Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Life is too short to be angry

On of the things that I do is check in with people while they are transitioning. Working in an Elder care home, I often know when someone is about to or has just crossed over. Making sure they make the transition is one of the most amazing experiences of Love. The Love and Gratitude that is felt during this time is truly something. Today as I was checking in with a resident who went to the hospital yesterday, he was so clearly aware of my visit. Since we had a relationship on this side of the veil I feel our connection was stronger, anyway, I clearly heard the words 'Life is too short to be angry' so loud and clear...then he smiled and said, at anybody, at any time, Life is too short to be angry... I thought they were such beautiful and profound words given with such truly was astounding.... thought I would share....

In the Light of Love...S

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