Friday, January 1, 2016

Sharon's Take for 2016 ~ Write it on your Heart

We are heading into a 9 year, an end to a cycle that we have been going through for a bit and now we are so ready to move on. This next year is a big one so make sure you are doing the work you need to do. If you are not, if you are procrastinating, my guess is it won't be much fun. On the other hand, you have skated through before... is this one going to be different? I say yes, a whole new level is about to be breached, secure your seat belt. 

It should be a fun year too and so set aside some time to enjoy yourself and plan to have some fun. It is an important part of the healing process and helps to create. Write it on your heart that today is the best day of the year and all you really have is today, so each and every day will be the best. See how adopting this mindset makes a difference. You don't really have anything to loose by trying and make that commitment to yourself.

For this year of completions, action is key. Success that comes from dedication and self-discipline. Celebrating your accomplishments will be an aspect of that success. As you listen to your heart, trust your intuitive self and your insights, you find that making the best choices for yourself, and not on what others think you should do will help to put you in the spotlight you desire. Worry not about pleasing others, focus on pleasing yourself and blending the intellectual and the emotional worlds so that you are creating your intentions.

As I write this the TV has music on and it turns out to be midnight at Time Square, how appropriate. I have never really been a big fan of New Years Eve parties and so thought it was strange and interesting as I do feel bringing this year in is something to celebrate. 

Positive changes are on the way. This will be a welcome relief for many of you as you have been ready to move on for some time and have been waiting for the Divine timing of the All that Is. This is your year and you may even find you are finally doing the traveling or even relocating that you have been longing for. Some of you will be getting new homes too. Be clear and assertive when it comes to what you know is right and best for you. Everything is going your way because of the hard work you have been doing and so reward yourself by being happy in your creations as well as remembering to cherish you alone time for rest and rejuvenation. 

Be open to a generous, gracious, and also practical benefactor to help you create your intentions when they involve the good of all and your life purpose. Beware also of wolves in sheep's clothing. How can you tell the difference? The one that lifts you up is there to support you. The one that brings you down or makes you feel small is also their to support you, but in ways that speak of standing up for yourself and your beliefs. Follow your heart and be true to you, that is the best advice we can give you. 

Remember that one can still speak their truth and be assertive with kindness. Information can be helpful and sometimes difficult to also hear, yet try to not take what others say personally but extract what is good and beneficial for you. Courageously stand up for yourself but also do so with compassion. Changes are happening, the success you desire is available to you, successful multitasking will help you maneuver through the mace.
We start off with your first mercury retrograde of the year in January. The 5th to the 25th, so start your projects right away.  This should be fun with our solar activity and starting out the year with some good geomagnetic storms. Expect more storms and flares this year as they accelerate out shifting and isn't that what we have been asking for.

I haven't been doing my monthly readings as life has kind of gotten in the way. I do enjoy my new angel blog at beliefnet it is a lot of writing, but I do enjoy it and so appreciate those who read it as that is how I get paid. I am not sure what is ahead for this next year, except that things are changing.
This will be a good year to take action. Do what is right for the right reasons. Sounds simple and yet often the greatest challenge. Take the power of your creativity to make smart choices that bring wonderful news of rewards, success, and recognition! Finally! This is news worth celebrating and gives you memories to cherish, and a life of luxury and success.

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