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Animal Spirit Guides ~ Horse Medicine

Animal Spirit Guides ~ Horse Medicine 
A message from Cherokee with Sharon Taphorn 

Horse medicine is about inner strength, endurance, and action. Taming the horse allowed for the human being to move faster and carry more. He allowed for increase in speed and overcoming the distance. Before the horse, there was only foot power. Horse also teaches us wisdom of direction as horse will always bring you home. 

If horse has entered your dream time, you are wise to heed the message as it comes with great wisdom. 

Cherokee was the very first horse I ever rode and he came to me as we were discussing animal medicine. I was four years old and he was a young stud who was being rescued from someone turning him loose with some wild horses out in the Nemiah Valley. He lived to be over 30 and had some wonderful homes and my Mom saw him up till the end as he ended up down the valley from her and is buried there. He had a good life and was loved by all the owners who had him. It turned out that over the past week we had a series of 'co-incidents' around Cherokee and his life as I met the girl who first rescued Cherokee at 3 days old through my work with Meals on Wheels.  She was a teenager and loaded him in the back of her mothers car as he was going to be killed because his mother was a bucking bronc who they didn't want to be nursing a baby. He as hand raised and fed by her through a bottle. When we got him he had been taken by one her brothers and was going to be released into the wild until my Uncle Bud rescued him and we bought him. He was under 2 years old at that time. We did not know that we knew where he had come from until now and Lorna now knows the wonderful story of the rest of his life and has closure. 

So, when Cherokee first came to me I was surprised. He wasn't my horse growing up so while I always loved him, it wasn't the bond I had with some of the other horses. Now that I am aware of his life and what he endured and what a lucky horse he was and how lucky those of us who shared in his life truly are, I am amazed and not surprised as he had so much to teach us. 

I have learned and I am amazed at the intricacies of life and spiritual family. Two of my most beloved Uncles not by birth weave through the web of my life through this story and are two men that today I still cherish and that shows me the strength of spiritual family. 

It also serves to remind me that it takes a village to raise a child and we are all that, be we two legged, four legged, or winged ones. We all need help and support and this is why family and soul family are important and there for us and this is part of what horse medicine has to teach us, about family and supporting each other. 

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