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The Divine Discontent with Archangel Raguel, by Sharon Taphorn

 The Divine Discontent with Archangel Raguel, by Sharon Taphorn June 29, 2013

It is not always easy to keep your rose coloured glasses on, however it is our hope through this message that you will find solace, courage, compassion and understanding of the larger picture of why and what makes some people act in the manner they do and how this beautifully signifies the shifting times of this generation.
Let us begin by taking a moment to clear our energy fields and open ourselves up to ideas that might be new or a different perspective of the earth journey and the human journey. Close your eyes and listen to these words and if you are visual, imagine, if you are tactile, feel, and trust that it is happening as it is, some will feel it, others will not, do not lament what isn't, focus upon what is. Focus upon your breath and slowing it down. As you inhale, select only finest of oxygen molecules to come into your body and cleanse you and with every outbreath, you are releasing thoughts, feelings and anyone else's energy that does not serve your highest purpose. And continue taking these focused breaths until you feel deeply relaxed. As you relax we are going to awaken your cellular consciousness and bring forth the pure breath to every cell in your being and let it flow thought you and you begin to come alive in a new way, and some of you will tingle all over as your cells begin to awaken.  
Next envision a jewel appearing on the roof above you. It is the perfect colour and can be any colour, it is to reflect what you need to clear and rebalance your energy field, and as you look at this beautiful stone a vortex of light begins to form and starts spinning. It begins to expand and form a cone of energy that widens to encompass all of you and comes down and sweeps through you like a whirlwind of energy, cleansing and clearing you. As this beam passes through you and around you sweeping away debris, it funnels down into the earth for use by the mother as she sees fit. If you have been through some particularly trying times of late, then ask for another light filled vortex to sweep through and clear you. And relax. The next one can be a different colour or the same, it matters not. Trust that spirit knows exactly what is best and right for you. 
As you relax and enjoy this beautiful and peaceful feeling that you should be feeling (or do it again until you feel clear and peaceful) then, ask that your guides and angel place some shields of light around you, and have them form a bond around you like an egg shell does to the yoke. These can be shields that are more like filters so that they allow for a flow and exchange of beneficial energy for you and those who come in contact with your light.  Ask for what you desire and then trust that it is so.  You do not want to completely cut off others as there is so much that is meant to help and assist you.  
Do this every day to keep your balance and clear of other people’s thoughts and feelings so that you have time to put your stuff in order and work with what is yours. At any time you find yourself in less than desirable energy, take a moment and do a quick clearing and re-shielding. This will help you immensely during these shifting times as a form of protection from all the other thoughts and feelings of those just trying to find their way. 
Be patient, kind and tolerant of others while you get your bearings and most others will afford you the same courtesy. Don't take it personally for those who don't.  
And now you are ready for the next part of our message this day as there is much discontent on your planet and it is sometimes hard to understand. When you see another suffer does your heart not ache, and when you see another doing what you judge to be immoral or wrong you want to step in and make it all right, and this is all a natural part of awakening and ascension. As you become more sensitive to the world around you, things that didn't bother you before, you now find utterly intolerable and you wonder how others cannot understand and some of you even think that your path is the only path and others must follow it to get from here to there. It is a natural part of your unfolding and shows that you are indeed evolving. 
And so the beautiful Regina asked us why when all of these peaceful processes happen to get things moving does some energies resort to violence and wanton destruction purely for the purpose of just that. These ‘Hooligans’ as you say, are just beautiful young lights trying to find their way just as you who gathered together to share your growing discontent with the current state of affairs. They are young souls who usually are sensitive to energy but have absolutely no idea what is happening so they are looking for places and people to help them make sense and to belong and some amongst these groups find the power and mastery over others makes them feel good and powerful and it makes them seem important when they can cause fear and bad feelings. It does not always make sense to the human who is aware and awakening as you know you would not want another to feel this way. 
These young beings of light are the ones to play the instigators and the trouble makers to help spur you on to greater feeling and compassion and they play their parts well, this is how a young soul learns that he wants to evolve when he re-remembers all the havoc and emotion caused during his lifetime. Each one has a choice when he comes to a cross road to go this way or that and he must choose, no one does it for them even though they like to blame others and say it was the way they were brought up or not brought up and other stories to make it seem less unseemly. 
