Monday, June 4, 2012

Assignment: Human Angel ~ Listen to your Intuitve Feelings

Your mission…

Should you choose to Remember is…  

Spend time this week paying attention to the signals and cues from your physical self. Ask your angels and guides to assist you in more accurately interpreting you natural barometer. 

We all receive signals and signs through our physical bodies, even when we are not aware of it. Try to tune in more to what your body signals are showing you. Much like the cute picture, your entourage of Light Beings are offering you signals, it is just that we don't always stop and take the time to understand them. You can always ask them to help you better understand by sending you messages that you can understand right now and they will keep trying until the message is received. When you understand or think you do, repeat it to your entourage, and they will signal you to let you know. I find that when I ask I get body shudders, the more energy in the shudder, the closer I am to hitting the mark. I will also get goose bumps, from light which means we are close, to shivering like I am frozen. These are some of the physical signs I receive. 

Just as when you are working with physical tools like crystals, rods or pendulums, the more you use them, the more they speak to you. This works the same with the unseen tools of enhancing your senses, to become more aware of what is happening in your environment use your tools. The physical tools, like crystals, can also help to make the energy more palpable for you. I am extremely energy sensitive. I feel the slightest disturbances in the force lol. I started working with this 'gift' consciously since I was a teenager more because I had to than I wanted to.  In my younger years I used to think my biography should be called 'The path of a reluctant warrior', as I learned much because I had to to keep some form of sanity in my World. I do completely see the gift in my sensitivities now, and still have those days when I wonder what  I could have possibly been thinking when I choose this lifetime, however my '3rd base coach' has helped be see the humour in all of this. I am still working on mastering this skill, and it has been awhile, so remember to be gentle with yourselves along the way, as we are all a work in progress. I almost always keep a pendulum in my purse or pocket. I can use it to quickly tap into the energy if I need to. Sometimes in public it can be a challenge to get into the zone, or if I am teaching and need to be present in both worlds, the tools help be to be super sensitive very quickly and I can tune in and teach and talk all at the same time. I have to say I still find it a challenge to do the physical world stuff when I am doing the reading part of my shows. I sometimes have to really think how to turn things off and on for a few minutes while I re-acclimatize to this dimension. Even after the show I try not to plan earth things that require alertness as I am usually in this wonderful love state and like to stay there. I forget to return phone calls or what I was doing, so usually I take Bella for a walk and play in the garden or just enjoy the energy until I go to bed. Regardless how my day was before the show began, I always feel amazing after. Anyway...

Some of the crystals that can help you be more sensitive to energies are Quartz crystals, Selenite,  Calcite, and purple amethyst are a few that come to mind. All my crystals have a story of how they came to be with me and love them. I let them tell me what they are for and how to work with them. They can help to magnify the energy and help you become more aware of the signals. They also are wonderful teachers. Take some time to quiet yourself and ask the crystal what it wants to share in a meditation and then be open to the images and feelings that you get. Journal about it. The more you use the muscles, the stronger and more accurate they become.

If at first you don't succeed, keep trying. You will develop a new level of trust with your own natural guidance system as you see desired results in your life. As you play more with this, you will also see creation time become faster and finer the more you trust in yourself. You will also experience less obstacles  and frustrations along the way when you learn to trust your feelings on what is the next best step to take. You are always getting thoughts and feelings, and these are two of the ways your higher self, guides and angels give you messages and cues to help you along the way. 

Trust your bodies wisdom and you will have a brighter day! 
Love and infinite Light, Sharon
PS. If you are new to these assignments and extremely energy sensitive or an empath, see the article on Shielding  
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