Saturday, September 1, 2007

a message from the Elvens

During a recent visit to Stanley Park with some lightworker friends, I received this beautiful message from the elven energies in the forest.
The forest was greatly thinned by some hurricane force winds some months back, there is much clean up. There is ton's of energy out there about the 'devastation' to Stanley Park.

The Message for the Elvens was so filled with love, the said...

Do not grieve for the changes to the park, each tree, plant, and twig, made way for the new, completed their cycle and will rejuvenate into something more beautiful. The park was cleared to lighten spots that other will now come to and commune with us, this is as it should be. Much energy needed to be cleared to make way for the new. This is always in Love. So please come and help plant the new energy of Love in our park with us. Play and laugh and love, as it should be. We thank you for sharing this message with others.

It was such a beautiful experience. Thank you for sharing with me....Sharon


Unknown said...

wow, great message Sharon

i'm getting something about some buildings next to the park needing to be removed to make way for the expanding park, from there the park extends through the city in treed corridors

as the elven gates open, the call goes out to everyone in Vancouver to make big changes as we harmonize the human weave with the weaves of the trees, flowers, clouds, the galactics, etc. etc.

for those who are elven inclined, please keep listening within and speak and write the knowing you contact. as the vibration of the planet quickens, the old matrix vibes of the financial world, of fear and greed will no longer be the basis of our civic decision making. the time has come for a new way, of many ways to be to flourish in a community that puts love and compassion forth as important values

Koam (Wings)

Sharon said...

That is beautiful and well said....

The Elven energy is of love and harmony..... you embody that beautiful energy of the Elvens....

love ya, Sharon