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Spiritual Integrity with Archangel Raguel by Sharon Taphorn

Spiritual Integrity with Archangel Raguel, July 23,2013

Q: Will integrity become more of a central issue with relation to our race and how we operate as a community globally?
Q: I understand and try to always work in the light of spiritual integrity, and I think I do a pretty job at it, however it seems that there are those who are in the metaphysical who don’t and they are still busier than I am, making more of a living in the spiritual world without that basic layer of spiritual compassion or integrity. What do I need to do that is different and to gain greater knowledge with this experience.  And, what is the best way to handle with person who sent out my work as his own? Thank you.
First we shall begin to speak about Integrity on a global level and we shall work our way down to the personal level and answer all the questions in between as we go along.

Spiritual Integrity is changing. Your internet ensures that as the people will no longer be silenced and the Divine Discontent that we spoke about last week led by those who will no longer tolerate the lack of integrity within your religious groups, your government groups and any other group that operates outside of universal laws. It is changing slowly within your governmental groups and those countries that are currently seeing this like Brazil, Turkey, Egypt… they are all changing due to this new level of integrity that goes with the new crystalline grid that you are becoming a part of as you expand your minds and emotions.

The children will be the changers as they come in with the sense to know what is the truth and what is not. They can literally smell it and so those who seek authority positions will be more inclined to be in their truth. At this time there is a certain level of apathy within the voting ages that are going to make the biggest change as many have been disillusioned by the past. As more of them find they footing and their grounding, you will see this change.  When they realize the strength they have in their numbers and their power, change will seem swift and sure. Over this next generation you will see this changing.

It is still not completely safe for those who are the whistle blowers although that too is quickly changing. Give them the support of your energy if they are doing what is right as that is how you give others the courage to do it too. They must know that they are safe, because let’s face it, it hasn’t proved so in the past upon your planet.  Your energetic support is massive and makes a huge difference in the outcomes.

Spiritual Integrity will be a more central awareness as you each begin the journey for yourselves. When you can live no other way, that is the when you are living the only way. You must be the change you wish to see in the world, you must be it first. As you become it, you will then see the change around you. It is the 100’Th monkey story and it works.  So live in your integrity, accept it as there is no other way, and yes, there will be others around you who are not there you, but love them anyway. At the very least, as you venture forth in your world you will know what is of the truth and where you want to lend your light and energy.

And so we also wish to remind you of the question, Where would like to put your energy? This always a good question to ask yourself, especially in these times of Divine Discontent.  We have talked about how much your energy can support a cause and the difference it can make and so we say, carefully choose where you put your light as many of you are feeding that very thing you wish to eradicate. That is to say, if you get caught up in the drama of the divinely discontented, or those who choose to share and teach through chaos and power over, then you are just helping them with their cause – which most of you would rather not do. So, carefully choose how you think and feel as you respond to the news of the day and stories that are around you. As soon as you feel anything less than that love and joyful state you were in, transform it back and beam them love. Love is simple and has no other agenda, and can easily be a state to which you can draw energy from the past and invoke into your now. This a loving thought, a loving image, a lovely smell and let that feeling wash over you, collect within your heart and then beam it out to those in need.

If it is a person who is spreading untruths, or taking another’s work, that is their karma bank that they are putting in things that surely they would rather not if they were truly tapped into the higher realms, and if done so by an innocent mistake, would have fixed as soon as the integrity was in question. The actions speak louder than their words, and show the world their true colours. Life for them will begin to change and they will become increasingly uncomfortable in the coming times and hopefully they will take a look and try to get it right, or they will not continue on in the path of light. We know you do not always enjoy to take the steps and do what is right when it shakes up worlds, and yet that is precisely why you are one of the choose ones  for this task. Do so with your usual style of for the good of all and that this is the quickest way to invoke the change for healing those who ‘wronged’ you as they have the chance to evolve to a higher light. Go with grace and go with courage, as you have ‘right’ on your side.

This is a good time for us to also talk about discernment.  Each person has different life experiences and therefore has their own unique perspective on the world and its events; therefore, their ability to grasp or understand, evaluate and comprehend any situation is going to be different. This is the value from seeing from another’s perspective as well as it gives you a clearer picture of the motivations of others. Sometimes the why of another’s actions begs for deeper understanding, and is helpful if you are gaining a better understanding of compassion at the same time. 

Try to not slip into judgement and use your discernment. Take away from the experience what is meant for you and leave the rest. Just because it doesn’t resonate at your vibration, doesn’t mean that it is not helpful for another. If you find yourself somewhere or doing something and not really sure why, then open yourself up to what is happening around you, as there is no accident in why you are there.  Sometimes the lesson is big; at others it is not so much in the lesson but who you are doing it with. Remember that it could lead you where you want to go faster just by the people that you meet. 

And so, let us go back to spiritual integrity and well integrity in general. The true spiritualists will be the first to live this and then others will follow as more of you follow in making it the only way you choose to live your life. Be impeccable in your word is a good agreement, is it not? It is also good to understand that your truth is going to be different than another’s and so it is also important to be patient with the young ones as they find their way.  By this we mean the souls who are younger are often the source of much of the drama that is created to amuse you as you grow. 

Do not be as disturbed by the lack of integrity – like say for your government officials as much as we say, begin to reward and support those who are working from integrity. As you are become more feeling aware humans, you will see that they will have to change as enough of you will be seeing more, feeling more humans who are voting and slowly with each election, these will be changing. It is slow for you who are experiencing time and space and already awakening to these higher vibrating aspects of yourself, so use the power of any discontent to help you make productive, active change and it will happen.

Support the young ones who are coming in as they will naturally have these tendencies in a world that isn’t entirely ready for these sensitive little beings. Help the mothers and fathers as they try to understand why their children are different than the ones that came before. Make room and space for their magic to mature and develop and know that with them you cannot help but change your world.

If you find you are continually around people who are not of integrity, first ask yourself, is there somewhere in my life that I am not living in integrity?, if the answer is yes, then once you become aware and change this way of being, usually the situation drops away and changes. If you are living your life in integrity as best you can, then that means that it is showing you something to help you change your life. It could be that it is time to change your circles and find some new friends, or perhaps it is to show you that you have expanded your light and what you once found tolerable is no more. It is time for a change in your lifestyle which sometimes means that you leave those behind for a while, while they make their choices and live their lives.

And so what should you say to the one who stole your work and passes it off as his. Wish him well for others will see the light of who he is as he wears those colours. It is his pivotal time to change his life to that of living in integrity and we thank you with which compassion you have demonstrated on your behalf as this one decides which path to walk. It is his moment of truth of walking in mastery or if he is not yet ready for that next step. Should he choose not heed these words, then, it is his choice of living that next step.  A wonderful demonstration of the power of free will to form your path, it is in the choices that you make at those moments that creates your next experience, choose well and you will find the road ahead is paved with those intentions. Blessings and Love, Archangel Raguel
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Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and  Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth  keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her  books, radio programs, articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and, daily messages of Angel Wisdom, and workshops on healing,  empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and medium.  She has worked with these gifts since childhood.