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Sharon's Take August 2013 ~ All Things Are Possible

July was a Wow month for me. For those of you who are not on my facebook or regular listeners to my show have heard, I got a new jeep (new to me) with the lucky winnings from birthday. It was really interesting, I won the 50/50 at the stampede on my birthday and since my old jeep has been limping along for some time now, I decided that I would use it toward a new vehicle.
A few months ago a neighbour of my mothers put a jeep on the road up for sale. Mom knew I really needed a new vehicle, so she asked about it. They wanted a wee bit more than we could put together so it went on the wish list. Anyway, when mom was away and I was staying out at her house I had the chance to look at the jeep and it was pretty much what I wanted so I just put it out there. In June we celebrated Dad's birthday and fathers day (he is on the other side) and the jeep was gone. I remember looking off the deck to where it was parked and hearing the message, "you will get it for your birthday", I thought, hey cool, I can live with that. So, July 1st rolls around and no jeep rolls around, and I thought, hmmm, I guess that one was wrong. I was volunteering at the Stampede and later one the money, and the people who owned the jeep where there when I won. We were talking and I said, well, it is too bad you sold your jeep, and she said, oh we didn't, we just moved it back to the yard. So I said, here with the money (it was only half what they were asking,) and everyone laughed. I texted my son to tell him of my windfall and he texted back that he could find a jeep cheaper in Vancouver. So, anyway, I began my search for a jeep, and I would send Nicholas a list and he was too busy to look. I was planning to go to Vancouver for a wedding and Seattle for a family picnic and wanted a new vehicle by then. I remember during on search of thinking, well, mercury is still retro, hmmm, just be careful. Nothing came together. I asked mom to call and see if they would look at offers on their jeep, so she did. We never heard back. Mercury went forward on July 20, and reminded Nicholas that I would be down and wanted to have a new jeep, so he began to look and did find some that I hadn`t, and the best one he found down there was still not as good as the one up here, so Nicholas said,  "Call the guy up there and make him an offer " so I  asked mom and she said she already did and offered him the $1500, and I laughed and said no wonder he didn`t call you back, anyway we got the Jeep and at a better price than imagined and my son paid the difference for my birthday. So, in the end, I did get that jeep for my birthday as the words said it just happened in the divine timing of all things and I got to go on my journey with my new Jeep, to my dear friends wedding and to the family picnic. I felt so blessed as well thought this is a wonderful story of timing and trusting.

Since we all enter a personal year on our birthdays, I thought I would also share some observations that I have noticed happening for me as well, I am curious to know if it was just me since I did start a new year, or if others noticed that things began to change for them during July. I would love to hear about your experiences of late since we have pasted the mid point of the year. Send me an email at I would love to hear from you.
And so now here is on to August, an 8 month, infinite, reminds us that All Things Are Possible...
When I asked my entourage what was up for August they said that this is the time to focus on our own personal development and getting things down for the year. This is an excellent month to work on your third eye, doing a cleanse and eating fresh food filled with life force energy and for those who didn't`t do a life review during the mercury retrograde should do so now. Here is a link Doing a Life Review  kit that includes 5 hours of information and meditations, 5 meditations as well as a 25 page booklet to help you overlighted by Archangel Jeremiel. It will be available for a short time for those of you on my email lists or blog readers at $25 cad.
So, back to our take for August...
There are 3 areas of focus for this month and they are on advancing your abilities to see and tap into the other realms, making sure that you trust that your basic needs will be met each month and that you are powerful and have guides and angels that are wise spiritual teachers who are watching over you and wanting to help you by instructing and guiding you to find finding a path for yourself that feels good and right to you.
This is a time of spiritual expansion. Join a group or gathering that will help you work on your skills and sensitivities. This means learning to work with or develop your abilities of the 6th sense nature and know that everyone has the ability to develop these regardless as to where you are starting. It all a part of advancement of your soul through your physical self.
These are times of significant life changes and you are a powerful leader of that change and it is truly time to spread your wings. Be courageous, be brave and take those steps towards what your hearts desire and search for something that is more meaningful for you. This is a time of spiritual and emotional growth and it is happening. What do you choose for yourself and where you put your focus? 
As you shift and raise your vibrations through your spiritual growth, you will find that your sensitivities to things in your physical world are also going through some major life changes. You may have to revisit your diet and exercise programs sometimes starting from scratch, for some it is starting all over again. Unless you have been doing a great deal of study and research into what is really good for you (not the load of you know what that mainstream, commercially held agencies and governments, and sometimes healthcare tell you is good for you.), and really learning what your own physical body responds to, you are in need of some new information. As you learn to trust your senses, your body will tell you what is good for you and what is not. Muscle testing can help you with this greatly, as does using a pendulum, as well as learning to trust that wee voice within, that is connected to all that is.
You may find that you are highly sensitive to chemicals, additives, processed foods, fast foods, entire food groups, people, places and even things. Situations that you used to find tolerable, suddenly become intolerable, as do some of your relationships. While you are adjusting to this new you, respect your sensitivities and avoid harsh situations, relationships, foods, avoid the news and advertisements, and surround yourself with things you love, that feed and support you and bring you joy. It is paramount to helping you create what it is that you truly desire and also in processing through your expansions with less physical symptoms.
Some of you may experience the vibrational flu as you expand your light. The best thing to do during these times is take care of yourself. Meditate, eat well, drink plenty of water and movement like tai chi or qigong or yoga, or something that appeals to you that also includes physical movement. Honour yourself and what feels good and right and you will know what to do.
Enjoy the rest of your summer in some way that honours who you are. Take care of yourselves and enjoy the ride, love and blessings, Sharon
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