Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sharon's Take on What's Up on the Planet

It has been quite a week energetically speaking so I thought it was a good time for an update for the month. We had a Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 15th that was pretty powerful as felt it two days before in the afternoon and hadn't really been paying attention to the moon or the skies lately. That is not usual for a waxing full moon. It feels powerful, I know that I am sensitive to the moon and both my sun and moon sun were in cancer when I was born. This is the perfect time to shift and release what no longer serves you and just finally get rid of it!

We have had a few geomagnetic storms over the past few weeks and a great deal of solar activity and a few flares, our new normal and we are also in for a treat on the 23rd if the skies are clear and we are patient. I did not see any the last time a shower was supposed to be visible, but I will keep trying. Be clear in your communications with others and also with yourself.

There is definitely a quickening of the energy on the earth plane and it affects us all differently depending upon where you are at and what you have been doing. The key is to accept what you have with grace and keep moving forward. Find your place of peace and remember that inner peace is a choice and we are all searching for it in some way. These days are bringing a lot of change and isn't all comfortable and some of you are not really having a lot of fun yet. Hang in there! It is leading you to something better, trust that it is so and surrender your expectations of a certain outcome and just go forward from there expecting things to get better from that point forward.

Mantras and affirmations are very helpful, just be sure you are not cancelling the very thing you are focusing on with your other thoughts and feelings. Transformation is key.

Enjoy the celestial events that are unfolding a make a wish upon a star should you have the pleasure of witnessing a falling star!

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