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Sharon's Take March 2014 - Keep Calm and Sparkle On

Sharon's Take March 2014 - Keep Calm and Sparkle On

This has become my new motto or mantra as we navigate this year of change and transitions. Mercury retro coupled with the solar flares and geomagnetic storms have been interesting over this past month and I hope that you have developed a spiritual practice that will help you out during these shifting times. As my guides like to say, this is the new normal, get used to it and learn to use it help you create for yourselves.

So, here we are now (and we are truly never when it is not now) so let us look at what seeds we are planting as we enter this new cycle, Spring in the north, and Autumn in the south. If you did not do a review during the mercury retro, do one now. You do not want to keep bringing this stuff into the next cycle and want to complete things so you can move on to something better and more in keeping with who you are becoming.

Expect that March be the time to really focus your energy on what is most important to you and for you. If things look bleak, look at what you can do in your now to create a more positive outlook and then start to see things from a new perspective. If you cannot change where your at, change how you look at it. It will change what you see. That is the magic of creation.

I have decided to make some changes to my projects, my sites, and my commitments. One of them is the Where in the World is Sharon Taphorn site as I have not been keeping it up over the past year and feel that it wasn't utilized beyond a few and only in the beginning. It is all good and it will be replaced with a new blog with a bit of what is happening energetically and how to work with it. Keep Calm and Sparkle on is its name and I will posting there as guided to share. It feels like some good changes as I finish off one chapter and begin another. 
We shall see what transpires as this becomes my new motto for this year of changing times.

We have some master teachers who would love to work with us during this next phase and to help us get focused and get the seeds planted for the coming cycle. 

In the first corner we have Archangel Jeremiel to over light the Life Review process and help you put everything into perspective and see the gift from the experiences. It truly is time to heal the past and release any regret as everything happens for a reason. There are no such thing as accidents or co-incidences and when you see the silver lining you are then ready to embrace the next opportunities for your happiness and growth. 

This is a time to make your dreams come true, are you ready for the ride? You have the potential to be swept off your feet as situations and topics arrive that speak to your heart in ways of commitments and relationships. This is not just romantic relationships, this is all interpersonal relationships and projects that speak to your heart and soul. You are ready to make your dreams come true. It is time to believe in yourself and see this as the new beginning you have been waiting a long time for. 

The Goddess light Aeracura is here to help us grow and blossom as we plant the seeds for the next cycle for ourselves and our lives. She also reminds us that we "must be patient and send love to our projects and not give up as they must germinate and break through to be in service to find the light. So too are we like these fragile new seedlings that are beginning to germinate in order to grow." Areacura is a Celtic earth mother, faerie queen and bridge between this life and the hereafter. 

She helps to keep things or put things into perspective and to keep our focus during the many phases or projects and that hard work leads to great success. Balance your giving and receiving and going with the flow. There are always better ways and she can help you to see that when you take the time to tune in, pause, and reflect upon, and receive the insights you seek. Your dreams are being fulfilled, see the beauty in life that exists all around you and enjoy your now. 

Master Merlin, the quintessential wizard and wise one is always happy to work with those who would like to become the healers, transformers and leaders of this world and guide us to great revelations and understandings of life, the Universe, and all that Is. Ask to receive his healing light and then prepare for the shifts and changes as you metamorphosis into something more grand. 

There is an excellent opportunity being offered to you, take it and you will be happy with the results it brings into your life. It might take a bit of manoeuvring and adjusting, yet the scholarships or support is there and available so hang on and keep seeing the results you desire. Your creativity and commitment are rewarded. This is the perfect time for you to act upon your plans and expect life's little luxuries and abundant resources to be available and they will be. 

Take a breath and be aware of your own emotions and those of others as you are sensitive to the energy around you, even those who don't realize they are. Let the many facets of healing help you keep yourself and your life in balance and you will feel more energized and confident in yourself and your choices. 

And last we have Archangel Michael to overlight the entire process of growth and expansion. He is helping you to keep things clear, safe and protecting and guiding you through all the changes and growth during these shifting times.  

Archangel Michael encourages you to follow through with some of your wonderful ideas and to create in the physical world and not just in your thoughts. See any obstacles or bumps in the road as gauges to how things are and if something needs adjusting like your thoughts, your ideas or your feelings. Keep really clear in your communications with others and be sure that they are hearing and seeing the same vision as you are and do so with love and and an open heart. There is much to be grateful for and you will see the success that you desire and the richness of a rewarding life, just keep your focus and use your resources wisely and you will see the professional and financial success you seek. 

The more you step into your own power and tap into your skills and tools of creation, the more you will see extraordinary things appearing in your life. You are ready and you have the talents and the skills. Let your angel and guidance team help you create and explore the wonders of life. 

Sounds like a fun month lol 

Enjoy watching all your manifestations in action and keep following your heart, love and blessings, Sharon et el... 

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