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Sharon's Take March 2013 Earth, Wind and Fire

Sharon’s Take, March 2013 Earth, Wind and Fire

Use the elements to help you create during the next phase. As you master using these skills you will find you are better able to see the tangible results manifesting for you.  
Use the earth to help you create it in your world. Your desire and passion to create it is the fire, and your drive and willpower to see it to completion is the Wind. Take your power and begin to fly.

There has been great change and then a time of seemingly stand still energy where nothing appears to be happening. This has been the fermentation stage and you should be getting ready for the next stage while things are ‘cooking’. Keep your thoughts positive and on your desired results as this is what will happen. If your focus is on worry or lack, that is what will be manifesting when the flood gates open. Keep your thoughts positive and focused (yes, we know we just repeated ourselves) this means that for some of you it will be more of a challenge to keep your focus. Carefully weigh your decisions and know that there are always more choices, you just perhaps have not seen them all just yet.

As you are nurturing the seeds you have planted, focus on the little things that bring great joy to your life and bring more of this into all that you do. Trust that your needs will be met and that you will find a way and it will be the best possible solution, even better than you possibly imagine and go from there. You are starting a new journey, raised to another level by the vibratory shifts you have just been through. And now, you are adjusting to new emotions, new thoughts and new feelings.

As you experience the rebalancing of your mental and emotional worlds, you will find that you plans and visions need to be revisited as they no longer match your new vibration. There is more going on than meets the eye, so again, trust that it is unfolding and enjoy the ride. You have come a long way into you own and you will see that you are entering new contracts and new horizons upon which to hone your craft.

Remember to keep your thoughts and feelings balanced and know that the perfect time is nearing. You are continuing to move forward, at the most perfect pace for your growth and it can really be no other way.

You will begin to feel the lightening and the energy begin to surge forward mid-month (mercury retrograde is off on the 17th and this will greatly help this energy). As this happens begin to implement this energy into your ideas and inspirations and they will lead to great success. Have confidence in yourself and what is manifesting and it will go far indeed. Remember to spend time connecting with nature as the transition in your seasons begins. It symbolizes your path and growth.

There is much to do and much to come, so realise that a bi t of self-discipline as well as will power will help you get there. You have much that is important to achieve over the next cycle and it will begin to move quickly when the energy is right. Your relationships are changing and evolving, just as you are so keep your thoughts on developing the ones that feel trustworthy and filled with give and take. Expect that peaceful solutions can be found to every challenge and carefully review your choices and options and use love as the filter in all that you do.

Speak your mind with confidence. Seek out others of like mind and beliefs and nurture those relationships. Your wishes are coming true, you will see the tangible results of your hard work manifesting on your plane, so let your concerns and worry fad away. Trust that it will happen and IT IS SO.  
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Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her books, radio programs, articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and, daily messages of Angel Wisdom, and workshops on healing, empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and sensitive. She has worked with these gifts since childhood.
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