Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Sharon's Take ~ July 2015 Life Is

Sharon's Take ~ July 2015 Life Is

I think this is my only other monthly message this year, the first being in January lol. It is kind of fitting that I am actually sitting down to write this at the half way point for 2015. How has it been going for you? 

I thought that with not doing my radio show in the first three months of the year that I would have more time for writing and it seems that I have less. I also thought I would miss my radio show more than I actually do. I have been busy doing local events and so I guess that fills my need to share. I do miss parts of the show and the people I have met in the outer world, but I do not miss rushing home to be ready for the show, often not eating dinner because there wasn't time. 

This past year so many changes in my life. First my new little puppy Pixie has certainly changed my schedule. She has not been as easy to house train as Bella was. Not sure what the difference is except Bella had a more regular schedule. I have found that I used to get the angel message out each day before we would need to go out and now that is different. Pixie must go out first and then if I am lucky I can get the message done before Bella wants to go out. At first I found it annoying and yet it didn't matter what I thought, the girls didn't understand my schedule...after all, I am the human they are the dogs lol. Anyway, I adapted to the change which was a good lesson on acceptance for me. 

My monthly articles for Beliefnet are changing this month (a month of transition no less lol) as I am becoming a regular contributing writer and will have publications a few times a week. I am looking forward to the change in status and presentation of our work. It will still feature working with your angels but in a new and different way. 

June brought us a respite in the energy shifts, did you feel it lol? With the mercury retro ending and an almost 2 week break in the solar flares and storm activity at the end of the month I do hope some of you managed to use the window to regain your footing for July. 

We began this month with a few of the biggest storms I have ever seen and also a flare or two and have continued on this week with the same pattern. Disruptions in the force can be expected. 

It is a month of transition so change and finding its rightful balance will be the key and theme for the month anyway. This could bring with it some drastic life altering changes for many but even if it doesn't feel good as you are going through it...it is truly the gift you  have been asking for from spirit so buckle up and hang on for the ride...even if it is a bit of hair blown full back experience. You will survive it and be so much stronger because of it or perhaps in-spite of it, regardless, a rose is still a rose. 

Life is what it is. Sometimes you have to learn to duck, tuck and roll and at other times you get move along nicely smelling the flowers along the way., and sometimes you fly, full throttle in forward movement. Whatever this energy is bringing to you, take the steps, do the journey and be fully prepared each day to show up and be accounted for. You only get today, each day, so make it count as best you can for yourself. Make a plan, form a strategy of your goals and inspirations and release all attachment to how it should appear for you in your life and trust that it is so. The world is your oyster, your blank canvas upon which to create, trust in yourself, trust in your power, trust in your life. 

Enjoy your month of transition and change. Hold the focus of your intentions so they they will continue to unfold for you and enjoy the ride along the way. 

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