Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sharon's Take Update

How have you been feeling this past month? It has been the first time that we have had this long of break in the solar flares and other sun activity in a few years, we have had only two solar flares so far, one of the 1st and one on the 9th and only a few active days in between, the rest have been normal. I can't actually remember the last time we had more than a few days of normal in a month. We have had almost 2 weeks of it straight of normal which ended by becoming active on the 24th. This is the longest period of normal that I have seen in years... years! That is amazing. I am so very much guided to add that using this time wisely as we prepare for August will help you immensely.  I feel this huge wave of energy coming and it can be your friend or foe... it is up to you to decide.

I am not usually one to advise people to prepare for a big shift as so many times in the past I heard this message, prepared for big shifts, and saw little change beyond the few days following and yet I feel there is one coming that will be monumental for many and my advise is to take advantage of it. I do recall a few other times when I felt this and I did see those who were doing their work lives shift in big ways so I shall be sure to take up this opportunity and get myself together over the next week.

For me it has been such a busy time, with a new puppy and my granddog Wesley, I have been extra busy and I do find that it is easier to get things done right now with this break and that my focus is easier to keep. It has been an odd feeling to have this long of a quiet time energetically speaking and it has been nice at the same time. However I have been asked several times if I am sure that mercury retro has gone off and it has although I too have had that same thought and checked the sun's status for a flare, only to find it calm. I am truly not clear on what is causing this influence and so perhaps one of my astrologer friends will enlighten me so that I can share or pass it on to you. 

I am not an astrologer as it seems too complicated for me, I do however know my own chart and think that is important as it is a snapshot of your birth and what you planned to do in this lifetime much like your birth numbers and they do not really change. (I say do not really change as there is evidently a new astrology that uses a recalculation taking into consideration physics understanding of the universe... and it does affect my rising sign because it shifted within seconds of my sometimes I get an Aries rising and others give me a Pisces rising... Anyway, the site I would like to share with you is astrolabe as they will give you a free print out of your chart and where the planets are for you.  

Anyway, enjoy this down time and if you are doing nothing during it, that is okay as it is most important to just be true and honour you. August should bring us an interesting time, so try to be prepared energetically. 

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