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Lemurian Numerology by Sharon Taphorn

Lemurian Numerology by Sharon Taphorn

I often get asked what I use to do the basic numerology I do during readings. I do the birth numbers as they show me this physical incarnation. Numerology itself is its own science and I have read several books on it. What I find is that they are way too mental for me.  I come from the KISS principle of Keep it super simple (I know I was originally taught it differently in my marketing days lol) anyway, the numerology that I use is The Chancellor's Lemurian Numerology as given to us by Master Guide Kirael.  This is from the appendix of his book "Lemurian Legacy for the Great Shift"
The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating
Kirael: It might be of grand interest here for you to know that one of the first  things the Chancellor of Lemuria did as it began to move its own energy was to introduce a system  of numerology so simple that each and every being was left to understand it in the most perfect way.
The numbers that the Chancellor brought forth were used for all the time of Lemuria. The numbers brought magic to the world, me friends, because they gave you different understandings.
Over time, you learned to measure the stars and everything else by numbers. You learned all that there was to remember by putting it in number form. You came to understand that the great numbers actually added up to the great matrix of life. In this Lemurian time, these numbers were meant to be simple, and simple they always were.

1 - Creator Force - This was the number that was understood as the Creator's Energy. Everything that happened in the world of the one was of the Creator.

2 - Balance - Two represents a balance in light that carried you into the knowingness that all is equal in some fashion.

3 - Trinity: Truth, Trust, and Passion - The Lemurians lived in a world which was modelled on the trinity of these Principles based in the Principles of Consciously Creating.

4 - The Fourth Light - The number four was the balance or all balancers. This was an opportunity to learn about the physical, the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual awareness that it takes to be a being of great understanding.

5 - Love - Love to the Lemurian had no opposite. It was the perfection of light, the Creator's Force incarnate.

6 - Mastery - To master something was to know it so deeply that it became part of the Creator's Force, the most beautiful light and love that is possible.

7 - Transition - Transition meant that everything changed and was accepted, knowing that it came directly from the world of spirit, and was guided solely by the Creator's Force.

8 - Evolution - With the number 8, the Lemurians knew that evolution began to unfold at such a rapid pace that they tried to blend the two worlds together, moving from the lows up into the highs, while the middle world was always there for them.

9 - Completion - The number 9 simply meant that one level learned was brought to a complete understanding and it was time to move to the next. It was not the end; it was the completion of one phase so that one could enter into another.

This coupled with the variation in working with the Ten Principles which I am a certified facilitator of, and the experience I have gained from personal readings with people are the foundation I base my numerology on:
The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are powerful tools of awakening. When studied and practised, they allow you to create the life experience you truly desire. Whether you're healing a physical condition or looking for that perfect relationship, the Ten Principles can show the way. These deceptively simple principles can help you run a business, find a new home, awaken your psychic abilities, or dramatically change your financial situation.  
The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are evolutionary. There is no end to the gifts they offer. No matter what level of success you attain, the Principles are always there, waiting to take you to another level. They are eternal blossoms of wisdom and guidance. How do they work? Essentially, each Principle is a key to unlocking higher levels of conscious awareness and tapping into your own powers of creation. 
The Ten Principles of Consciously Creating are a way of life. Here they are in their simplicity:

     1.   Truth 
     2.   Trust 
     3.   Passion 
     4.   Clarity 
     5.   Communication
     6.   Completion
     7.   Prayer
     8.   Meditation 
     9.   Sleepstate Programming
   10.   Masterminding

A Brief History

The Ten Principles of Conscious Creation are tenants of ancient wisdom which were nearly lost in the burning of the Alexandrian Libraries several thousand years ago, when between 400,000 and 700,000 books and scrolls perished. According to Master Kirael, some 200,000 volumes survived the fires. Of these surviving scrolls, a select few were retrieved by the Guidance Realm to be re-introduced at a point in the evolution of the planet when they would be best understood and utilized by humanity. The Ten Principles of Conscious Creation were recorded in one such document. The Ten Principles actually pre-date the Libraries at Alexandria and were practised by enlightened ancient societies, such as Lemuria, some 50,000 years ago.

Why are these Principles being reintroduced at this time in humanity's history?

The Ten Principles are here because we are experiencing a Great Shift in Consciousness. They are here because We the People are raising our global consciousness to a critical mass, where the entire Earth plane and her inhabitants will undergo a fundamental shift in dimensional awareness. They are here because we are at a period in human evolution where we can create—consciously—everything that we desire in our lives. 

As Master Kirael explains, "Everything starts as the Creator, and everything ends as the Creator." With the Ten Principles we recognize that we are not separate from the Creator. We are the Creator.

Master Kirael through the mediumship of Kahu Fred Sterling

These teachings formulated my basis for what I use in a reading with the cards as well as the birth numbers. I use this to give me a quick snap shot of what the person is working with in this lifetime. It tells a lot about what you wanted to accomplish in this lifetime and helps uncover some of the challenges you seem to keep dealing with and how we can work with this energy to create a better life for yourself. 
I use this combined with the teachings from my guides and yours from doing so many readings over the years as well as studying the Tarot. 

