Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sharon's Take November 2012 ~ Relax, Recycle, Recharge

This month we are going to talk about a few "R's", and returning to balance. It has been a tumultuous time for us North America with an earthquake (I did feel the earth move and share that later) on the west and a hurricane on the east. A time of cleansing and reviewing what is really important to us (us as whole, we the people).
Mercury goes retrograde on the 6th (ending on the 26th), so you have a few days to get ready. This means that we will be entering the holiday season in a far different mode than normal. Where I am, winter has already started, with snow and cold temperatures, so I am feeling the desire to hibernate right now anyway. Set your intent to enter this period knowing you are going to just go about your business slowly and methodically and that you are not going to get caught up in any frenzy of other's creation.
Perfect time to do a life review and see what is going on. If you are unsure what to do or where to start, I am going to offer a 3 week online workshop to help you along your way. (This will also help to keep your focus while trying to re-balance yourself). The workshop will be Wednesday evenings from November 7th to 21st. When mercury rights itself again, you will be in the perfect energy for this momentous time. Clearing up the old as fast as you can has been in almost every private session over the past few months and I personally am feeling that sense quickening within myself and seem to be getting more done when I keep myself focused.
For more information on joining the online workshop, click on my home page or send me an email. Charge is by donation, however you must be registered. It will start at 5pm pacific/8pm eastern. If there is a desire for this workshop during the weekend, for those in Europe or Australia, I can arrange something.
So, for November, just keep charging along at a nice even pace and work on the things you know in your heart you truly need to work on. Do it now, as the rewards will be plenty and even like you will be starting to live a new life from an entirely new perspective. Trust that the money, the love, the support and the healing will be there for you now and just keep going.
A life review will do everyone wonders and I will be doing mine along with the group. It is so important for us to master our thoughts, let go of unfulfilled expectations of from the past. and move forward, focused each on our own journey and wearing blinders for all others. This does not me to ignore everyone and everything. It means to lend a heart, a hand, and a hug, but let each person do their own work as that is how it must be. If someone tells you they can magically do that for you and you don't need to do anything, I would question how long this would last if you had any result at all. There must be some kind of shift that takes place in the mind and heart of the one doing the journey.
I personally must let go of a significant part of myself. Since my workplace injury 2+ years ago, I must let go of the image of 'Sharon the Nurse' as realistically I cannot return to patient care. It is funny as a few years during a review I said, "If I am to work in the 'regular' world as well as the metaphysical world, then I am happy to do this work until I retire, as it is very rewarding and I get to help a lot people cross over and love them and be a part of their life" and now I must let that go (how does that old joke go...How do you make God laugh?....  Tell him your plans!) So, as I am heading into the new year with choices and decisions I did not expect to make at this point in my life, and still not entirely sure where I wish to go from here.
Mastering our thoughts is the best gift we can give ourselves, so take this time to really consciously choose what thoughts you want keep. Remember these are the thoughts that form your belief system and also, by the law of attraction, what you get back. Take a deep breath, and release any thoughts you don't want and then choose a replacement and create an affirmation for it to help you through the transformation. Don't get carried away or carried off by any distractions that come your way as there will be a few and the temptation to procrastinate or pretend you are busy doing something else you deem important while be strong. HOWEVER, the rewards for getting it down now will be even greater, so dive right in and keep focused and keep courage and hope in your heart regardless what is going on around you. This is the time to clear away the old as you are moving into a new world and a new time and a new space with a new you.
Remember the key: Meditate, mediate, meditate, oh yes, and trust. Trust that you will do well, even better than you could have possibly imagined. Form some mastermind groups right now to start working on what you wish to create and those who will help energize your goals with you. Together you are stronger. Use this energy as a respite and refocus for yourself and what is truly important for the coming time ahead.
Check out last month's Beliefnet for my articles:

It is time to look within and ask yourself is what you currently have for yourself truly what you want.


New growth, psychic and spiritual experiences that can change the way you look at your world and yourself.

I am ever so thankful to those of you who have clicked on the links as that is how I get paid and am happy to say I got my first cheque this week so can officially say I am a professional writer! (she laughs out loud). It is actually an awesome feeling and it seems I never struggle for something write and look forward to meeting the dead lines each month.
I also have an article in the Sedona Journal of Emergence for November, in the online version special expanded edition. I am also so honoured when they choose to share my work and look forward each month to checking the mail to see if I am in the next issue. It is funny, as I seem to get my book royalties cheque the same day as the Sedona Journal, and each month it has been on a different day. So, you can know I look forward to that day. Makes it fun to check the mail and see what is coming.
Feeling the earth move during the earth quake was very interesting for me, as I have been few a few shake, rattles, and rolls. This one was so most definitely different and it also seems to me that the world have been different, like the shift of the earth caused me to shift into another dimension that I am still trying to get acclimatized to. Here is what I wrote that evening after the earth moved. (I actually grabbed on to my couch during this for stability):
I live in British Columbia, a bit south east of this quake 669km away at 52.13°N 122.14°W the quake of 7.7 at Haida Gwaii last night was at 52.769°N 131.927°W depth=17.5km (10.9mi)
I was sitting on my couch and was looking across at one of my cats when we shifted. I have been through other quakes in Vancouver where we shock and you knew it. This was different. It was like we were shifting dimensions.. it felt like this wave went through us in slow motion and it seemed like I saw 3 layers of us, I grabbed the couch as I thought I was sliding and it seemed to last a long time relative to past experiences. when we settled, my hanging lights were swinging, the bells I have hanging around were ringing, the blinds where waving, they did not settle for about 3 minutes. I said...what was first thought was we had an earth quake, and then, since it was raining and I live on the side of a mountain, perhaps a slide. All I really knew for sure was something happened. So, I thought I would check on line and sure enough there was a big quake nearby. As far as we have heard, there was some damage, no one was hurt... bonus.. mother earth is just shifting and showing us that we can and are a support for each other when we gather for a common purpose, anyway, it was such a surreal experience, I thought I would share. Haida Gwaii (the name that the Queen Charlotte Islands are known by here) has had 7 aftershocks. It was interesting to listen to the news reports as the experts said this was not usual quake in that it is shifted vertically instead of the usual horizontally, lessening the usual types of destruction and damage, and that it was it in a sparsely populated area... it made for an interesting evening and I learned a bit more about earth shakes... here is the site I found the information on the fastest ...
I am looking foward to what this month brings as it is going to be paramount for what lies ahead. I am looking foward to the new adjustments since my world shifted and hope you do as well.
Remember to enjoy yourself in the moment, whatever the task may be, find your balance, find your center and spend this month getting to know yourself and the new you that is emerging.
Love Sharon, Bella, Pepe Big Paws and Katie the loving baby


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