Friday, February 13, 2009

Finding Your Life Purpose

Greetings my beloved dear ones – We the collective consciousness of the Group of twelve share with you this day that you are dearly loved – Take a moment now and allow for this love to pour over you....

You asked of life purpose- of missions of “What is your Point!” and we love you so for asking this, as it shows you are ready for more...that you are ready to see the grander picture of things to come...

You each have goals, contracts, missions and you love to put everything into neat little categories and rationalize things, and that is so beautiful and part of being a physical human and we tell you now that that is you goal – you purpose....
To be a human
To come into a physical vessel

To bring an aspect of your spirit self into a physical vessel and experience a finite journey and on this journey remember your true magnificence. Recognize your Spirit Self, that part of you that is still connect with you and the limitless, timelessness of all that is-your Divine Creator Energy which we all are a part of. And those that you meet on this physical Earth journey are your brothers and sisters of Light who have agreed to come and play with you and help you remember this connection in a variety of creative ways that only the two of you could have possible thought up to make your time here far more interesting.
When you are not here, you love to feel these very emotions you so love deny, It is so beautiful...feel them...enjoy them...feel them... remember the joy....always remember a joyful moment.
And so we share with you this day to start the Adventure of BEING YOU NOW this very day. Consciously choose to move into a more joyful state, a more loving way. What adventures can you create for yourself and your entourage of spirit beings who are here with you this day? We are hear to bring in more of what you ask for into your life...we you?
Your mission, should you choose to accept it is...simply to be Happy!
Do what brings you joy. Find what brings you joy, and as you become more joyful, others will look at your brilliance and ask you how you became so bright...and you will share your transformation of becoming the real you and like the pebble in the brook, the ripple that you are will spread and create a light so bright it will assist others in their own transformation...and your ever changing purpose and missions will find they are not static...there is not one and they evolve just as you do...
And once again...we Thank you for this opportunity to share the Wisdom of the Light and to you for seeking more... Trust in the answers within your own heart – for each one of you is connected to this wealth of energy also.
Once again... we ask that you allow us a moment to feel our love for each one of you within your beingness and surrounding you...and we thank you for this moment in your time...we shower you with our blessings as you create your adventures.

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