Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Green Man Message

GREEN MAN through Sharon Taphorn April 20, 2010

Bringing me into your garden and into your life can bring in wondrous life force energy to your plants, particularly the ones you ingest. Work with the nature angels and the faerie worlds to enhance your gardens in a more natural way and we will help it grow and prosper, and with that some knowledge that you can use this energy in all that choose to create. We can fill your desires with this same life force energy from germination to flourish and become a bountyful garden indeed.

Create a ceremony with your gardens as you plan, and prepare then plant. Say an invocation each day and time you work with your plants and gardens and to create from an altered space of awareness. Commune and become one with us and you will see the results in your garden as well as in your life. Create this sacred space and you will so enjoy the rewards of the offerings from your garden. Tend it with love and be sure to leave offerings in a special corner for the insect realm and together we shall create beauty and sustenance and beautiful life force energy. So let us create create create, then watch as things bloom and glow with splendor.

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