Wednesday, February 13, 2013

8 Ways to Keep Balance in Your Life

When events are moving at a fast pace and feel like too many things are happening at once, it can be a challenge to find your footing and your balance as things around change. Here are 8 pearls of angel wisdom to help you keep your focus and your balance as you find your way.
Set Priorities
Events are occurring at great speed and it is not always easy to keep up. Take the time to decide what you really need to be focusing on and let others take the rest. When you carefully review your options, you not only come up with creative ideas and solutions, you feel more in control of your life and how it unfolds. Don’t try to juggle it all yourself as there is no reward for being too tired to enjoy your life. Delegate so that you have time to breath and spread your wings. Do not underestimate yourself either. Confidently assert yourself with love as this will help you get things done.
Change is always happening, that is how you grow. Celebrate it as it means there are always new things on the way. Have patience and make some long term plans for yourself. This helps you to have a direction and have more confidence in your journey. Celebrate and have fun along the way as that is the energy that helps you create. Feel your passions so that they too evolve along with you and manifest for you in your world.
Support Circle
Seek mentors and like-minded friends. This is a time of expansion and surrounding yourself by supporting, co-operating and compassionate people helps to nurture you to grow. Traditional view points and values are changing within many of you and knowing you are not alone is comforting and reassuring. There are many wonderful spiritual organizations filled with people just like you looking for comrades of light, love and discovery.
Evaluate Decisions
Take a deeper look into choices you are making. Objective decision making helps you clear away unproductive energy and that which no longer serves your growth. When you look at things with love, from the vantage point of your angels, you will see things from a more complete perspective. Ask that your concerns or worries be washed away by your angels and welcome positive and new options to come your way. See yourself and your life with humour and with love. Laugh deep and laugh often, it is good for you and your soul.
The Small Things

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