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You are your ancestors with Archangel Azrael, by Sharon Taphorn

You are your ancestors with Archangel Azrael, through Sharon Taphorn

Working with Archangel Azrael: Azrael means ‘Whom God helps,’ as it is his responsibility to bring you to the party when it is time for you to return home. He also helps the people of earth to connect with their deceased loved ones as he and his angels can act like a rainbow bridge to help with this connection. The colour associated with Azrael is a vanilla cream, and the stone is a creamy yellow calcite. I also find that Selenite helps me connect with those crossed over or any other dimension you wish to explore as it raises your vibration and you become aware of so much more. I actually can’t speak while I am holding my Selenite Tower, I have to put it down and then share the message. It is rather a strange feeling.


You are your ancestors


Greetings dear hearts, we are honoured for being invited into your experience. We so love to work with the earth realm as we are usually those who escort you back the energy of Creator Love and not often are we called upon to work with you while you are still in human form. Call upon me or my legions of helper angels who are filled with great love to assist and share with anyone who is experiencing the illusion of being separate from those they love. Let down your guard, let down your barriers and open up to the love of your ancestors and let that love help to support you at any time on your journey.


Your ancestors are part of you always. Just as every tree on earth is connected to each other, you are connected to your ancestors and their light. Family reincarnates with family, and so many of those who you think are no longer with you, truly are. For not only are they a part of you, they are also you and of you. When you heal, you heal with your ancestors, and those yet to come. As well, when they decide to re-enter the cycle of life and birth once again, they will free to choose new challenges and opportunities that previous to your incarnation had not been possible. It is that way for every subsequent generation that follows. You affect your genetic line as well as your energetic line.


Your loved ones are never truly gone, they are a part of you and if at any time you want to create a rainbow bridge to feel their love once again, call upon my light and league of angels to help raise your vibration so that you can connect with your beloveds on the other side. Most often communication is in your dreams, as that is when you are usually the most open to our energy. You can also connect with them in meditation and we will guide the way. Be prepared for a huge insurgence of love when you connect and let it surround you and you will know that we are with you. Share with them anything you wish you had said when they were with you in physicality and listen as they say the things that they could not while in physicality. It is truly a magical experience of love when you connect, and if it feels anything less than love, know that it is a message from your ego or lower energy and ask to be cleared of all the energy and begin again. This time, ask Archangel Michael to keep you safe and protected, entering into the energy in a state of balance and peace and see if you get different results. Let love be your guide.


You family and friends on the other side await your return to the love of All That Is. They are a part of your cheering section, and your support, so call upon them at any time you want to re-remember love in its purest form and let the tears of love flow. Think not of missing them, remember the love and the beauty they shared with you then, and share with you now, for this next step could be one of the most important steps you take on your path. Let them love and support you and know that you are never alone.


Strength and courage are yours.  Everyone has an inner strength they can draw upon, although it is sometimes nice to be reminded in loving ways instead of remembering it in times of strife. Sometimes when the energy around you is filled with chaos and confusion, it is easy to forget you are a beautiful, strong and courageous sparks of Creator Light; after all, you are here now doing this earth journey and that says so very much about your strength and courage, your energy and your light.



If you are feeling vulnerable for any reason at all, ask your angels to surround you in their loving light and feel their strength and love. Sit quietly for a few minutes; out in nature if you can, and let yourself feel your angel entourage as they surround you in love. Ask them to help you with any project you need assistance with. Then, when you return back to your world, notice the people, places and words that you are drawn to as these are the answers that you seek. Be open to receive them and completely trust that it is so. Keep yourself open to all the possibilities and know that you are indeed stronger and more powerful than you think.


 "I am strengthened by the knowledge that I am protected and safe always."


Surround yourself with that which you love so that you can easily remember and have this energy as a focus of your thought. Surround yourself with positive people and situations. It helps to keep your focus and your spirits high when you do things that bring you joy and happiness and avoid negativity or negative energy and environments, thoughts and things; this includes friends and family, TV and movies, or any other distraction that takes you away from your mission.



When you are in a situation that is less than desirable and you feel you cannot change it in that moment, then put yourself in an orb of protective light filled with love. Ask your angels to help strengthen you while you are there and believe in yourself and buoy your strength to get through. You are not alone and you are supported, even if you feel like you are floating in an immense sea all by yourself. Breath in trust with each in breathe and expel any doubt or fear with your out breath and keep doing this until you feel you are once again balanced and in control of yourself.



