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Graduating to the Next Level

Sharon’s Entourage of Lights  by Sharon Taphorn
You have been through a tremendous surge of growth and now a drop in the energy has left many of you to ponder what is up and what to do. Use this time wisely dear Ones, as it is a respite and a time of analyzing your focus and re-evaluating your plans and goals so that you can move clearly ahead when the time is right. You are graduating to a new level in your evolution.
Like the butterfly, emerging from the cocoon, you are awakening to a new you and beginning a new journey as you are expanding your understanding of life, the universe and everything. You will begin to see everything from a new viewpoint and with newly awakening senses. At times this can seem overwhelming and you will feel unsure what to do next. Take the time to go within and you will better understand and can learn to work with your own entourage of Lights who are awaiting your command. 
There is a tremendous amount of energy and opportunities for growth happening like never before in your recorded history and you are the ones to lead the parade. You are ready! You have the resources and the skills to manifest your life the way you want it to unfold. The challenge really is in finding where your passion lies and where you want to direct your focus. When things begin moving after this respite of change, it will move quickly and require your absolute attention and focus to see it to fruition and to provide you with the level of adventure, the love and the growth you require.
Everything has a purpose. Everything, every person, and event was put on your path with and for a purpose. There is no such thing as a coincidences, or accidents. It is all divinely orchestrated with all aspects of you, your higher self, your guides and angels and those of others that you interact with to complete your life experiences. Your life purpose is ultimately to do that which brings you joy, satisfaction, growth, fulfillment, understanding and advancement. Seeking these soul qualities will put you on your path, and attract to you all the right people, places and things to assist you on your journey.
To find the purpose of a current situation, ask your entourage of high light beings to guide you to a greater understanding. See yourself and the entire situation through their eyes, with compassion, love and an open mind. See it with the desire for expansion and growth. Judge no one, this includes you. Send out waves of love and see the entire situation healed and complete to the satisfaction of everyone involved. There is a solution already and sometimes that requires compassion and compromise in seeing that everyone one gets their say, whether you agree with it or not. Let each one speak their truth so they have a chance to grow. Spend time meditating upon the gifts that are bestowed upon you during this time and hold that energy in your heart as you go about your day.
Do not get bogged down by minute details and the egos of others as each of you find your balance. Ask for higher understanding for everyone involved and this will always lead you to the light and to do what is right. A new beginning is at hand and you are going to shortly see the end to what has felt like a difficult situation and things will get so much better here on out. 
Traditional viewpoints will be changing as they have no other choice as the arena around you begins to change. This has to happen as a part of your expansion, but will not go quietly into the light. Watch as many spiritual institutions begin to change because they must in order to survive in the energy of Truth. 
The truth will be revealed in ways never before possible in your world. Expect the unexpected and continue to hold love in your hearts as events unfold. It is all a part of your expanded spiritual growth coupled with your desire for meaning and something more. You are creating a whole new world of emotional and spiritual expansion and beginning a new level of wisdom and understanding that is available for all. 
Use this time to heal. Take the time to rest and refocus as this is the best way to get ready for the wave that is coming. Spending time in self-discovery and personal growth is the best gift to give yourself right now. Spend time meditating as you will get the answers you seek and an expansion of your spiritual wisdom. Use this time to get your footing and your passion as there will be a sudden inflow when things start moving, you can ride the wave or let it pull you under, the choice of course is entirely yours to choose. 
Let any sleepless nights be filled with your dreams and your desires as they really do work as a self-fulfilling prophecy and so why not expect best. Transitions are at hand, take charge for it is your time to shine. You are becoming the master and graduating to another vibration and light quotient for yourself and your growth. 
You are about to give birth to new ideas and inspirations and when you follow your passion, life is grand. If you are resisting the flow, you are probably too busy trying to stay afloat that you are listening or hearing these words anyway. Find the balance for yourself and be sure to be neither too frivolous nor too cautious with yourself and your goals. Make good sound business decisions for yourself and trust that you will do what you know is right and best for all. This is the best way for you to achieve the balance in your emotional and physical worlds once again. Be gentle with yourself, nurture one another and remember that it is all an unfolding process that will continue to grow. 
Strength and Renewal are your creed and you trust all that you feel when you cultivate these qualities for yourself. Review and evaluate as you tools of assessment and you will know when it is time to act or to move on in a new or in a different direction. Trust that each new phase brings with it new and heightened relationships with others as you learn to trust yourself. Release any cares and concerns that things will turn out less than you have planned, however remember to build your castles in the sand and not just on a cloud. See the gift in any phase that did not turn out as planned and let it be the launching point for new ideas and inspirations that are more aligned with your truth, trust and integrity. You have great inner strength and resources as well, you are never, ever alone. 
