Wednesday, November 2, 2011

As an Empath ~ Love them Anyway by Sharon Taphorn

Emath seems to almost be a buzz word for the metaphysical community. I think the first time I heard the word was in nursing school. They wanted us to become empathetic and not sympathetic as it seemed more authentic. As someone who is was aware of what was going on around her as long as I can remember, practicing empathetic responses was no challenge.

I don't know what it is like to not be able to 'read' people. Much like commander Troi on Star Trek, I always knew what other people were feeling. I knew if they lied, I knew if they were sad, happy, scary, good, etc. I understood emotion more so that I actually read minds. However, I could do that as well. I spent more time delving into the world of the emotions. I did not always know what was mine and what was theirs, so I had to learn and understand how to work with the energy that is around me.

I think that roughly 80% of the population is going through some kind of empathic awakening. It is one of the sixth senses and allows us to gain a better understanding of what are fellow journeyers are going through. It helps us to develop compassion. It is a shift symptom, or ascension symptom, or perhaps I should say a reward. As we learn that others can feel our feelings and thoughts, we (as a species) will begin to clean ourselves up. It is the result of our evolutionary shifts.

As we awaken, we are at different levels of awakening.  And therefore, we are all different levels of developing and using our empathic abilities. I sometimes meet people who are really into the latest buzz word who say...Oh, I am 100% empath on the quiz. I am 100% tuned in, and then that same person turns around and gossips about another, or speaks knowing untruths, or is out of truth in their behaviour, and I wonder how they think that is empathic. That is not to say they are not in some way working on developing it, it does however lend to the notion that metaphysics is flaky or odd.  As I experience my journey, I have had to come to terms with accepting that people can lie, regardless of the path they are on.

I remember the first time a best friend lied to me. It broke my heart. It was just a little, irrelevant lie, so I was surprised that it hurt so much.  I think that because we were such good friends, that she wouldn't feel the need to lie. I already understood lying. This seemed different. I now understand that the level of growth I was at, at that time was to learn how unimportant lies really are. I had stories of rug being pulled out from under me before and always tried to go to that place of 'finding the gift' and that if I loved them enough once to call them my friend, then I loved them enough to get over anything with them. This often baffled a few people in my life, however it seemed so much important to me that the rest of the 'stuff' that happens. Once again I have found myself feeling a bit let down by the actions of someone I deemed to be of higher of integrity. So, I am reminded that first, don't take things personally, and second, that is better to know up front that some people aren't living in integrity, and it is better to know this than to wonder if you reading the situation wrong and second guessing yourself. Also, to Love them Anyway.

As we explore being in our truth, we must discover what that truth is and how we fit into things. As we evolve and develop our senses we need to discover that source of deep, compassionate love and understanding for each other.  We need to look into the heart of the person standing next to us, not the colour of their hair, or skin. Develop looking into our own hearts before we speak or do. These are empathic qualities and learning to work with them.

Practice daily cleansing of your auric field and chakra systems. Doing a cleanse in the shower each morning is a perfect way to start each day. Knowing where your energy field is at all times is important. Set it consciously. If you are encountering a lot other people from all walks of life during your day, bring it closer to your body. This lessens what you pick up from others. If you are going somewhere where you want to be tuned into everything, make it larger. Remember to clear it when you are done to not carry around so much of stuff that belongs to others. Do regular clearing meditations to release any cords we have with others, or they have with us. These are a few tips that can make a difference in how you experience the world. Find groups of like minded and like energy people to hang out with, at least a few times a month. Find a support group who is on a similar path to your own. Know we will always be on different paths while we are still climbing the same mountain.

We need to learn to "love them anyway", as Mother Theresa said when asked about her compassion for all living things. Love them anyway!

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