Here is Sharon's Take on Lemurian Numerology: 

One - Creator Energy. The beginning of the journey. If one is one of your birth numbers you are creative, inventive and are a great person to start up new projects. You are an idea person and do well with any job that recognizes your creative abilities or trusts your ideas and inspirations and lets you run with them. One people aren't always the followers however as they like to be free to follow what is important to them. They do generally work well with others and are great motivators of others. 
When creativity is stifled, one people can be moody, dark and gloomy. They need that spark of inspiration and unless they are in a completely dark environment won't stay down there long. While they work well with others, they prefer to not have a lot of interference in the creating process. Don't let them stay in the closet, as it is important for them to be true to their colours.
If you are a 'One' person, it is important for you to be you. Be your true self and are probably a bit bohemian in your personality and flair. One people are the dancers, the innovators, and oftentimes the star of the show. They like and excel at anything when they are creating, be it with their hands, their minds or their hearts. They also do well at thinking outside the box and offer creative solutions.  

Two - Balance. Things have moved up to another level and so now it is important to keep things in perspective and moving forward. Two people are generally organized and depending upon their other birth numbers, it can be their own creative filing system, but have no doubt; they will know where to find it when they need it. Two people should learn to trust themselves. They know what to do. 
When the two energy is not honoured, that person often runs about like a chicken with its head cut off, getting nothing done without a purpose and just makes a bit of mess everywhere. They will feel a bit disconnected from everything as well if things are a bit of out of control. It is important for two people to take care of themselves and not just everyone else's needs. It is important for them to be in their truth and to also trust themselves and they will do fine. 
Two people are good organizers and use a methodical approach to life and do well in left brain careers such as accounting, law, numbers, office support, managers, and managing households. Let them know you value their skills and experience and respect their abilities. If they trust in themselves, you can put your trust in them as they will do what is right. 

Three - Truth, Trust, and Passion. Three energy is all about following the heart and doing what you love. Three people are often very passionate about what they want from life and if focused, will achieve greatness in their chosen field or project. 
The challenge in the three energy is keeping on task and not getting distracted by the next quest, the next challenge, or the next butterfly. They are often the life of the party and well thought of by others. This can lead to laziness and following their passion is important for them as they truly want to experience in this lifetime and in all of its glories aspects. 
Three people need to honour their truth. If they are pretending to be something they are not, others see right through them. As well, their sense of doing what is right and best is important to them and they put a lot into their personal integrity. 
Following your instincts, your heart and your inspirations is what is most important for three people and so they do well lending their energy to any projects or causes they believe in and not so well when they are doing something just for the money. If they are doing something just for the money, it better have some level of fun or adventure to feed their spirit. 

Four - A balancer of all four bodies, wanting to deal with Karma and completions of past lifetimes and bringing everything together in this lifetime. Four people need to look at all aspects of their lives and all four must be in balance. It is 2 energy intensified and these people are here for some serious business. This does not mean they are not fun or happy go lucky like our 3 people, it means that they must keep all aspects in balance including the fun. 
Four people are fantastic organizers and the ones you want on your team if you putting together any kind of group or team. They will get things done and see tenacity as a vital skill not a challenge as some do. 
If things are not well managed in a four's life, they can seem domineering and overpowering with their force and truly are a powerful force to be reckoned with and have a commanding presence. They do well in managerial, accounting, law, organizing, events productions, productions, ect. 
Four people are sometimes called control freaks, of which they truly are not, they just know they can get the job the done and if you are smart, you will just let them do it and have it done right the first time. 

Five - Love. Love is the reward, the prize, the curse, the challenge. We are all here to understand love in its many forms when we choose to do an earth journey, it is those that carry this energy that are here to teach us the most about love. Five people are either completely, openly, kind and loving or they are exasperating and challenging as they test the depths of your love, sometimes over and over and over again. 
It is important for five people to learn to trust themselves. They often have childhoods where the rug has been pulled out from under them in some aspect and go through the challenges of being abandoned in some way. This can lead to mistrust if not healed and sometimes they will spend time locked away from the world like a hermit instead of experiencing the beauty and the gifts that are around them. 
Five people in their power are a joy to be around and bring great support to others. They are often the peacemakers, the arbitrators and the judges who make wise decisions and laws. They do what is right, not necessarily within the law, but fundamentally what is right to them. They do well working for themselves as they know what they can do and others don't hold them back. Five people should do what they love and for all the right reasons and they will live a happy, abundant life. 