Let us take the light of the one called Adolf Hitler as undoubtedly he did some things that were horrid as a human from the perspective of a human and most of you know who he is. He had a contract to change humanity and the way the world worked and he did just that. He changed your world and its progress in many, many ways, too many to actually mention, but he also committed unspeakable crimes against humanity. He could have on the other hand became a prolific writer and empower people and make them stronger from love, instead he choose to do it as power over and not taking responsibility for his own feelings, thoughts and emotions. However he did empower his nation by using the power of their discontent. He still did what he came here to do and quite successfully as well, since he did manage to bring the world into a war, and we are all still talking about him today, and most of humans have vowed to not let such atrocities happen again, and yet they have, perhaps to a lesser degree of a world war, however still an ethnic cleansing like the Rwandan genocidal mass slaughter of the Tutsis by the Hutus. 
And so let us now go back to today and to these wonderful gatherings to save a park, to save a rain forest, to save the spirit bear and save the trees, to save one another from huge atrocities. The children of this coming age are born with sensitivities that most who are older do not have, some are working on it, some not so much. They will no longer tolerate the rules of the past that do not make sense, that do not support human empowerment and growth. In other words, they will not be kept down and they will be heard and most of them want peace and good things for their fellow men (woman). The old systems are changing and they do not go away quietly. These next few years will be life changing and also a bit tumultuous for those in some of these key areas where the governments are dictatorships or religiously based. As well in the so called areas of democracy and freedom will be seeing change. It is a bit slower than most of you would like, however it is happening and you will be seeing the proof before your eyes as those who are brave enough to step forward and share the truth with the masses. 
Oh and then we have the truth which will bring on new meaning in coming times. That will all unfold as it should. Support those with your thoughts and feelings as they are truly powerful indeed. It is when you realize how your thoughts and feelings affect the very fabric of your universe that many will begin to change and begin to open up to the powers of their thoughts. 
We know it is not always easy to wrap your minds around these thoughts and we say don’t, use your heart. Let it be your strongest part. And this is truly the answer that you seek. It is love. 
It is love that will change your world and you say but how? It is love that needs to be beamed to those in turmoil. More than 1000 policemen resigned their jobs in Turkey because they felt in their hearts that enough was enough and the world became aware. And some of you asked your god what and how can this happen, one human to another, how could another do this, feeling thoughts of sadness and disbelief. Your thoughts and feelings echo through the air waves to those brave souls in Turkey and they feel them.  Let the thoughts you send them be only of love and that we hear you and we are behind you who are doing what you know is right and beam them love. This gives them strength and courage and they can feel your support. They do.  Send thoughts that feel good and are empowering and tell them to do what they know is right, not think is right, know is right and that they are supported. This is such a stronger force and one that can be felt by all. 
Love is a stronger force. It is not always easy at first to stop and shift your thought processes when you see or feel agony and despair, violence and wrong doing. As soon as you have those thoughts and feelings, take a moment and return to your center. Feel your heart and then go from there. Find that place inside of you where only love resides, and then begin to send your heart energy to those in need as well as those who are causing the need and send them love and ask for them to do what is right, not necessarily legally, or lawfully, but morally and right in their heart of heart and infuse it with that love. It is then up to them to make a choice and decide what to do. That is the best help and support that you can give them and is more powerful than most realize or understand. 
This love is the energy of this great shift and it is what is happening that is the cause of this divine discontent, and it is the very tool to make it happen. 
It is not always an easy time when you are wearing your human disguises to understand this and yet a part of you knows that it is so. These are the very pivotal moments when one must choose the path for themselves and one can also always choose how they react and respond to the choices others make. So how do you not become angry, how do you stay in peace while all around you seems to be the opposite? That is where you mastery comes into play. For some of you this will be easy and for others of you it will be light work. As you practice and get good at it, it will get easier and become your new natural state of being and your new normal. And there will be growing pains and it will take some time, but when you look back, it will not seem so. And regardless how it happens, you will all shift and change because of the next steps you take. 
Each one of you vibrates at your own pace, depending upon who you are and what you have been doing in this and other lifetimes. Each one of you are at a different space in this life time, even if everyone before had been identical, and so, each of you has a different set of talents and skills to draw upon and use at your disposal, all good, all wonderful and all your own. That means that each one of you will respond differently to the same situations, although some will be closer than others. Usually more similar or closer together you are, the more you bond. 
Let us take the example of your super markets, what a splendid name, there is a mother there who is shopping and she has this cart load of screaming kids, wanting this and that as children sometimes do and she has not had a really good day anyway and this is not how she wanted to spend her afternoon either and there will be many reactions and responses:

