Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Assignment: Human Angel ~ Becoming your Higher Self

Your mission…

Should you choose to Remember is…

You are a spiritual being and you are connected to spirit always, even when you don't beleive it yet. Take some time to begin trusting yourself. Quiet your mind and your body and connect with that higher place within you where spirit always dwells. It is here that you can receive the answers that you seek....

Most of my students, readers and regular listeners know that they are more than just a physical being. Even the newcomers are at the very least questioning life, the Universe, and everything. We are so much more than we can possibly imagine and as we each awaken to our own magnificence, and that of each others, we step more fully into our roles of human angels.

It is not always easy to be human. I guess that is why we call it light work. It is however beautiful and rewarding or we wouldn't be here, and trust me, there are days I wonder what I was thinking. Then, I see the beauty that surrounds me, not only in nature, also in the hearts of others and I know why I am here. When we are home, we feel that wonderful all of time, and it is beautiful, however it when we are 'away' and think ourselves separate that we feel the absence of that love and therefore look for it in others. When we truly feel the love of home here in a finite body, it is astounding. As you open up and begin to feel that love here, even in its most overwhelming state, it is but a piece of what we feel when we are not here. That being said, within you  a piece of yourself that is connected always to home. You are always connected to your higher self, who is always connected to you and home. Making a connection and developing that relationship is one of the greatest gifts and tools you do for yourself. It is in learning to communicate, translate and become one with that part of yourself that you begin walking your path with spirit, opening yourself up to wonderful personal shifts and changes in your 'physical' reality.

Trusting our connection with our higher self can sometimes be a challenge at first. It becomes stronger, like any muscle in our bodies, when we work with it and use it. To work this muscle, you must develop a consistant spiritual practice. I don't often us the 'must' word, however it takes time and taking risks to trust in what you receive as guidance from your higher self, guides or angels. After you practice communicating and trusting that connection with your higherself it then becomes an automatic part of your life and you won't leave home without them. The spiritual practice and the commitment to it is one of the steps that will help you stretch that muscle. If you don't already have a meditation practice, this is the best place to start. It need not be a long one, it just needs to happen. Again, as you practice quieting your mind and body, the time it takes to be in an alpha state of consciousness quickens and that is the place to go and work with yours 'elf''.

There are times you think you got it wrong when you ask your higher self something, and it didn't happen. When you are learning what voice is the higher self and what voice is the ego self, there will be times you think you have made a mistake. There are no mistakes and there are no wrong paths, some are just different and longer than others and these ones are usually the ones where we have the greatest gifts and 'ah-ha' moments, althought they don't always feel so at the time. Remember, spirit, or your higher self don't see things from the same linear perspective than we do, they don't see things as good or bad, they see them as opportunities to evolve your light and who you are. That is what they do, assist you in the evolution of your soul, all of you, that includes them. They want you to succeed and you are, even if you don't see it that way just yet. One day you will, be it here or there, you will see the gift, if you see it while still physical, it frees you up to move on to more, faster and sooner.

The best place to start is where you are at. Begin a meditation practice today. It will assist you in many ways. It can help you return to a balanced, peaceful, center when all around you seems to be falling apart (which is really just the dismantling the old energy, which does not go without resistance). It will help you to discern between your ego and your guide. Both are valuable, they just need to be understood in a different way. Learn to trust your inner guidance as this is your connection with your higher self, which is that part of you that is connected to all that is. And, be gentle with yourself. Rome was not made it day, nor or you. Remember that you are a beautiful particle of Creator Light, just as everyone else is. See that light and foster the unconditional love that goes with it.

Trust in yourself, you are beautiful, connected and wise.

Love and infinite light, Sharon
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