Six - Mastery.  People with the energy of Six are the master craftsmen, the jack of all trades, and beholding to none. They are those who like to be the best they can be and it is important for them to accomplish this in everything they do. They are sometimes thought of to be competitive or too competitive, but they really aren't, it is others who want to compete with them. They truly just want to be all they can be at whatever they choose.
It is important for 6 people to improve themselves and so these people can often embark on a lifelong learning in higher education or becoming the teachers and continue to educate others. They usually teach from their own experience and so make the best teachers.
The challenge to working with six energy can be procrastination or just plain ignorance over what needs to be done and things can therefore get a bit messy if left too long. As well these people can also just give up and not try simply because they don’t want to see themselves or other to see them as failures because they know it isn't something they would be good at.
Six people do well working with their hands, ideas, or just supported to follow what makes them happy. Encourage them to be the best they can be and to see failure as an opportunity to get it done right. They are generally good workers as it is important for them to do a good job and see it done well. Sixes are also very tenacious and determined and therefore make good workers as their work is important to them. 

Seven – Transition. Change. We are all constantly evolving and changing as is life. If it were to stop growing, it would eventually die off or become extinct. So too is this the way of humans. We are always changing, expanding and evolving to new levels of being and doing. Seven people are usually inspired by change and are really good at thinking on their feet. When they trust themselves, they are good people to have on your team during a crisis as they instinctively know what to do.
If this is one of your birth numbers and you don’t like change you are probably a bit of an emotional wreck as there is nothing for you to hang on to as the earth beneath your feet begins to quake and shake. If you realize that you can just let go and ride the wave and use its energy to help propel you, you are then in mastery of this transitioning energy.  
Seven people do well in occupations where there skills are called upon at a moment’s notice, healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, ambulance, fire or emergency preparedness people. Anything where you’re needed to keep your wits while all others seem to lose I, you are in the right place to feed this aspect of yourself.

Eight - Infinity, Spirit, other Realms. Eight people usually have natural gifts of the 6th sense variety and are often your readers, psychic’s, healers and ministers of the spirit. Eight people are often tapped into the higher realms and other dimensions in some way.
If this energy was shut down in childhood, these people sometimes have a challenge in trusting themselves and their decisions as what they know to have been the truth was taught to them to be a lie. If they shut it down themselves, they often awaken later in life and can easily tap into this infinite aspect of themselves. It is truly important that they trust themselves.
When one is challenged with their eight energy, this can lead to addictions and self-abuse to numb out the pain of what is perceived and what is real. They must also remember to keep a foot in both worlds as often these people work with alternate realities and dimensions and must also remember that they are here having a physical experience for an important reason and they need to take care of their physical self, their physical world and the needs of being a physical human.
Eight people make good bosses, do well working for themselves however should surround themselves with those who can assist them in doing what they came here to do. It is important for them to have people who support them and have skills that balance them out to help them accomplish what they came here to experience.
Eight people often are those who can speak to ‘dead’ people or help souls transition to other side and do well in alternative healing, teaching, hospice, ministering and counselling. They make great nurses, doctors, holistic healers, energy workers and readers. Pretty much any occupation in the metaphysical field as well as great inventors will speak to them. They are so usually empathic and often vegetarian and speak to plants, the trees, and the stars. They can also often be your environmentalist, depending on what other numbers they carry.

Nine – Completions. Nine people are often your old souls and close to being done with the earthly cycle of birth, death, and karma. They have nearly completed all they came here to finish and or are done and are back for as the teachers for this new age. Earth and life as we know it has been rapidly changing these past 50 years and these people are the masters who have come back to help us learn to work in this new energy.
It is important for nine people to finish off projects and goals, to see things through to completion so they can move on to something more. If you have a project that is stuck and not moving, someone with nine energy is perfect to come along and see it from an entirely new perspective and offer you some ideas and alternatives that you have not thought of before.
Nine people make good judges and mediators. They would make excellent politicians too, however they have been smart enough so far to realize that it would not be fulfilling for them until the old guard has finally changed and they can actual form a government to get things done as it should be, not what we currently have.  
If you have a nine and have been avoided completing things, they will either keep cycling through your life with different players playing the same role in your life or they will just sit their patiently waiting for you to get around to them. They won’t just go away so it is best to just put your nose to the grindstone and get it done. It helps if you can find a way to make it fun as you do like to have fun or at the very least, envision the wonderful feeling having it over with will bring to your life.

When we move on to double digits, for example say that the reading had a lot of 10's or 20's that is creating at a whole new level, usually signifying a huge life change and they are working on the next stage having already completed the first or 2nd one. Kind of like living and working on a new life time. Seeing things from a new, higher perspective and new levels to master. All numbers are reduced to a single digit, for example, 1964=20 =2. 

As for decks to use during a reading should be cards that speak to you. Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine did a wonderful deck combining angel energy with the tarot and the colours they used and the energy of them feel very Lemurian to me and so that is my favourite deck. I could use any deck as what is most important when learning to use cards in your life is to build a base of symbolic understanding. Your guides and angels will speak to you in a language that you understand and as long as you have a symbology, you can read from any deck. 

I have some other decks that I do like and what I look for is pictures that speak to me and prefer fewer words so I can receive my own images or let the picture move and tell me the story to relate to my clients. I am drawn to what is important to share. 
Hope this brings you new ideas to work with and a bit of inspiration for looking at life...
Love and blessings Sharon Taphorn
Universal Copyright ©2014 by Sharon Taphorn All rights reserved.

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