Sunday, January 3, 2016

Messages from Your Angels

Messages from Your Angels
We get messages from our angels and spirit guides in a variety of ways. It is a skill and a great accomplishment when you learn to interpret them in ways that are meaningful to you. As you develop this trust and inner knowing, you will find it easier to discern what is best and right for you at that time and not second guess your choices. Here are some of the ways your angels might be trying to communicate with you:
Learning to trust your gut feelings: Your body often gives you signals to let you know there is something you need to pay attention to. This is neither good or bad but often perceived this way based on past experiences. If you felt a knot in your stomach and something went wrong, they you begin to always think that a knot in your stomach is a warning. It might be interesting to pay attention to your thoughts and feelings, keep a record of them at different times and see if you can’t find your own decoding system. 

Shivers down your Spine: This is one that we are often asked about and is indeed a signal for you to pay more attention to what is happening around you. This is often a sign I receive from peoples guides when I am doing a private session, the stronger the vibration, the more right we are. Often guides will use a form of communication they like to use with their people. If your guardian angel gives you messages this way, they will give them to me that way so I can share with you how they are communicating.

Seeing a vision or a flash in front of you or in your minds eye: Clairvoyance – or clear seeing is not as common as most think. Some of us who are very visual are communicating telepathically as a knowing that is enhanced by the visions and yet others see nothing at all. It comes with trust and working on the skills. If you are visual, often your angels will show you visions as a way of communication.

Our guides and angels are always giving us messages and clues, it is just that we don’t always notice them, or expect them in a certain way that is not always possible. We must be open to receive!

Tons of love, Sharon and the angels xox

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