Saturday, July 4, 2015

7 Steps to Finding Your Clarity

The answers that you seek are within you. Look into your heart right now, for you know what is best and right for you. Be open to giving and receiving and trust that you are in exactly the right place. All that you need is already with you - you don't always trust that this is true. When you do trust, will see remarkable results, so use those times as your strength to lean on when you need extra support as you find the path that is right and best for you.

 Get Your Mind Really Clear

As you clear your mind and get really focused on what is most important to you, that focus helps you to find the clarity of your purpose in what you are facing now in your life. Sit quietly for a bit and find that still, wise centre within you. Then, focus upon your heart and let that light radiate through you and all around you and dissolve any thoughts and feelings that are not necessary right now. When your thoughts and feeling are calm, shine the pure light of your heart on what it is you desire to understand or bring into your life. Keep your focus and breathe deeply for a few minutes holding the desired thoughts or your intention.

A fresh perspective will help you. See things from a different perspective. You're strong desire to move on to something more meaningful is ripe and ready for action. Look past what you are currently feeling or dealing with and remember that the first step towards the changes you desire is the most important. Refuse to be stuck in a situation that doesn't make you happy or support your growth. Don't wait for someone to rescue you, this is all about you and making the choices and seeing things clearly and trusting in yourself. You have great strength and courage and this will help you see things differently to gain clarity in understanding.

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