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Ishtar- Setting Boundaries with Sharon Taphorn

Working with Ishtar: Ishtar was a Babylonian and Assyrian goddess of sex, love, fertility, strength, and the underworld. Ishtar cults were formed during the middle ages which were probably where the ties between magic and witchcraft came to be seen as one in the same. She was also a warrior goddess on Venus during its time of occupation. She embodies all the feminine energy and aspects of a matriarchal society. She is a warrior of great strength and can teach us that our best weapons are our thoughts and our wits, often referred to as cunning; she says,
“Temper your words always with strength, conviction and love and you will understand the power of your words.”
Ishtar can help you develop more confidence and courage as well as how to work with your energy to help you achieve this. She is quick witted and has a dazzling smile if you return or appreciate humour.
Setting Boundaries January 23, 2013
Set healthy boundaries for yourself. With the increased sensitivities that many of you are feeling, it is important for you to establish healthy boundaries around yourself with your energy, your thoughts and your feelings. It is so very easy to try to fill in all the missing pieces in everyone's life, however this might leave gaping holes in your own. Love yourself and give yourself the time to replenish your reserves so that you are better able to serve where you choose. Give yourself time to adjust to your new sensitivities and practice working with them as you need. It is important for those who are particularly energy sensitive to know what is there's and what belongs to others, where you leave off and they begin, as these lines often become blurred, especially since you are truly not separate from each other. Just take a deep breath, go within and you will know. You are powerful, trust yourself.
You can always use shields of light to help you and remember to sweep your energy field at regular intervals as you are now more sensitive to others energy. Imagine a spiraling vortex of spiritual fire coming down from your I am presence to your crown chakra and spinning down cleaning you and out through the root chakra and into the beautiful mother earth for her to use. Then bring down another swirling vortex of spiritual fire and this time watch it expand to encircle your auric field and as it swirls around you, it cleanses your auric field and spins down to the earth for use as the mothers sees fit. Cut any cords or tethers that are connected to you by others and then seal your light with layers of colours that you feel are beneficial for you at that time.
Do this as often as you feel it is necessary and helpful. In particularly stressful situations you man want to do this frequently and daily.
If you find that you are receiving a psychic attack or unwanted energy that is not of your level of light, immediately put yourself in a cocoon of white light, invoke Archangel Michael and call in the protection angels and ask that they cut any cords attached to you and sweep away any lower energy. While the angels are doing their work, imagine all the wonderful thoughts and love that dwells within you and let that energy spread all through you and out your pores and into your bubble and stay in that beautiful light while the energy around you shifts.
Don't give up as you are so very close to creating what you desire. You have already created many wonderful things, relationships and experiences. Believe in yourself and what you give to so many for it is numerous. Much of the growth that you have been experiencing has led to significant changes in how you perceive your life and your relationship to everything. Trust yourself and have courage for you have only just begun to feel the new energy that you have stepped into. Powerful understandings led to great change and you are standing on the precipice.
Are you ready to soar?
You are coming into your own and with that there will be changes around you. Look for new partnerships or contracts as the time is right for the manifestation of your creations and it is time to move forward to what you have asked for. A new person will also be entering your life very soon to help you create these desires, or you will discover a new aspect an old relationship that previously you thought was not what it seemed. It is just this new aspect had not the energy to grow and now the timing is right. Be brave and know that the keys to the kingdom are available to all that are courageous enough to embark on the journey. You are on the right path of understanding and enlightenment and joy, gratitude and contentment are yours. Let your new heightened sensitivities be your strength and your guide.
Project your ideas into your life. You have learned many lessons since you began your awakening and now is the time to proceed further down the path and knowing you can apply what you have learned to make a better life for yourself. This is a time of positive change and you are ready for a great leap forward. Stay calm and get really clear about it is you want to create. You have all the things necessary and ready to line up, it is now time for you to make the choice in what you want to do next. Important decisions are best made on a full stomach, so ensure you feel balanced and whole so that you trust in your choices and don’t let old feelings of doubt become your focus. Quickly clear away all that no longer serves you from your thoughts and feeling and know that it is time to see things from a new or different perspective. Perhaps even a new area of study are called for or a complete change in all aspects of your life. Regardless what you choose, keep the faith and envision it happening for you and hold that thought that you are happy and fulfilled regardless of what you choose.
Make time for others in your life as it makes life more meaningful when you have others to enjoy it with. Taking time to enjoy yourself and play are an important aspect of life and this helps to feed all of your bodies. Let others see your warm, thoughtful and sensitive side as well as your more realistic, independent side. Use your charm and use your wit, as they will take you far and that is really where you want to go. See the humour in life and laugh often, this helps you to lighten up and be more joyful regardless what is happening around you and perhaps even to you. Laughter is such a healing energy and releases endorphins that have a natural healing affect upon the human body.
This is a time of new growth. An opportunity for expansion of all that you thought previously possible. This brings about new ways of thinking, being and doing. You have entered a new era, a new doorway into so much more as you awaken to the totality of whom and what you truly are. It is time for the empowered humans to step forward and take their rightful places as the warriors of light. Confidently accept the opportunities that are being offered to you right now as these are the steps that will help you fulfill your mission and your goals. Be strong and steadfast as you discover the resources you have as well as the ones you wish to develop in yourself.
You have the ability to manifest all of your desires, choose one and begin working towards it; all the others will fall into place when they need to. This can be a magical time in your life if you can decide what it is you truly want and work towards it. And remember to celebrate, you are now ready and it is time. Plant your seeds, nurture them and then watch them grow and use the powers that are natural to you enhance whatever you are undertaking and learn all that you need to know to help you grow. Communicate your vision to others and be the natural leader you were born to be. You are surrounded by beings in all dimensions that are available to help you expand, ask and you will receive.
Spread your wings. Sparked by a desire for something more, you are experiencing a desire to move on to something that feels better or right for you now. You are undergoing spiritual and emotional growth and transformation and you are also feeling bright new ideas and inspirations that hold great promise in your heart. It is time to take that leap of faith and just trust in your dreams. Know that it is finally your time, and you deserve great success. Have confidence in yourself.
Also give yourself time to process these changes on a physical level or you might you will be forced to take a break due to illness or disease. It is so much easier to process through the shifts and changes with a little rest and relaxation, some meditation and healthy simple foods than a full blown illness that makes you stay in bed, however both will serve their purpose. You will feel so much brighter and lighter and be doing what you need to bring these changes into your physical body and reality. Ask for and except help from your guides and angels and human angels that grace your life.
I am goddess Ishtar, the embodiment of Venus, the goddess of love and strength; it is my pleasure to share with you how to do battle, with your wits and your heart and be the changes that you seek.

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
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