Saturday, February 1, 2014

Sharon's Take February 2014 ~ Live Abundantly

We had one day off of the solar activity and today as I write this there is another M-Class Flare (and another one the next day) as well so it seems they were a bit less frequent over the past month, but we are still experiencing them on mass this month, especially the first part, with Active being our new normal. I wonder if it will ever go back lol. This means that more truths are coming forward and people are waking up to question authority instead of just accepting it. Changes are inevitable and this kind of activity seems to really push up the tolerance levels to injustices and things that lack integrity. It is a time of change that we have been waiting for and yet it also seems to be a bit uncomfortable for those going through this recalibration with resistance.

If you have been working on some long term plans with intention and action, you are probably finding the rewards you seek are starting to come your way. Review your motives if you are not seeing the results you desire as sometimes that is what is holding you back from creating the very thing that you seek.

Our first Mercury Retro is arriving on February 6th until the 28th of February so you have some time to prepare and get things going if they aren't already. Mercury is a wonderful time to do a review, do your spring cleaning and renew, recycle and prepare to move into the next cycle (spring or fall). Plant the seeds that you want to grow and nurture over the next season and you will receive the rewards that you seek. I look forward to these times as it is perfect to stop and take stock, slow down and cover your bases and see what is working and what isn't. There is no point in continuing to beat the drum of something whose time has passed, there are far better ways and uses for your time and energy. Here is a link to an article that was published on Beliefnet on doing a Life Review
or if you would like more information you can purchase a Life Review Kit, Workbook, Talk and Meditations on my homepage at

Keeping your balance during this time of change and adjusting to the new levels of intensity that seem to be the new normal can sometimes be a challenge. This is when it is a good time to use your shields and filters and remember that you can choose to be in a better space than what is currently around you. Set sacred space for yourself and do it daily and do as often as you feel the need, depending upon what the energy you are in requires. Those of you in more harsh environments will want to do it more frequently. It is a good part of your spiritual practice to do it each morning as you begin your day. Here is a link to an article I wrote for Beliefnet if you are not sure how to use shields and filters: 

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Use your strength and grace though kindness and self confidence. Be forgiving through a compassionate heart and see life as the adventure that it is meant to be.

There is always another course of action available to you so make some bold and ambitious choices! Great progress and promise is possible and know that working alone is not always the best answer and so co-operation and compromise are key to seeing the results you desire in magical and unexpected ways.

Trust that your plans are working, even if you are not seeing the tangible results just yet, don't give up. You have the passion, inspiration, and opportunity to do something amazing that will bring you the financial and professional success and freedom you seek and the energy is just ripe for you to begin to reap the rewards from your harvest. 

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This is an abundant time, plant the seeds and nurture your garden and it will grow. See the wonder and the beauty that is all around you and keep yourself grounded, focused, and optimistic and trust that your material needs are fulfilled in magical and unexpected ways and give with an open heart and unconditionally. 

Have a great month!  

Love and Blessings, Sharon et el, 

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