Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sharon's Take April 2014 ~ A Room with A View

It's all normal and quiet today on the energy field as I finally have time to sit down and write up this months message. I spent the 1st in Vancouver helping my son move and so didn't get a chance to call or visit with anyone and hardly seemed to see my son, however he is now moved up to the 28th floor to a lovely room with a view. There were times during the move where I got to sit and have a coffee and just watch the activities happening from the expansive view of Burrard Inlet and down-town. 
So back to Sharon's Take for April and today being a normal day and only the 2nd one in the past month so enjoy it as some of you might need it. Yesterday we had a storm so you might still be feeling those effects, however any break its often a welcome one. March saw only one normal day and the rest saw at least 3 flares a week with a few storms in between. It had more active days than storms which was a nice a change and that seems to be the new normal. We need to learn what living in these higher energies brings forward so that we can face it with grace and ease instead of any other alternative. It isn't easy as we go through these shifts and changes and when some of us seem to be surrounded by dimly lit or barely flickering individuals, it can be downright frustrating to be a human. However... these are exactly the opportunities we put before us to help us become more at peace and ground, these experiences are our teachers and we have been asking to move on to sometime more and that sometimes doesn't always look like we imagined. 

If we had that room with a view from the higher realms as our guides/angels/higher selves do, we would see the world from an entirely different perspective and sometimes that is exactly what we need to do. Take the time to look at your life from this higher perspective of say the 28th floor lol. Take the time see all the characters in the play as they appear and go about their daily lives and what that means to each of them and how they pass and intersect and sometimes interact and see a greater significance in it all and you will gain a greater understanding of many aspects of your life. This is your project for April as it typically signifies a time of rebirth or new birth as the northern hemisphere awakens for spring and a also signifies new opportunities for us to plant the seeds of what we want to create during this next phase.  

When you look at your life consider the four aspects of the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual and try to take time to make sure all of these houses or aspects are in order. Are you taking care of you and your needs? Are you doing the healing that you need to do? Are you embarking on a journey that is filled with growth and expansion and are you happy?  These are the basic needs and you should see that you are meeting them in some way in your life or look for ways in which you can. You will be thankful for a regular spiritual practice that includes some meditation, some time in nature, eating foods that nourish you and taking time for your own growth and expansion. It is truly what is most important and looking at life from a room with a view can help you achieve this.

So, take the time to ponder and look at your life and decide if it is heading in the direction you truly want to go. If it isn't then join us for the Shifts Happen workshop online starting April 28th at 5:30pm pacific time see my home page to sign up at and see you there.

I asked what we can expect to experience in April and 'they' said that things will start off a bit slow but expect things to pick up heading toward May and to use this time to plant your seeds of intent to reap the rewards for what you seek during the harvest and plan well. Enjoy the flow and be patient with the process as it is meant to be savoured. 

Sounds like it is a good time to evaluate and refocus and perhaps rewrite some of our intentions, ideas and inspirations and get ready for this next phase. 

Enjoy the month and plan well for yourselves, love and blessings, Sharon et el.

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