoming. 
This marks a time of positive change. There will be a sudden move forward and things are looking very good, so have your plans in place and have patience during this time of change. You have the resources and or the abilities you need to take you where you want to go, it is just that you need to believe in miracles once again. 
Do not look back with thoughts or feelings of regret as this will keep you in that energy and stop you from seeing the results you desire. When things don't turn out the way you hoped for it is important to look at where you thoughts were and perhaps they were blocking their creation, or you are being prepared for something better although you might not see that just yet. Find the gift in the experience and you are then on the path to healing and releasing it. 
Change is always happening and it is a sign that you are growing and there is so much more to come and more to do. Get ready for this time is near. The time of Lemuria is near, of being one with your earth and each other. It is time for you to work with the energy she offers you to enhance and ignite your journey. 
Feel the Full Moon's Glow and learn to utilize her energy. During the waning of the full moon you might feel a bit of melancholy as the build-up to this powerful phase is so strong for those who are open or opening to their intuitive and sensitive side. Trust in yourself and what you feel and know that there are always events and situations being worked on that you can't always see and so trust that there is more going on that meets the eye and that grander possibilities are possible. There is great change happening and you are an important part. Use the power of the full moon’s glow to help you work in the ebb and flow with the energy around you and that you are. 
Use the new moon to help you with your creations. A new perspective is always available and when you take the time to use the energy of the cycles you will find that it becomes easier to be in the flow. Use the daily cycles to be in the ebb and flow with your world. Small waves and large waves of energy happen throughout your day to utilize and help you create and expand. Your physical world offers you quantum possibilities and so there are many different opportunities and times that they are become more powerful. The clearer you understand and know what you want, the better you will become at bringing it into your physical world, the brighter, the faster and the finer. 
Carefully weight your choices and decisions and use your ability to organize in a logical structure so that is easy for you to understand and tackle. With a little self-discipline and work, you will get the things done that are important for you at this time. You have the talents and the skills; ask yourself if you have the heart. If the answer is yes, then you know it must succeed. Ask your guides and angels for guidance and then notice the signs, as there are many, and as you notice them, it will seem that more are appearing, and they are. 
Ask for me, Mawu to help guide you in ways that make your earth more sustainable and glorious. Ask for us to help you better understand the physical aspect of doing this journey as a spiritual being and I will happily guide you to the wisdom, understanding and passion that you seek to be fully present and a part of this unique and wonderful experience called you. I am happy to help you expand your connection to and with this world and your understanding of the importance that you bring to this time in our evolution and creation. 
I Am Mawu, goddess of the earth, goddess of the moon, an aspect of the mother and a part of every living thing on this beautiful earth, and a part of that is you, so I ask you to nourish, love and respect yourselves and this beautiful earth.
Working with Mawu: Mawu is an African Earth Mother and aspect of Mother Earth. She is happy to work with anyone who is an earth keeper or guardian of mother earth and will help empower and support anyone who is on a quest on behalf of the earth. She encourages us to take up the energy of stewardship for beloved terra and help her to expand her light and reach. She is the energy in every tree, every blade of grass and every drop of rain. She blooms in every flower and in our hearts. 
“Reflect upon the legacy you are leaving behind and do your best always for the generations that follow as they are you coming back to experience the cycle of life.” Mawu
She can help you connect and be one with the earth and all that is and feel the strength, love and beauty of this connection. 
Meditation with Mawu

Take some to just relax your body and become comfortable. Focus on taking some deep cleansing breaths and release as you exhale and bring in fine, high vibrating oxygen particles into your body as you inhale, allowing for the awakening of your cellular consciousness to the knowledge that something grand is about to take place within you.
When you feel relaxed and ready to connect with your earth and all that is, you will feel a tingling feeling and desire to move on to more. Imagine yourself awakening in a beautiful park, filled with sounds of the birds, water rushing in the distance and the wind gently rustling the leaves of nearby trees. The sun is shining brightly and beautiful smells of flowers and earth fill your senses. Then you are become aware of the earth beneath your feet and your connection with it. You can feel the beautiful grass between your toes and the coolness of the earth beneath your feet, and then you become aware of a connection of light that is emerging between you and the earth. It is as if you have become one and you can feel the heartbeat of the earth and your heart beat become one. As you do this, you can feel the connection and the love each of you have for the other and that you are a part of each other and you know that a part has always been connected because you work in unison with the other and you know this deep in your cellular consciousness.
Connect with the grass. Feel yourself merge and be one with the grass. Feel the strength and the bond each blade has with the other and just be in that energy for a moment. Ask how the grass experiences the human and feel that energy. Ask how the grass experiences the trees and feel that energy, ask how the grass experiences the human, and feel that energy.  Thank the grass for all that it has shown you and move on to stand beside a tree in the forest and feel the tree and how it so beautiful works with the human transforming human by-products into its food and its by-products giving life to the human and how you are so important to each other. Ask the tree if it has something it would like to share with you. When you are ready, merge with the tree and become one. Experience the life of the tree and how it experiences the other trees and then the humans and then the earth.
As you become one with the earth, you feel her heart beat, you feel the love. You become one. You begin to flow and experience life as the earth, with the humans, the plants and the insects and rocks and the crystals and the water and all that is. Feel the totality of mother earths experience and the grandness and the awesomeness of all of this. And you begin to understand why you chose to do an earthy journey and leave the love of all that is. It is to feel it outside of you and then feel the grandness of all that is as you become one once again.

And just in case you are not already saturated with this amazing love, take a moment to merge with your waterways and sense the beauty and gift that is your water. Feel its life force and how vital this precious resource is to the body of the human, to the body that is the earth.  Feel the wisdom keepers of the oceans, the mighty whales. Feel the knowledge that they offer the evolving human and let them share a gift with you this day. Feel the all-encompassing and powerful love of the dolphins, feel their joy and playfulness and how important that energy is for the human.
We ask for you do this journey, and as you are experiencing the weaves and the webs of life and how important each part works symbiotically with the other that you remember to cherish and honour all life as you begin to understand the importance of each thread and weave that is a part of the web of life.
As you do this meditation it will become easier for you be a part of the renewal of the earth and the earth experience, welcome home.  
Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.


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