Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Honour of Love

I used to ask the guides and angels why I still work in 'day' job when I know I am here to work as a teacher/healer for the shift. Many times I wondered why I did not get the answer beyond, laughter and 'you know', sometimes they seem to be not very helpful guides. So, I've spent a few years understanding that....(shocking isn't it). I love the residents in the nursing home I work in, they are this amazing collection of Elders. A few years ago I decided that If I was going to work there, I needed to find something I absolutely Loved about being there, as I do not feel supported by the managers and most of the staff. Anyway, I focused on the Residents, I focused on how I could create a miracle in their world simply by listening, hugging, and smiling at them, by Just being Love... What a beautiful reward. I would turn off all the other stuff going on around me and just focus on Love, in turn I felt the that others including the staff became more supportive and helpful, it certainly made a difference in the lives of those who lived there, and I see others opening up to that as well. I also realized that I have the opportunity to do hands on healing on a daily basis, I have all these people around me to assist with, and I get the opportunity to develop my 6th senses as there are many who suffer from strokes, who's thoughts are fine, the words just don't come out... I realized that all of these opportunities for me to work on myself would not be available to me where I working in any other 'job'...Thank you for this beautiful gift, and all it cost me was a bit of Love.


In the Light of Love....Sharon

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