One will be the people in the corner, whispering behind their breath, why couldn’t she leave those kids home, they are tired whinny and hungry and we don’t need to hear this. And another will be.. poor dear, I remember having kids and shopping. And yet another might even say something to her that she should leave them at home, and as the trip progresses, she feels more and more demoralized alone and overwhelmed. Then along comes a human angel who can feel her plight and comes along and picks up the can of peas the two year old has just thrown down the aisle, gives the baby a smile and a tickle and says, you sure have your hands full today, is there something I can help you with. And this one who has been having a bad day suddenly doesn`t feel so alone anymore and stops to take a breath, she feels the warmth and the love that this human angels has brought to her in a few minutes. There are times when that person might actually be not open and she might just yell at you and storm off, and oh well don`t take it personally and continue on sharing your love. It could also be that this person really needs someone to sit and talk and listen just so she can put things in perspective for herself and that she truly loves her life and her children, she isn`t getting any time for her to find her balance and her rhythm. 
The key is to not take these things personally and to also beam them love, it cannot hurt them and when they are ready they will find their way. There are always ways that you can be helpful, ask your angels if you are unsure to help understand the bigger picture or to help you be of your most highest use during these times.
Your thoughts and feelings are very powerful and they are sent out to the world. Are the thoughts and feelings you are sending out the ones you would like to feel. 
And so let us end this message with a special attunement of the light, gifted to you this day by the archangels and may it help you all to be brave, confident and compassionate. 
Take a moment now and center on your heart space, and all the love that is gathering there as we call upon some of the archangels to give you a gift of light. 
First let us call forward Archangel Michael, who offers you strength and power and might. As he stands before you, he holds you in his light. Feel this powerful overlighting energy as he holds his sword of truth above you and initiates you with courage, strength and protection as you do what you know is right. Let the flame of light that surrounds you do the work that Archangel Michael directs and just be open to the experience. Archangel Michael will gift you with the energy of courage and strength to stand your ground. 
Next we call upon Archangel Chamuel to come and share his loving light. He is here to initiate you in the light of love and a peaceful process as you embark on your journey. Allow the pink ray of light that he emanates surround you and feel love and feel your heart chakra open like the petals of a lotus blossom blooming. Let every part of your being feel this love, let every cell be bathed in this light and melt into the process. Let the thoughts of unity and peace be with you now and always dwell within your heart light.
And now we shall call upon Archangel Zadkiel to help to transform your thoughts and feelings to be of a higher purpose. As Archangel Zadkiel surrounds you in this beautiful purple light he gifts you with the violet flame of transmutation and as this beautiful light penetrates your beingness, he gifts you with higher dimensional compassion. As you work with this energy it will help you to see the bigger picture and understand in ways you had not been able to previously. Use this light to help to transform your own thoughts and feelings so that you can be a warrior of love in a world that sometimes seems like it has gone mad. 
And lastly we will attune you with the light of Harmony and Co-operation as this is what leads to an inner peace that many of you are longing for. As within, so without, so, the more love, compassion and understanding that you develop, the more those around you will seek the same for themselves. Feel the light blue light of Archangel Raguel surround you and breath it in and allow it to do its work and feel the love and support we have for you and share that with your fellow humans as you go along.
Your interactions with each other will be many and unlimited, and there is no need for you to ever feel as if you are doing it alone, my deepest love and gratitude, Archangel Raguel

Thank you, Mahalo, Merci, Gracias, Vielen Dank, Taka, Grazie, Спасибо, Obrigado, 谢谢, Dank, 謝謝, Chokran, Děkuji, Kiitos,Tack, Danke, ありがとう

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