There is always someone in your life who wants to help and support you, so open your heart and let them in. You make many contracts of friendship and support so there are always ones available on your physical plane to help you along the way. Think of who it might be and initiate contact if you can. If you are not sure who this might be, than ask the angels to line up assistance and they will go to work on your behalf. The key is to trust and believe and know that you are worthy of creating a happy, safe, loved, balanced life for yourself and others and keep marching forward from there. Seek joy and harmony in all that you do and keep taking that next step that leads you to a better way. As you keep this thought next to your heart, it cannot help but materialize for you and around you.



"I am safe and protected from lower energy and am surrounded by positive and supportive people, places and things. I am open to receive."


See the blessings and the gifts. Change is inevitable, just like the trees and the stars, it is a sign that you are evolving to yet another level. Do not be afraid of the unknown; trust that you are being helped and that it is okay to ask for more. Your angels and higher self are always working for you and with you to create a journey filled with all sorts of opportunities to grow and expand your light. By doing this you change your world and the world around you. Major life changes bring to you the greatest blessings and reward. Embrace the newness that is coming your way as it is indeed evolving to something grander than you imagine.



Increase your standards of expectation and dream as big as you can imagine and even bigger. See yourself as succeeding in completing your current projects and know that grander things await you when you are done. Do not settle for less than your beautiful heart can imagine, and you will go far indeed. Refresh your outlook and you will have fresh new experiences from which to draw.



If you should feel as though you have failed at any point on your journey, it is time to release that energy for it in no way serves you or your growth. Look within to see what you have learned and know that you are indeed the wiser from going through this experience. It has helped to expand your understanding and growth, creating an entire aspect of yourself that you had previous not thought possible and have learned to better trust yourself.



"I see the gift of change happening all around me and move forward with the new opportunities that are coming my way."


Cultivate playful, joyous energy whenever you can. This helps you to be in higher vibrating energy, perfect for co-creating. It is so very easy to get caught up in the mental energy that prevails all around so many of you right now, however the best way for you to make use of all this excess energy is to take a few deep breaths and release any lower or unproductive energy from you and then channel your energy into joyous energy that is created when you take the time to be creative or play. This helps you create miracles and manifestations, and lets you takes a time out from any heavy thoughts that have been weighting you down. Do your best to find a way to take a mini vacation from any strife or worry and just have some fun, at least for a little while. Use the remembrance of this energy to feed you whenever you need to refresh your thoughts and your outlook.


As you take more time away from thoughts that bog you down, you are then able to tap into the manifestation energy and you are better able to pick up new thoughts and ideas when your mind is free and open. This high energy is the perfect energy to create windfalls of opportunities. Trust your intuition and take action accordingly. You will be glad you did.


"I am open to all the abundant thoughts and ideas that are available to me now. I release any stress or worry to the angels."

It is a time to learn, a time to gather new information to assist you and help you evolve your light. Enjoy the process as it will lead you where you want to go. As the seasons change, it signifies more changes in your lives. Taking the time to gather what you need for the next part of your journey lets you feel more prepared for what lies ahead and lets you have more trust in your own decisions. Change is always happening and as evolving beings, this is important. Take the time to let yourself feel comfortable with the new you and to make those changes with clarity, intent and wisdom.



When you are ready and feel secure in your choices, this movement ushers in desired new energy in which you can grow and prosper. Your unique talents will blend with this wisdom, and synthesize it into new and important ways to bring peace and love to your journey. You (along with everyone else) deserve to have life experiences that bring you joy, balance and happiness, trust that this is so.


"The more I learn and know, the more I trust in my choices and I know that when everything is right and in place, it will happen."


I am Archangel Azrael, blessings to you always dear lights. You are the ones you have been waiting for and it is you who will change your world and how you see life, death and everything inbetween. Blessings and love.

Article Copyright ©2012 by Sharon Taphorn
All rights reserved.



LadyJtalks said...

Seems the more I know the less I know some days. Your words are always great to read and hear.

Sharon said...

That is because they want you to trust yourself more and know that you will know what you need to know when you need it....