Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sharon's Take - February 2009

Becoming Sharon the Current!

It has truly been an interesting time working through January, with the energy...against the energy... with the energy...against the energy... many of you are feeling the waves... I am sure on many levels as well.

I've received a lot emails from people going through huge growth and change, as I too find myself on this path.

I have been working with rehabilitating a injury to my physical body over the past few months, (an injury to my SI Joint and ligaments for my medical friends), it has been quite a journey on so many levels. It has been very frustrating dealing with the medical people, the people through workers compensation (it happened at work), where I work... I felt that no one would listen to me therefore delaying the correct treatment, making the injury worse, the recovery longer...I am sure you get the picture without me repeating the entire episode (not good to dwell on the past anyway)... so through all of this I have continued to ask myself what am I learning from this...apart from the frustrations of dealing with 3D institutions... so..what is the gift in all this...surly it has to be more than pain and frustration! I know a good personal healing journey is great to share in workshops, but really... this isn't the way to go I keep telling my higher self... there must be more...

So... I thought about what I have learned... for the past few months, I have been unable to make plans beyond the current seems that each day what I can accomplish and get done is different based on how my physical body feels... as well as when I am in long is this taking...since it has already taken to long for me... when am going to be back working my usual schedule and getting my personal projects organized and underway, all of which require thinking ahead...

Yet I am not currently able to plan ahead... I must be ready for change at any moment, and often deep breathing and taking the next bit of time I can plan.

Throughout the last while I have had several other people share the same things happening in their lives too, missed appointments, changed appointments, dates messed up... (all mercury retrograde stuff too...which is now flowing forward once again as of today).

So, I share this all with you as so many people have sent me emails asking and sharing with me, their experiences and frustrations over the past few months dealing with all the energy, thoughts, emotions, and things happening around them.

There is so much going on in each of our lives, we often feel dizzy with all that is going on. As we transition in February, we will feel more of the same... with more fluctuations coming our way. If you have no idea what I am taking are working well with whatever is being put before you. If you can relate and are wondering what you can do... here are some tips...

No matter what... You always have a choice to hold the thoughts you think about. IF you find yourself having thoughts that are not for your highest good... stop... take some deep breaths... focus on something that feels good...something that brings you joy... hold that thought... and then take another breath and refocus your thoughts on ones you want to hold. It only takes a moment, it will keep you in a more grounded state as you work through whatever it is you are going through at that moment.

Smile, deep breath into your heart and keep going....

love and light...Sharon

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