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Sharon's Take July 2014 ~ Balancing the Changes

Sharon's Take July 2014 ~ Balancing the Changes by Sharon Taphorn

This year is all about us finding our balance in the new energy of the post 2012 shifts. This year is all about change and adapting to new ways of doing things and finding what is working for us now. Many of us are finding ourselves amidst changes in our work and our homes and for some of us that is a new experience even though we have been doing this work for a long time and thought we were through the major life changes and well, they truly have only just begun. 

It is now up to each one of us to decide how we want to experience the coming shifts and clearly decide what direction we want this next wave of creator force energy that is coming though will bring to us. We are heading into a cycle of opportunity and advancement of epic proportion, so get ready, grab your board and practice so when it comes you are ready to get on it and ride that wave with the precision of the true master you are becoming. 

Mercury Retro is off tomorrow and I am sure we can all breath a collective sigh of relief although it might take a few days to begin its path back to normal. I did loose my blow dryer but will not through it out for a week just in case it starts working again lol. We also had a solar flare today, M-class, so that might affect a few of us. Being a holiday in Canada today (our birthday...mine too) it is usually a little more low key and here with Stampede weekend over, it feels like a nice back regardless for us.

A big change in our lives is the addition of a new baby! I got this little bundle of joy for my birthday. She is 3 months old, her name is Pixie and she is a Shitzu-Yorkie cross. Bella is not too sure about this bouncy baby thing, but I am sure she will adjust and they will be sisters soon enough. I have had to totally adjust my morning routine which means that I am behind a lot these days and each morning I seem to be later and later lol. We will find our balance amidst the changes soon enough. Not only do I have this wonderful new bundle of joy, I am going to be looking after my grand dog and grand cat for a few weeks so this month should be filled with many grand adventures and perhaps a need for a vacation myself when things calm back down lol, or that in it self will feel like a vacation lol. 

I also started a new job in the last few weeks. I had the interview Wednesday, they offered me the position on Thursday evening and I started Friday morning...lol. Fast indeed and during a mercury retrograde. I found it amusing that event though I already started, my contract couldn't be signed or initiated until the next month and with the holiday, it won't be available to sign until after mercury retro. I am the new co-ordinator for the Meals on Wheels program. It is a lot of work from my home office with a bit of structure and I get to go out and spread love and sparkle on for people who need it. It fits in perfect with our lifestyle and my work. I am really looking forward to this opportunity and what it brings to me and I can bring to it. So, again, I am finding the balance amidst my shifting life on many levels and these are indeed the changes I have been working towards creating for myself and I am looking forward to this next chapter in my life. 

So, should we expect for this wonderful month of July energetically? Well, buckle your seat belt and hang on for the ride! The image I am being given is us dancing on spinning logs so decide now what you wish to experience and choose wisely for yourself. Overall, enjoying the outcome of the seeds you are planting should be what is foremost and then nurturing that project, or the whole garden and watch as it takes root and begins to grow. 

There could be some unexpected news that seems to through a few of you a bit off kilter either personally, or perhaps globally and this could keep things a bit challenging while you rebalance yourself and things, but know that this is the very thing that will be the push over to something entirely new that is more of your choosing. Again.. the messages "Choose Wisely For Yourself" keeps coming up, so this is the time to really get clear on what it is you want and begin to build those dreams in the earth and not just in the sky. The time has come for action and grounding it into the physical reality so you can finally begin to live the experiences you know that are part of what you came here to experience. 

You are the magicians awakening to your true selves. You have the strength and the courage to go forth with your hearts wide open and begin to change this world to one that seems more kind and loving. In truth it has always been there, it is just what we have not been looking at what it truly important, we have been focused (by 'we', I mean 'we the people' as a whole) on our survival and it is now time to move up the ladder to the living in love. 

Really decide what you want and do not compromise, this is your time, the time you have been waiting for and so get prepared. They (being my guides and angels) keep reminding me they did warn me of this time coming and so if I am not prepared, it is no one's fault but my own and they of course are right. So, clearly decide what you want, include what is really important on your wish list and be really thorough. (Like if you want a new partner in life and you love animals, remember to include on your list that they too like animals or are open to having many in their lives). And, when you are done, put your list in your pyramid of creation and watch as it begins to blossom. The lag time in our creations is getting shorter, this is the time to watch your thoughts and keep them focused while not being distracted by the drama around you. 

No small feat, but one that will be worth the effort as are you and your dreams. Get ready for the changes as this is bringing much love and opportunity for those who choose to take it. This is like the 2nd chance you have been dreaming of and it will indeed be even better than the first one ones as it is now based in the new energy of Love. 

Be sure that you have put the past to rest and exactly where it belongs and be sure that you are not measuring the future with a yard stick from the past as you are now all on the metric system lol. Celebrate the changes as you begin to follow your heart and trust your inner guidance. You have been doing the work, let it be your guidance system and your compass as you are doing just fine on your path are are ready to take this new leap of faith into the great abyss of unlimited possibilities!

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