Thursday, November 3, 2011

Sharon's Take ~ November 2011 Finding Balance

Already it is November and our first snow fall of the season is happening as we share. I am not particularly fond of driving in the snow, however I do enjoy the pristine beauty of newly fallen snow. The fresh smell, the stark whiteness intermingled with evergreens and the smell of chimney smoke in the background. These are more memories of childhood than like I experienced in the city, and so now when they happen it is like bringing out an old friend to play, or perhaps bringing out my inner child. I always loved snow as a child and spent many hours 'stranded up in the north' digging out forts in the snowbanks, sliding down the ravine, and skating like I was trying out for the Olympics were wonderful ways to pass the time. I think I am guided to share these memories as it is important to remember the wonderful times and bring that energy in the now and it is also very important to find time to go out and play as you did as child. It helps to cleanse our energy fields, release and rejuvenate. Make some plans to enjoy and play over the next month, just as you did as a child.

Energetically speaking November should be a good month. Meaning that it should feel fairly smooth to those who are sensitive to the energy. It is still important to keep your focus on what you are trying to accomplish, and it should be easier to keep that focus. I am personally better at working with the higher energy than the lower energy. I seem to be extra sensitive when it is low and work harder at bringing my levels up than I do when it is high. When it is high, I use any manic energy well. The last month, it has been lower and have had to spend more time boosting myself up, not taking anything personally and being more disciplined and keeping my focus.

November should be less stress if you go with the flow. Consciously deciding what you are working on helps to bring balance and harmony to your world. During this month the focus is on keeping the garden growing. Fostering and promoting better relationships with those you love and care about, releasing the ones that don't work and trusting that there are healthier possibilities for everyone involved. Feed what you want to grow and let the rest go their own natural evolution. People and situations always come and go, it is the cycle of life. Be thankful for the new and the old and utilize and be thankful for what you have now. Love with all of your heart, regardless!

Focus on creating peace and harmony in your relationships. Be truthful and honest with yourself and decide whether any of your relationships are raising you up or bringing you down. If they are bringing you down, and you are not prepared to release them at this time, how can you cultivate them into something that uplifts you, for surely if you are not feeling uplifted, neither is the other person, and while you are not responsible for the other person directly, you are responsible for and to yourself. So, look deep in your heart and listen to the message it shares back (a voice that speaks to you only in love, ONLY in LOVE). Look for the gift and how you can build upon that to create a better, more loving and relationship. Trust what your heart tells you and act upon that divine wisdom.

Develop a strong spiritual practice. Decide that you are worth it. Meditate daily, this is a must do. It does not have to be long. It just needs to be done. Take a moment and focus on your breath, your heart beat, the heart beat of mother earth....and when you feel all of your hearts beating together, ask, explore and listen. Set the intent to have a great day filled with kind, loving and gentle people. To be in that place of peace and shine brightly for others to feel your love, and a day filled with miracles, both experienced and witnessed as you go about your day. You have all the tools, assistance and wisdom available to you, it is up to you to utilize them now. Get really clear on what you desire (not how you desire it to come) and then be open to receive. Let the guides and the angels have the details, keep your eyes on the feeling of the desired outcome and celebrate each moment of the journey while you get there.

Be sure to release judgement, for yourself and decisions you have made as well as for others. It is enough to work on your stuff, let others be free to work on their own in their own time. Love them and let them be as they choose to be. There may well be life changing decisions and situations happening now. Trust that it is all part of the master plan of what you have been wanting. It is so vitally important to let go and release the past and the old energy. Although it isn't always fun during those times, the view from the other side is always, always so much better than you can possibly imagine. Keep going, don't give up and trust. There is great rewards awaiting you. Use your powers, for it is indeed time.

There will much opportunity to get involved in an event or meditation for the 11-11-11 energy (which is a human energy, however also an opportunity for us to gather together and effect all.), as well as Remembrance Day, so let us remember to give thanks to those who risk and give their lives, regardless of how we feel personally about war.  Mercury is Retrograde from November 24th to December 13th. And a happy Thanksgiving to our USA family.

There is still time to book a Goddess Reading Special, it is an amazing deal and the readings amaze me each time.

Love, blessings, and gratitude, Sharon

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