Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sharon's Take June Continued

We certainly started June with a big bang of energy. Mercury Retrograde seemed to effect us over a week early and an M-Class Flare to just through in enough extra energy to drive us a wee bit mad...
So, phew at least their is a bit of break that goes with this and a few days off energetically speaking however expect to prepare to move forward during this cooling off period. Be an active participant so that you are continuing to move forward regardless!!! and the energy coming is perfect for that surge forward and the opportunities it brings with it. And then today we had a huge storm, which I sensed coming yesterday so I am glad that I was away from it all relaxing in the valley where my Mom lives. She has no internet and the phone wasn't working, the TV was so I did get enjoy an awesome hockey game. 

It was also remarkable to watch the deer and I spent a bit of time sitting on the deck watching the interesting behaviour. There were two actually fighting with the fence between them which is not something normally seen as well the one that seemed to win looked bigger, sleeker and with a beautiful coat. He stopped and seemed to stare at me for a long time and then when he was done I clearly got this message that he was feeling kind of cocky and knew he was the king of the hill.

I also got treated to some nesting blue birds and strange wasp behaviour which seemed to continue with a hornet asking strange when I came home. It was like they weren't sure what they were supposed to be doing and then a couple of them just up and died. I did set a few free from the inside which is big for me since I am so allergic to them, and yet still found more dead. I did wonder if perhaps someone sprayed a chemical in the area, I hope not, but perhaps.

Remember that regardless how clear you think you are during a mercury retrograde especially, people don't always hear what you say.

Enjoy this month ahead, laugh at life as much as you can and be sure to choose your words and your thoughts carefully, they are indeed very powerful.

love and blessings, Sharon

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