As the graduates and way showers of these shifting times, you are the teachers, the healers and the warriors of the age of light. 
You are the Magi’s, you are the Knights, you are the Queens of what is felt and often not seen. Trust in yourself and your growing connection and intuition with All that is. 
The time ahead of you will be filled with a mixed bag of creations and options for which to choose. Use this time wisely to choose carefully from this bag of wishes. Use the power of your creativity coupled with your desire to succeed and you will go very far indeed. As your emotional and material needs are being met, you will have extra time and energy to focus on your personal and spiritual growth. Plan to take a workshop or attend an event that is just for you and about your growth, as there is much available for the graduate to experience and vibrate even higher. This is achieved at higher levels when you gather together in groups and expand your light. Together you are so much stronger than you even realise and for many of you that is already quite grand. 
Join a celebration; take a time out to have some fun. Know that when you spend time on your own expansion, you will be playing in the sun. A new day is dawning, a new time has begun. Life becomes more magical when the day is done. 
Working with your Beings of Light
Each and every one of you came here with a group of benevolent light beings who agreed to be an overlighting presence for you during your journey into time and space. There are some that come and go and different intervals, yet, you have a core group who have contracted to be with you and stay with you throughout this earth incarnation. There entire purpose is to be in service and at your service as your back up team so you are never alone. This is a contract that every human has been for another doing a physical journey in time and space, and this time out, it is you who are the human. 
You also have teachers and guides that will come and go as you are ready to move on to more wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Getting to know and work with your higher self (you are an aspect of your higher self who is doing the physical journey) is a fundamental key in learning to work with your entourage of light. As you begin to work with and become one with your higher self, it is far easier to contact the other beings in your entourage or those you wish to assist you with a specific task. 
Working with your higher self is the first step. If you are 40 or 50 years old and you are just now beginning to work with them, it might take a bit of time getting their attention, you’ve ignored them for so long. Begin by seeing your higher self as separate from you and as you do daily work with them, you will learn to merge and become and live your life from the higher perspective or your higher self. This is living in 5D and what you are evolving to. 
As you expand and learn to work with and become one with your higher self, you will have much shorter lag times in your creations and therefore see the results of your focused intent happen faster and more quickly than ever before. This is the tool of the Magi’s and that is all of you. 
Meditation, journaling and practice are the tools that will help you best connect and work with your entourage of lights. For some of you are not yet as visual as others, you will have to learn to trust more in your feelings and your thoughts. Not everyone gets a grand version of Disney’s fantasia playing out before them, yet as you open up your third eye and trust in your expansion, you will one day without even realising it is happening for you. 
Remember…your higher self-listens to your wishes, whether you realise it or feel it or see it. It only sees things as good, better and more grand opportunity to grow and expand. It is only when we are here, in the duality of time and space that we see things as good or bad, wanted or unwanted. When we are not here, we see everything with love and expansion and opportunities to evolve and be in service to the Creator and expansion of all that IS. 
Also, your mind does not know what is ‘real’ and what is not. It is therefore very important to focus on what you want to develop for yourself and to not cancel it out with your thoughts and words. For example, If you want to receive a sign from your guides and angels, use an affirmation that says “I am clearly receiving messages and signs from my guides and angels to let me know they are with me, helping my find the best path to lead me where I want to go [and state what you want to achieve next]” and then, pay attention for the signs and messages. If something catches your eye, or makes you think of your request and project, then it is a sign. If you think it is a sign, it surely is, do not dismiss it as a mere coincidence or that it is not, then you are canceling out your wishes. 
Keep a journal. This is the best way to mark your progress, especially later when you are looking back. Do some automatic writing with your higher self. Ask that they merge with you and through you and begin to ask a question and write the answer. At first you might feel funny or have doubt, but don’t give up. One day you will know when spirit takes over and you leave off. Keep trying and keep at it. Be open to the possibilities and use affirmations to assist you in opening the channels between you and your guides. 
There are times in everyone’s life that they doubt or did not trust themselves and so be easy on yourselves as you are reawakening again. It is a process and it takes time to build and unfold. Trust that you will get there and you will.
Sharon Taphorn

Article Copyright ©2013 by Sharon Taphorn
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Sharon and Bella
Sharon Taphorn, author of Angel Guidance: Messages of Love and Healing, is an international teacher, healer, author, mystic, and Earth keeper. She shares her wisdom, spirit, and passion around the world through her books, radio programs, articles in the Sedona Journal of Emergence and, daily messages of Angel Wisdom, and workshops on healing, empowerment, and expansion. Sharon is a gifted intuitive, empath, and sensitive. She has worked with these gifts since childhood.
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