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Sharon's Take August 2014 ~ Indulge your Creative and Imaginative Self

Sharon's Take August 2014 
~ Indulge your Creative and Imaginative Self by Sharon Taphorn

This month offers opportunities for expansion of your 6th senses, in particular your third eye connection and your ability to see more than meets the eye. Many of you may find yourself going through the vibrational flu this month as you have been doing the work over the past few months that will lead to this change. This is the time to set your intention and stay focused and not get caught up in all of the drama that is happening for those who have not been doing their work and or still believe that they are stuck as a victim of life and circumstance instead of learning from those experiences, completing the cycles and moving on to something more amazing for themselves and their lives. 

August is an important month in terms of the expansion of the growth to reap the rewards of the harvest and so this is the time to allow for your expansion. It is a time of opportunities and good fortune. Are you open and willing to receive all good things in your life? Are you open to your spirit guides messages of love and expansion? Are you connecting and becoming one with your higher self on a regular basis? 

Now is the time to start! 

This is an auspicious time and can be extraordinarily powerful for those who are observant and careful about what their thinking as you will find there is little effort needed to manifest your intentions as you become the master of your thoughts and feelings. Indulge your creative and imaginative side and you will be rewarded with seemingly magical creation, but really it is truly the rewards of a job well done and you did that work. 

If you find yourself or your thoughts wandering into those of lack, remind yourself of all the things in your life that are wonderful - like food, loved ones, shelter, or even the very gift of life itself, be grateful. Ask for whatever you want and then imagine it as if you already have it. Feel what it is like to live life as if it is here already. If you feel any blocks then look at those more deeply as there is something deep within you that believe that this is not so or attainable and begin to work with that aspect of yourself. 

Monitor your thoughts and feelings as these are the barometer of your inner knowingness and your connection with your higher self. 

Detaching from the drama

Creating Sacred Space for yourself and your home and your work will serve you well as it is important to detach from the drama all around you. There is much that serves to distract you and fill you with feelings that don't support you or your growth and it can become a challenge to keep you focus when you get caught up in all the drama that is happening around you. 

There are times to fight for what you believe in and times to lay down your swords and surrender. If you were in imminent danger your reactions and actions are quite different than they are otherwise. It is also good to remember that discontent is what helps to shift your world, what speaks of your integrity and growth is how you respond to that discontent and we hope that you remember to always add love into the equation so that you will see better results than imagined. 

With all the shifts and changes it is so important to have that space to just be and enjoy the moment with no other agenda than that moment. It is important for your mental well-being and spiritual growth and taking the time to allow for this is essential for your growth. You will see better results manifesting for you when you take this time out for yourself where you feel safe, comfortable and can talk with your higher self, highest guides and angels. 

Be really clear on your communications with others as there seems to be so much going on that people aren't even aware they are not paying the slightest attention to what is actually going on around them and sometimes if feels like you are in a completely different dimension that you were the day before and well, that very could be. So, just be open and except that you are where you are and go on from there

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