Thursday, June 12, 2014

Oh These Shifting Times - Can you say Phew

Can you say Phew!  This week we had a geomagnetic storm, 2 X Class Flares and and an M Class Flare and it is only Wednesday...we are in a mercury retrograde, it is a full moon on Thursday and then Friday the 13th. WE do live in interesting times. 

If you have been finding this just a little more than you would like to handle right now try harnessing this energy and using it to help you create with focus and dedication, instead of running about like a chicken with  your head cut off like most people seem to do when this much energy is bombarding the earth plane. The 3D world just doesn't know how to stop and cope with it in general and so this is another way that you as the vanguards, the way-showers of this new age are so important as you are the ones who are learning how to work in these higher planes of energy that are becoming the new normal. 

I just love this little piece of humour and occasionally when I find a rock somewhere I thing of this and am always grateful when I find the sanity... or the rock lol, either way. 

Symptoms that I have noticed over the past few weeks with such dramatic shifts in the energy are that my allergies, especially outside ones are worse than normal. Every time I mow the lawn I wake up looking kind of like this guy with a bit more swelling lol. I have also noticed my skin is really dry and extra rashes.  A few spots where I have scratched myself till I bled and even bruised underneath it. I have been working on making some natural remedies and will keep you posted. Also sleep patterns have been really strange. Some nights sleeping only 2 hours and others 6 which for me is a lot. This morning I remember being somewhere really funny where I laughed a lot during my dream time, which is kind of cool. Must find the time to go back there. 

Now, through exercises in the workshop I am currently teaching as well as some of the ones I have shared on the show I have been working on expanding consciousness and therefore have noticed shifts in my perceptions and awareness. I am having clearer visions and insights on who is calling and what is happening on an increasing basis and it has been a wonderful experience. One of the things that is so important to learn is that 


This is not always an easy task, but no matter what, don't take on other peoples stuff and when you do that, you are giving away your power and allowing their thoughts and feelings to colour your reality. 
I was recently in the company of a family member who was thinking some very judgemental thoughts and observations and while they were probably not untrue, they were her personal judgements and feelings. Instead of accept them however I choose to send love as I really don't care what you think, I will love you anyway and that I am so thrilled that I have evolved beyond seeing just the physical and see the essence of what is truly real. I choose to not take on the energy of what others think and feel and project to others the energy of my heart, my generosity, and my kindness. 

I am sure at times my guardian angels have looked like this and perhaps has a drinking problem, and obviously a sense of humour to have agreed to partner up with me. Keeping a sense of humour is one of the most important qualities and virtues we can develop to help us during these shifting times and so I encourage you to find something that makes you laugh out loud, even if just for a few minutes, it will help you immensely! 

And so, carry on and remember to use your shields and your filters at this time to assist you in all that is unfolding. We are getting there, even if it is a bit slow for some us, it is truly all perfect and is exactly as it should be. 

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